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I Came Back but the World is Still a Fantasy!?
August 22, 2016
Status: v2c6
Hum... how to explain ?

The concept... the story is really good... interesting.

BUT the author has no skill as a writer. Don't misunderstand me, this isn't unreadable or it wouldn't be translated, but the author just doesn't know how to manage his own story and his own writing style. It's like a mix of styles where he tries to create something but ultimately... fails.

He wants to manage each chapter in a non-chronological way because he wants to give his story a more mysterious and professional feeling I suppose... but it just... more>> doesn't work at all. It's only confusing for readers. And he constantly change his POVs making sometimes the story unreadable.

Well, this novel has a serious potential but the writing process is a complete mess. <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
To Deprive a Deprived Person
March 12, 2016
Status: --
Up to chapter 145

I really was fascinated by the 2/3 of this story. Although the theme of reincarnation is common among Japanese novels, this novel had borrowed the secret route of anti-heroes : tortured characters, betrayed, abused, who harbor dark thoughts or distrust against their peers and often choose the path of loneliness.

However, as always in novels written by small to medium quality authors, they gradually lose their flavor as the story progresses and slowly slips into the trap of mediocrity. If Yu’s quiet nature can attract curiosity, here, this... more>> only makes the harem noisier. Not only does the author no longer grace us with his progress in leveling and new skills, but every time we can finally take a look, it’s only to watch some settings becoming more absurd to the point where we lose interest.

Bad points : neglecting the link MC/readers, relegate in the background the gaming interest.

In addition, the harem around Yu becomes increasingly annoying. There is a depersonalization of characters whose world revolves only around the cult of a single character. If the idea could have been interesting, here, it’s clearly not operating successfully and all that remains of this attempt is that perpetual redundancy.

Bad points : no development of secondary characters and increase of a melodrama which quickly turns to exaggeration and superficiality.

All the story that develops around and inside Comer City is bland and heterogeneous. In a good writing, heterogeneity is not bad but it requires that the author has sufficient mastery in writing in order to achieve it. Here, this heterogeneity didn’t helped him and participates only worsen this mess of characters without interest, the failed attempts of side stories, the development of potential enemies that fall successively in forgetfulness and the creation of a background that fails to pause its bases.

Joseph, who is clearly supposed to be a supporting character, clearly doesn’t fulfill his role and is regularly put on the side, the mayor and his servant are supposed to cultivate an aura of power, mystery and intelligence but the author prefers them weak and tasteless, the local bad guys have no presence, they only serve to create a superficial popularity among the MC and his henchmen, finally, other countries and factions seem to have nothing better to do than chase after a Yu who isn’t even at the level where it would be worth to notice him on an international level. The only interesting thing left might be the mystery around this small group of super-powered villains but I will not put my hopes too high because the author seems clearly not able to exploit the potential of his own story.

Bad points : a novel with rickety bases and consecutive failures around the establishment of a social, political and economical background + a lack of logic.

In sum, if the novel hardly manage to make progresses in its story, we also clearly see that the author is fighting in each chapter to maintain a minimum of interest in a thread that seems to have no purpose except for this ridiculous new idea to build a country. By trying to develop and add elements to his story, the author no longer control his own creation and gradually loses sight of what made this novel originally. <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
Meow Meow Meow
March 21, 2016
Status: --
Really an excellent story !

This novel can seem cute and silly but in reality, this novel is really "smart".
With the volume 1 finished, I can say that the author has done a very good job with his story. The MC, Miao Miao, is well constructed and the way she is developped is well paced. It's not easy to create such a well balanced developpement with a character and the way the MC learns about human logic, moral and emotions is written in an impressive way. The side characters have... more>> all something that makes this story more pleasant. The background is a little fuzzy, making the story self-centered around the MC's narrow view of the world, but it's not that important because this novel is just a small story. Around the hundredth chapter, I was dumbstruck by the sudden intensity in emotions that has awakened me from this strange numbness that the MC has created around her because of her lack of sensibility. The author knows well how to trick his readers by changing his novel's tags in whatever ways he chooses. Well done !

This novel is reallyl an "hidden gem". <<less
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Surprise !

In this category, I ‘m used to read stories in childish handwriting, without talent, with a storyline as light and empty as the weight of my wallet after Christmas, and with characters who are soulless and in cardboard. Even Death Marsh can’t really escape this category. But this novel has a pretty good writing !

It begins with an excellent prologue and even if the following story does not start with a bang, it ‘s very progressive, nicely structured, with a logic that I thought the flame extinguished since the... more>> beginning of the genre.

