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CAUTION, Google translator used.

Very long, very boring, very stupid and absurd. ... more>>

Everything was fine before the protagonist began to take care of this gluttonous ball and in the end everything slipped when he saved the cat-girl.

He even forgot that he was striving to become a "Good" dragon. I'll give this product a chance and read another 15-20 chapters, but if nothing changes, then I'll just throw it away and forget it. Oh, what a huge potential and what a disgusting performance. <<less
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Azigard rated it
4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution
September 7, 2017
Status: c16
Sorry for my incompetent English, because the rules of the site prohibit writing in other languages. The original and interesting idea intrigued me and makes me want to continue. I only think of a couple of remotely similar novels, but they do not start... with so far a start. I expected to see something like Cheating Monster, but despite the fact that my expectations deceived me, I still found an interesting novelty. However, the goddess loli in the beginning makes me afraid of the slide. If the main character suddenly... more>> becomes OJS (an ordinary Japanese schoolboy) and he is accompanied by a loli goddess, then I just wipe my teeth into a powder with indignation (I also have enough in anime). Long translation distresses my reader's spirit, but with this to regret nothing can be done. But almost 3, 000 chapters in the original introduced me into indignation. With such a long translation, I'll read for the rest of my life. Why it is not translated as well as MGA? Although probably I'm asking too much... Well, all we have to do is wait and hope that the story does not repeat itself as with At the Northern Fort, which has been idle for half a year already. <<less
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