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Great concept with a horrible and slow execution. This novel is slower than molasses as the characters repeat themselves way so often you could cut and paste most of their conversations into almost every chapter. The only reason I'm still reading is because I'm hoping the author will pick up the pace. Almost every CN novel is fast paced compared to this. Some of the events have little effect on what happens and would've been best glossed over in a few chapters over instead of wasting 5-10+ chapters. I'm talking... more>> about chapters that don't bring anything to the novel; little to no world-building, no character development, no revelation, no upgrade of abilities for other characters, a repeat of early conversations, and no plot progression. It's literally chapters about how the MC one-shots everything with no good description of it beyond the same droll 'he cut it with one flash of his blade'. So not only is it an OP MC but one that is even more dull and boring than the basic ones. <<less
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Behemoth’s Pet
November 21, 2018
Status: c23
Interesting story with a twist I didn't see coming. Also at one point the MC tries to hide his abilities but shortly after finds out he can get away with using them so it avoids that pigeonhole. The only problem is that the chapters are kinda short but that's pretty common with light/web novels.
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