The MC isn’t strong, it’s the opposite, he is weak to the point where one wonders why a gale has still not took him away.

His personality is composed, detached and at the same time quite sad when you think about it. It lacks the usual insolante desire to start a new life in this fantasy place, saying goodbye to the previous as if it were the most natural thing in the world. As the title suggests, it is, for the first time in years, , a character who decides to survive (Yes ! It’s really survival like in Grimgar ! Welcome back, logic ! The holidays were fun ?) for the sole aim to be back in his old world.

The quality (writing, construction of the characters, storyline) gives me great hope for the rest of this story and I look forward to discovering the next chapters. <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
Martial God Space
March 7, 2016
Status: --
-> Up to chapter 204.

This novel is less and less interesting. Every major clichés gathered there. The wicked and brainless people dot the ground like a swarm of bees. There isn’t an ounce of plot that could be associated with the word “smart”, the intellectual level of this novel doesn’t exceed that of a 10 years old child and everything is black or white.

The dialogues are flat and without depth. There is no nuance, no subtlety to the point where we can’t even talk about suspense. Every chapter scrolls with... more>> an irritating monotony. There is no goal, no plot, everything is done straight on the line. The hero is horribly cheated and all his problems will always be solved by a powerful armorplot. Which obviously leaves out any sense of logic and common sense, the novel is floating in a sea of ​​nonsense. There is virtually no concept of work on oneself since all his breakthroughts passed handily and divine coincidence will always be there to sow two to three treasures on his way, thus justifying this absurd rise in power. Regarding the story, there is no purpose, the author creates history throughout his pen, on a whim and without ever giving any objective. It’s just perpetual redundancy. The author has no sense of originality.

This is even more evident as we see with what blunder he built the background, it always magically materializes to support the illogicality of the story. There is no great and memorable enemies, geographic situation is barely legible, there is no notion of a world history, as everything appears on the whim of the author, there is no suspense, expectation or anticipation. We can never visualize with great precision the MGS universe, which from my point of view, is a huge failure in a literary work. Suffice to say that there is just no basis, this novel is a huge chasm which fascinates by the addiction that the act of reading causes through the readers’s habits. <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
Imperial God Emperor
February 14, 2016
Status: --
I was afraid with all these bad reviews. But, unexpectidly, this is a very GOOD story !

I read until chapter 107 before starting this review. First, it has definitly nothing to do with MGA. STOP IT !

Comparing to a lot of xianxia novels, this one has a REAL story ! Well, it seems standard at the beginning with all these minor trops but the novel begin, slowly, to take his own path.

First, I have never read, before, a xianxia story who seems to have a real school-life feeling, apart... more>> from a few xianxias like “Warlock of of the Magus World” (who feels more like a sect organisation than a school) and perhaps a little with “Coiling Dragon”‘magic institut.

Second, personaly, even if the MC trains himself with his parents’s secret sutra, it seems like he is a real genius with an exceptional rare body like what geniuses have. And this is rare because in xanxias, protagonists aren’t geniuses but cheats. In “Coiling Dragon”, “Desolate Era” and “Emperor Martial Reborn”, there’re geniuses in spirit but not in body.

Third, the protagonists seem to have real personnalities. Even if there’s some few who appears just for decoration and progression of the story, there’s also those who seems to be here with a true goal in mind (good and bad ones).

Fourth, the MC seems to be well defined : personnality, reputation, socialisation, background, family and rare friends. The author has created a fixed little world around him without flaws, constant modifications or abherations like we usually see in novels like “Peerless Martial God”, “MGA”, “MGS”... etc.

Finally, the story seems to have a REAL progression. It doesn’t seem like if the author is just adding some weird, stupid and random situations to fill the story. The story seems to have been prepared, to already have some fixed goals, to have a balance. There’s even the apparition of a big plot in the last chapters around one of the protagonists, and that shakes everything around our MC. The author knows how to justify each minor and big progressions in the story. Even the minor arcs like with the restaurant and the dojo aren’t random situations. They’re necessary to avoid inconsistency and holes.

Well, I have a really positive opinion on this xianxia novel and I recommend it ! <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
Legend of the Cultivation God
August 5, 2016
Status: c146
This is High Quality.

I want to be very clear about one thing: this kind of work is "realistic".

