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Azurestone rated it
Against the Gods
December 29, 2015
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I can’t say much about this novel, since they (those reviewers) already tell the points of this novel.

this is a must read for those who likes actions, dramatic, sweet and romantic + harem genres, although some of the actions is a bit cliche but you’ll not get bored of it and it's still exciting everytime he gets on action (at least for me). The harem is also good, it’s romantic, sweet, and sometimes dramatic, and I like it. The story shows how and why they fall for our MC and... more>> not just some "Wow~! You're stonk! I wuuv you now!" or "wow your speeches captivated my heart! You're soo cool! And I wuv youu!". Although I still read some of those harem novel with their cliches because not all of them are bad, but I much prefer the romantic developments of this novel, I really like the developments, it's not just the girl who falls for MC but the MC also falls for the girls, they are also likeable and loveable.

I also like the MC, he’s smart, clever, and smooth especially towards his girls, and gets on his harem.

as for the action.. The other reviews says it all, and overall I love this novel.

i give this a solid 5/7! &Lt;– (uhh.. Please spare me for this joke.) <<less
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