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Aurelious rated it
Isekai Sagishi no Consulting
August 25, 2018
Status: c2 part1
As people can tell from the high rate of a one star rating, those were all justified due to the fact that the old translator LAQD as set up paywalls and he expects you to be fine with machine translations which is a terrible idea. But right now Sabishii Desu took over and I would like to say give this novel another shot with his translations, unlike the old one, sabishii actually puts in the effort to translate.

For the story, I may be getting too hasty with giving it a... more>> 4/5 when there's like 2 chapters released and split by parts, but as you can expect from the main character, he's a smart con artist in a world where he can't lie so he has to resort to using wordplay to get through and for me that's an interesting read and what I just said is basically the summary, nothing really special to say when there's barely anything released as of right now but again, give it a chance instead of judging the one star ratio. <<less
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