Don't expect any heroic scenes and bewildered glances full of praise. Our protagonist is weak and severely underestimated. He has to suffer many setbacks which each time overwrite our expectations and make us come back to reason : "What did you expect with an MC which has such a mediocre start in life? " This isn't a book that aims to satisfy the thirst of "shonen" like stories that young readers are expecting to... more>> see because of the other xianxia. This is a realistic story, well built, following the development of the MC with a cold rigor, full of sharp logic. There's NO "plot-armor" !!!! (Machiavellian laugh)

However, it's also an opportunity to actually see the slow development of a world with many other characters that have an history of their own and have a crucial role to play in their own way. The world around our MC becomes even more alive as it doesn't necessarily turn around him and can show the greatness of characters that shine in his absence.

This novel makes us boil incessantly because it makes us realize the hard and merciless life of a young boy that has to mature from his own ignorence before being able to elevate himself from mediocrity and create his light in this world. The story is very slow and after 140 chapters, we are still waiting the famous bang that would mark the real starting point of a legend. Despite all the frustration that this reading can bring to us, one can't fail to expect something considering the strange mystery that seems to affect the body of our little Xiaoha in the shadow.

What is certain in this novel is that when our MC will shine with the splendor of a Xianxia hero, unlike all the other MC, he, at least, will have truly deserved it. <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
Zhu Xian
February 16, 2016
Status: --
Up to chapter 116 : I’m in a trance...

I can say that this xanxia is probably the more “accomplished” story since I begun reading chinese novels.

Almost all layouts are brought in, digested and reinvented in a new light. This story is incredible ! In fact, its so well written that I have often the sensation to read a mixt between an american best-seller and xanxia’s contents. After having read this story, I can only lament how bad, simple and childish are all the other xanxia.

In Zhu Xian, all the... more>> characters are “important”, “unique” and “unforgettable” (like in western style in which nothing written on the paper can be called “deletable”). There’s no stupid protagonist, each one (good or bad) are well written and deeply developped in the story, they’re not fixed being and each of them evolve.

In fact, this story is so mature that it’s not always easy to see the depths of what can be called “right” or “wrong”. The political environnement and the many beliefs make this world so rich ! Many characters have to face doubts and changes.

This story is heartbreaking. I have never read, even in western novels, a story with so much emotions. I CRY and was shaken multiple times dammit ! We can observe the depth of an innocent mind falling slowly in the darkness. And a lot of well introduced emotions : happiness, sorrow, deep anger, hatred, loneliness, love, longing... I can guess this must be a first in a xanxia for a lot of people.

The storyline is incredible deep, worked, and well written. This is a xanxia who has a GOAL ! Each passage has a reason to be, I never read anything unnecessary so far. Every time, it’s extremely important for the continuation of the general story but also for the developpement, the orientation of the MC and other characters. There’s many twists that disturbe the MC’s world and that throw him in a sea of bitter tribulations, pushing his heart and his conscience towards a cliff each time closer. The progression is extemely clear and permit the story to evolve toward its goal. No confusion, nothing can be called “arbitrary”.

The author knows where his story goes and he carries his work confidently towards many profound evolutions and a long wished incredible ending which we have not yet reached.

Bad points :
The new team changed a lot of names. It was a pain in the *** to continue the story with so much new elements. Former chapters should be reissued.
And the format in which the story is posted is of rather poor quality (#forum). It would be nice to be able to repost them on a new platform or find a hosting site like Gravity Tales, Wuxia World or Novel Saga (although I understand if the translator or team prefers to work alone) . <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
Abyss Domination
January 24, 2016
Status: --
Seems good.
I like this dark world and this mature tone. Other synopsys

We will follow a thief/assassin young guy who leave in the slums with his sister and who was reincarnated from a modern world where science developped the concept of virtual worlds. Like in 'Ultimate Leveling King', he gain some sort of game elements (a cheat) who came from the virtual game 'Clash of clans' (lol) and discover quickly the price to survive in a corrupt world.

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Aure94100 rated it
Emperor’s Domination
September 4, 2016
Status: c782
What I thought at the beginning (around c127) :

[...] Compared to all other "reincarnated MCs" who know all but must still take everything as mere mortals, that character is an old monster [...] a character who already has seen all and treats the world with disdain and the indifference of an emperor. He is OP from the start (in some way) and quickly manages to gather around him the future elite [...] of his new "empire". [...] If there is indeed a [...] cultivation, it isn't the top priority of... more>> this story [...] the author knows where he goes and I pray that it continues.

Now at c782 :

This story begins to tire me and I withdraw a lot of things I said.

