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BLKCandy rated it
My Father in Law is Lu Bu
February 26, 2017
Status: c205
I wonder if the author ever researched anything at all. I can overlook a few mistakes, but this is too much. Pretty much everything is wrong.

OP aluminum saint armor? The aluminum might be light, but they are not that strong. It isn't stronger than iron, which isn't really stronger than bronze. (It is just a lot more abundant and thus, cheaper.)

Saying it makes an OP armor compared to the bronze/iron armor of the time is BS. A good hit with a bronze/iron weapon will damage it. It shouldn't cut... more>> through the armor with a single hit, but it will make a good dent which will press on the flesh, injuring and restricting what under it. Even if it didn't dent the armor, the force of the blow alone could bruise the man inside. And ancient soldiers aren't so s*upid they don't know to aim for the armor gap. And armor with huge openings like saint armor should be easy. MC should have died in the first fight.

Aluminum reinforced with plot armor is strong though.

And using modified sports javelin as a lance? Lance, spear, javelin all have different balance and design. It will make a horrible lance, difficult to wield, and it will break.

Oh, and how the hell did MC process all those orders with the short time he gets back? You cannot just walk in and order shits. Ordering thousands of old steamed buns? Sure you can, but not by asking cafeteria lady. You need to place an order to a factory/shop. And you need a day at least.

Ordering equipment from the factory? They have to design the equipment and make tools to produce it. Especially if our MC want stamping pressed armor. A stamping die alone would take weeks. And who would accept a random person order that easily? It isn't like the factory will always have enough remaining capacity and manpower for some random order. Capacity is planned. MC has no credit. No working history or relationship. Who would take such a random order? And then the armor would need to be refit on-site since people have different body shape.

And ordering thousands of racehorses? Just contacting all those ranches is going to be hell. Then there are transportation, imports permits, vets, warehouses. It is something that needs months. And racehorses are not suitable for war. They are bred for race and I am sure there is no armored lance charge competition.

And how did they sell historical artifacts that fast at that price? Can they even count as historical artifacts? While the craftsmanship and tools used are ancient, the object itself is new. At most they would be recognized as excellent replicas of ancient crafts.

And those ridiculous fight scenes and tactics. They are so horrible. Kiting heavy infantry by discarding equipment and retreat? As if a commander worth a dime would be so s*upid to order a chase with heavy infantry, in an enemy city! And another kiting with heavy cavalry, after said cavalry had just forced march for days. That cavalry shouldn't even have enough energy left to fight. And why would a commander chase a cavalry? This is so, so wrong. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
Parallel World Pharmacy
April 10, 2016
Status: v2c5
This could have been a novel about bringing modern world pharmaceutical knowledge to the fantasy world, but MC power totally ruined that.

The MC has the ability to create or erase any molecule as long as he can imagine its components and structure. Because of that, instead of gruesome process of synthesizing medicine and introducing those knowledge to the world, the MC just creates medicines with magic. Nope, no one is going to be able to reproduce that.

Another too cheating ability is his ability to detect illness or injury, and to... more>> verify his diagnostic with his cheating eyes. There is no need to test or gather data, he can just guesses the illness and his vision will automatically confirm if it is correct or not with 100% accuracy. And how the hell would others copy your diagnostic method? If others cannot identify it, then they cannot treat it.

And even cheater than just being able to diagnose the patient with just looking, that vision can also confirm if his treatment will be effective or not before he even try it. Nope, no need to wait for patient reaction to see if the treatment is effective or not. He get it right the first time.

Rather than his knowledge, his treatment relies too heavily on his granted cheats. Thus, he barely brings any knowledge or technique other than some random bit and pieces to the new world. After his EPIC SAVIOR time, only minimal part of his achievement would really remains in medicine knowledge of this world.

Should've grant him less cheating magic and have him adapt that cheat and magic of this world for medical advancement instead of giving him too straight cheat. This ruins any medical challenge he should face. Hell, how do other doctors suppose to copy you treatment? They don't have your cheat for diagnostic or synthesizing your medicine.

Fantasy world is nice. Combining conventional magic with modern knowledge to synthesize medicine or directly treat the illness would be interesting and revolutionize the medicine circle. But this? <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
Stranger’s Handbook
June 27, 2016
Status: c24
C11? I gave it till C24 before I decided I gave it too much time. The shift in PoV does not justify what the locals have done at all. Really. Multicultural, all accepting, anti discrimination righteousness my arse, they are too damn quick to kill and too demanding of the person they kidnapped, often resorting to threat.

I even re-read the so called 'revealing' chapter 11 thrice.

Like, seriously, killing men who kicked woman instantly after being summoned. What is an excuse for that? Being under magic pressure from MC? No, it's... more>> just their oh so noble moral code. Don't harm woman? Sure that's right. But killing men for that?

What other misunderstandings? Mistook MC fear for bravery and his surprise remark for flirting? How does that justify kidnapping, killing, and forcing people from otherworld to do their bidding? Nope, it's just a 'joke' put in the story which doesn't justify any cruel action done to the summoned.