The author doesn't go anywhere and only repeats the same scenario (MC goes to another world, meets new proud sons and daughters of heaven (always more powerful that the precedent world: how convenient for the character growth !), is underestimated, shows that he is superior and can crush everyone, battle of words, fight, MC wins, new female to add to his harem, leaves for another world).

It's really boring because I already know that he will just go in all the nine worlds, repeat the same pattern, then the end of this story will probably be with the discovery of the tenth world, battle his greatest ennemi (the one from the cave that transform him in a raven), will shoulder the heaven's will and the end... pfff... <<less
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I don’t agree with the two precedent reviews. I like this novel a lot.

There’s something really promising with this work and I think it’s well written comparing to other novels of this kind. Besides, it’s not so easy to find novels with good heroines.

The futur arc, when our MC goes to the capital, seems to announce a big hidden plot.

The first chapters are only the prologue like in mmorpg where the players have to start in a village and can start the real game only when they get promoted and... more>> can go to the city.

It’s what happening with Mira in some way.

It would be so much better if the translation could be much faster because I am excited to read the continuation of the story. <<less
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Honestly... the beginning is really interesting. until the church arc, I was completly into it.

But when the Ienith arc begins, this novel becomes unexpectedly boring and even in the dwarf arc, it's not better. I'm waiting for the return to the church while hoping it will become better again because I think it's too bad for such a story to turn this way.

Luciel has an interesting personality (even if all these "please" annoy me... seriously !) and all Luciel's followers and acquaintances aren't so bad... for the most. There's... more>> no (real) harem (this point is really refreshing) and there's some redline that shows us that this novel has a goal (with the dragons and the reincarnated people)... even if all these arcs make me doubt sometimes.

I will just wait while hoping for a better continuation. <<less
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Review at chapter 600+

How to say ? Among the previous negative reviews, there's alot of truth but also many exaggerations (probably due to the annoyance) . This is understandable.

Basically, DKC is not a bad novel. The prose is correct, the universe is rich... in short, it's a standard story that isn't fabulous, but not terrible either. Moreover, this is a xianxia with a female MC (a good combo).

But then comes the problem... The story is monotonous, repetitive and it becomes increasingly boring through the chapters. To summarize: Su Luo is... more>> offended by someone and will resolve the offense by stricking back (must also say that the world around her seems filled with only degenerate narcissistics. Is the author a persecuted person ? Because his world view seems a bit one-sided) . Moreover, it's always a story about " how to beat and humiliate her rivals ? ". I wonder if there is still a goal behind iall of this. All rivals are 1D and I can't spot any interesting side character so far.

And to make matters worse, the MC's cultivation is so slow that after 600 chapters, she still cannot stand as equals with NL and continues to be protected. How pathetic ! She has so much luck and she can't gain anything from it ? How lousy. Looks like the author wants to lag forever on this conflictual relationship where NL is an annoying spoiled brat and SL a useless and spoiled woman with a pit in the brain (NL too).

The MC is supposed to be a skilled assassin (cold, mature, independant, strong) but I can only see a young woman who has no conception of what a sexual relationship is. She spends her time drooling over NL and it seems like she will never be better than NL. Isn't she supposed to have a unique talent in terms of cultivation ? But NL is as fast if not faster.

Conclusion : Epic fail. <<less
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[Edit2] Time of the review : chapter 70.

From my point of view, this is really an impressive work !

How to make this typically mild and unprofessional work suddenly incredibly dense, dark, mature and well written ? Ask the author ! I’m really impressed by the quality of this story. It’s unusually dark (you would understand at the first chapter), realistic and sad in some way.

The MC has only dark thoughts. It can’t be helped when you know what she passed through and when you see what kind of people she... more>> has to withstand everyday. She has to pass through a really rude and brutal formation for a young child and nobody seems to spare her. It’s really difficult to be guilty per procuration and in ones own heart.

This novel shows us a lot of militaristic, economical and political things (there’s even an entire arc where the MC goes to war) because Elisa is a countess but also a lord who has to learn how to rule her own territory. This is a long and hard road for our MC to redeem her family’s deeds and to regain a sort of freedom in her heart. Each tiny progression is a well deserved reward.

Until now, we have not attained the time when the game’s story is supposed to begin but I really want to know what will happen at this stage after all what she passed through. <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
Ascendance of a Bookworm
March 2, 2016
Status: --
The way she died... awesome ! (It reminds me when Zuo Mo of World of Cultivation admitted that he would love to die smashed by jingshi).

A slow paced story with no fantastic events for the first chapters. The MC is reincarnated in a really weak body and has a lot of mental breakdown because of her own worthlessness... and other realities ‘laugh’.

We are in a very realistic commoner life and the MC goes from desillusions to desillusions. I like how the author keep a sense of intense weakness that everybody... more>> would feel if they had to awaken in such an impossible starting game. It’s like if the author was spitting on all these other novels with some stupid gods who kidnap people and give them unbelievable cheats and show us how he views the parachuting of a modern person in a medieval world.

But it’s not an hopeless beginning because in her japanese natural nervosity regarding sanitary needs, our MC quickly attempt a crusade for her own sanity. And this is before discovering the rude reality regarding books and paper. Yes ! Because we can see that the author has made his homework about life and economic reality in medieval days.

This makes things really exciting ! How the hell will our poor girl overcome her own weak condition and begin her struggle to reach the holy grail ? The Divine Library !!! ^^ <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
The Lazy Swordmaster
July 22, 2017
Status: c130
It's a very interesting story.

Even though some aspects of a character who hides his strength all the time can lead to somewhat annoying situations, in the end the author writes well enough to introduce the necessarily unpleasant without reducing the interest of the story. On the contrary, this kind of scenes only gives more desire to see the continuation.

Riley's character isn't that peculiar but this little personality of his makes him interesting enough to unfold a well-thought-out story. There's something really satisfying in following these types of characters who act... more>> in the shadows but are always above everything that happens. It's like finally ending up on the side of those mysterious powerful individuals who always arrive in the hero story to give a push but never being affected by the consequences themselves.

The events that follow, the appearance of new characters always makes us hope for new twists and honestly, I rarely was disappointed by a chapter of this story. In short, it's a rather well thought-out novel.
The secondary characters are rather well incrusted in the story and have enough personnality to not annoy the reader. I will not lie about the fact that many of their thoughts frequently turn around the mystery of the MC but it isn't pushed to exaggeration because the author develops sufficiently well the scenario to preserve the interest. No deification !

The author really manipulates this Gary-Sue well (unlike some Japanese authors who can't get rid of their inexperience and easily fall into caricature and blandness). Afterwards, what is always difficult with this kind of characters is to develop interesting antagonists and it is often there that all authors fail. But for now, though Riley is still not struggling that much with his opponents, the story doesn't weaken its interest, especially considering the last unexpected twist between Riley's past life and a certain mysterious powerful opponent whose form isn't even asserted.

I really recommend this story to anyone who has developed a Gary-Sue phobia and need some healing with worthy MC, it's really refreshing. :) <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
Law of the Devil
March 2, 2016
Status: --
Believe me or not but this novel’s MC makes me think a lot about Rudeus of Mushoku Tensei. Truthfully, I had dropped the novel in my stand-by list for a long time because I had begun to dislike the slow pace in the arc where Duwei was building his little empire after being exiled by his father. This arc was beginning to smell like an annoying slice of life story. Hopefully, it was only a single arc and when reading it again, it became suddenly less annoying. This novel is... more>> really well constructed on many points :

– The MC has a well defined personnality. He is not empty and can really be described as crafty, ingenious, smart, cold, and a little evil because he has really a peculiar impression on this world. He is not white at all.

– There exists characters with OP-ness but it’s not our MC. Weirdly, perhaps because he is so out of the world, he can be called OP in some way but this OP-ness isn’t easy to deploy and our MC has a lot of work to do on himself. That makes things more realistic and logic.

– The pace of the story is steady and really adventurous. This two components makes the novel more balanced. And this balance makes the novel more interesting.

I can say that this novel is a very good work. But it’s normal that it won’t please everybody because this novel, nor slow nor fast, has a really progressive pace and he takes time to deploy its bases. In some way, it’s far more mature. As for me, I have a good impression on this novel, even if it’s not my favorite one. <<less
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Aure94100 rated it
A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
February 6, 2016
Status: --
UPDATE: I'm at a boring arc.

The beginning of the story

The cultivation method is unique, the MC is weak but not in the usual boring way. He can't have access to the fighting skills as the others but all about him is unique.

Besides, he leaves in secret from other disciples because of special circumstances who became weirder with each chapter (not having any real contact with the life of the sect) and he has to face a terrible plot that unveiled itself in a surprisingly smart and interesting way. The antagonist... more>> is really cunning and well developed, even other side characters are interesting.

This is a xanxia but without the usual stupid empty characters, recurrent occurrences or plot armors (didn't see anything like that until now), even the MC's personality is well constructed.

This novel has a lot of potential! <<less
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