And heroine 'misunderstanding' does not help one bit. It shows that heroine somewhat care about the MC and her actions which brings harm to others are not intended. But that is in no way justified what others did or planned to do to them. It only shows how innocent (read: s*upid) the heroine really is for not aware of the effects of her dark power. Sure it is a running gag. But nope, this misunderstanding doesn't justify anything either.

It's 24 chapters in already and those who were summoned with him have yet to reappear. So I guess they are really, really dead by now. wow. Yup, including those women they killed the men to save them from a few kicks. That is unless they reappeared after this. But hey, 24c and not a single hint that they will return.

Somehow everyone seems to forget about them. And I found it strange that our MC coped with the locals pretty quick despite being kept as a puppet or tool and often threatened to be killed. Like, he coped really well he just killed one in a duel because the other side was being a jerk, sent his head flying in a flash, wow. Sure that guy was a jerk but... wow. Our MC picked up local culture pretty quick. Oh, and he is pretty much become more accepting of everyone from the tyrant noble kidnapper, beastman knight murderer, and being pushed and dragged around on the noble's will.

I highly doubt the moral of this noble house. I had hoped to see someone pointing that out in the story that this is an evil house and our hero must escape, but it seems there is no hope for that. Looks like this will be the greyish good guys. Except they aren't grey but straight hypocrite tyrants.

Somehow still better than common shallow isekai harem op MC 'cuz it is funny. As long as you aren't bothered by the broken moral compass of this novel.

Edit: dropped the score down again after re-reading 1-11 for the fourth time to see if I really missed something. Nope, I didn't. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki
April 1, 2016
Status: --
Volume 1 is great.

In volume 1 we have arm production, militia training and uprising against the empire. Along the way our MC even laid some trap to remove his opposition and secure his support.

Though he relied too much on his OPness. So much that the village and this rebellion only capable of functioning because of him.

Volume 2 is just... horrible. It totally ignore what the 1st volume built. There is no sense of danger. There is no war preparation even though everyone knows the empire will eventually come and slaughter... more>> them.

We got some refugees, fox girl refugees. So it is necessary to accommodate them and assist them in adjusting to the elf village. But we wasted an entire book on that.

And we are not talking about building career or role for them to work in the village, the MC just provided everything with his OPness and other world knowledge while spending fluffy time with fox girls. (And nailed one) instead of employing their skill and give them roles. Even wasted chapters on cooking. (He does give them jobs after the village accepted them though. But the village accepted them not because of their skill, but because something MC gave them.)

Hell, after procuring war fund, instead of seeing how the fund going to secure the village future, we get shopping date instead... (Well, they did buy supplies for the village though. Just not war supplies).

It's like we traded war preparation for fluffy time. Even when there will be thousands of empire soldiers attacking this village of a few hundreds with barely any training and preparation in a few months.


Volume 1: 4/5 Good rebellion. MC is too much of a cheat and relied too much on his cheat though.

Volume 2: 2/5 Too much fluffy time, too much cooking, too much party, too little progress, too little (no) village development. Still relying too much on the cheats. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
March 26, 2016
Status: c128
Another easy going MC with ridiculously OP power traveling the world while building his own kingdom. Though the MC lacks the ambition and barely involve with the world power and politic. And he is barely involved with his own kingdom. So, the story isn’t that heavy. Don’t expect anything serious in this series.

The story is more about moving around, seeing stuff, get into a mess created by others (often by his own followers.), get irritated by someone’s irresponsibility (which is very funny.), and fixing them. Each characters are unique and... more>> are lovable and honestly, I grown quite fond of them.

Surprisingly, there is barely any harem or romance element in the world of full of beauties. Really, this world is managed by a goddess with so much vanity and obsession to beauty. So, literally everyone are beautiful. Yet there is barely any romance/harem around the MC. Even his beauty followers don’t treat him as romantic interest and he doesn’t treat them so, which is good for those who are tired of harem sh*t like me.

I really find it strange that people complain about girls being thrown at the MC. There are a lot of girls, but there is no romantic interaction at all. He has some loyal female retainers and some female acquaintance but that's it.

EDITED: Dropped the score down due to severe lacks of character progression (other than strength) Grow up already damnit. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
Release that Witch
June 26, 2016
Status: c249
Oh? This one is more interesting than I thought. Our MC has taken over a body of a prince which is assigned to rule a crappy border city.

The world common view is full of superstitions, which are partially true. Instead of rejecting or fearing the superstitions, the MC tries to understand them and employ or destroy them accordingly and opposed the church close minded reign. It feels like a changing point where magic changed from fearful to useful.

The MC also starting to brings some newer tech and ideas to the... more>> new world. This includes guns, steam engine, and some military reform so far.

Some politics are starting to come in to the story. We start to see some faction and ideologies formed. Though as the story mostly focused on the prince, we don't get to know that much about other faction. Plus, their interaction are mostly indirect / remote so far.

MC (and author's) views seems to be biased against the church and lean toward atheism. MC has also made quite a few assumptions on local religions, belief, and even how 'supernatural things' work without clear information or knowledge.

However, his expansion in one year is beyond my willing suspension of disbelief. His inventions and new policy adoption are done with only minor trouble and made great effect. He always has the tool/resource to implement his idea. Even the personnel. He filled the cityhall with literate staff in a year. The corruption problem is minimal, despite the extreme centralization policy. His town is China political idealism. And while the author tried to make MC seem to be a simply able man, he still feels a bit too google-ish like many bring tech to new world kind of stories out there. That guy can write a textbook and manuals without reference. He is knowledgeable in too many areas, engineering, city planning, healthcare, education, military, and so on.

A bit too wish-fulfilling, not that bad, but very unrealistic. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
Yuusha-sama no Oshishou-sama
June 27, 2016
Status: c14
Very interesting read. The story is about an orphan living and working in and inn want to become a knight. A young neglected lady found him training in the back yard and join him and they become BFF (and romantic interest)

The boy is very dedicated in his training and his work, hardworking to the point of being a workaholic (Trainaholic?). That attitude rub onto the girl and both of them grow strong really quick.

They parted for a while and when they reunited, the boy is a knight in training... more>> who failed to graduated due to lack of magic, and the girl turns out to be a hero who defeated the demon lord. The boy is not weak. His sword skill is supreme, but he is severly limited by the lack of magic. The girl strength far outmatched the boy, even her party members and skilled knights can defeat the boy. But the girl still see him as her master for teaching her to train diligently and taught her many things.

The story revolves around the boy and the girl and various conflicts around them. Many seek to exploit the hero's fame. Many curious how the boy is the hero's master. The conflict between classes. The awkward position between the weak master of the hero and the strong hero.

Good read. Recommended. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
The God Slaying Hero and the Seven Covenants
March 28, 2016
Status: --
Imagine real world elite knights. They are strong, they are skilled, but they are human. They cannot hope to win against stronger and larger fantasy monsters. That is the limit of MC capability unless he unlocks special conditions.

With this setting, MC tends to be pessimistic, since most of the time he couldn’t just power through them. Most soldiers and adventurers are even weaker than that. We get to see the hardship of fighting and traveling in fantasy world. Even fighting goblins is not something that can be done nonchalantly. Because... more>> of this, we can feel the tension of every fights.

An interesting change after reading too many OP stuff in the market.

However, the story pacing is very slow, too slow. It's very good at first. Very interesting when it gets to the interesting parts. But those parts seems too few and too far between in the later chapters. I find myself skimming each new chapter to see if there is anything interesting or is it just another filler trying to build up the next event. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
Lazy Dungeon Master
March 26, 2016
Status: --
The MC laziness and trolling skill is not something you can see everyday.
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BLKCandy rated it
Nihonkoku Shoukan (WN)
June 11, 2019
Status: c43
This one was... bad. Technology discrepancy was extreme, even excluding Japan. We have technology ranging from the classic fantasy medieval to WWII in the same world, despite everyone being within the range to communicate and trade thanks to the mana communication tech.

Japan economy. Real world Japan depends on imports like every country in the world. Losing of most of the internet, fuel import, food import, raw and processed materials, machinery parts, and technology. Large part of Japan needs international trade for their work one way or another and the novel... more>> act like it was just 'some trouble' not 'catastrophic'.

Major empire diplomacy was incredibly idiotic with how ignorant they were and the whole massacre thing. Why would they try to strongarm Japan? To annex them? Why would the empire want to annex Japan if they don't know how advanced/rich Japan was? Pretty much every single diplomat in the novel is unbearably s*upid.

I just can't... <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
March 23, 2016
Status: --
Finally, a kingdom novel which is more focused on kingdom management and less about magic flinging OP stuff.

The MC take management very seriously and really does things with plan. Unlike many kingdom founding novels, he did not make a kingdom which relied heavily on his and his follower's power, he improves the kingdom with his management policies.

The antagonists so far are believable and reasonable not just some evil bastards. In the first arc we got food shortage and natural disaster from management oversight. In the second arc, we are getting... more>> dukes and foreign nation which did not just attack our MC just because they want power, but have believable reason for doing so. (They still do want land and power though.) <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
June 28, 2016
Status: v1c28
While the focus on the business and politic is quite interesting, the pacing is simply too damn fast and MC just keep raking in achievements with minimal problem. Details have been skipped. It feels like everything has been hand waved.

For example, she started a business from nothing to success in two short chapters. And establishing banks in another few chapters. The challenges of making business and financial institution are ignored.

The worst part of the novel though, is the execution of its premise and its characters. No, the MC is not... more>> hated, or even that disgraced. She is loved by many influential people and her own vassals. Her land is rich and she has control over it. She does not need to recover from any hardship that was promised. She just need to build an already reasonably developed land.

And the real 'villains' the 'heroine' and the capture targets are just pathetic spoiled kids.

Decent, cannot say it is great, bit at least decent. <<less
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BLKCandy rated it
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
April 2, 2016
Status: --
There is a reason for overwhelmingly positive score.

It is just too good.

Unlike many reincarnated into a game novels, this one has no apparent game mechanism. Rather, there is barely any game element in the novel except that the MC knows the original setting and route of the game and instead of avoiding or vastly changing the route, he tried to keep the event as close to the game story line as much as possible.
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