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AstraZ rated it
Doomed to be Cannon Fodder
January 29, 2018
Status: c287
I enjoyed this novel a lot more than I thought would all thanks to Bai Xiangxiu. The MC's personality is very different compared to the ones in other transmigration stories. I really like how she isn't the typical overpowered assassin, doctor, etc. Or someone with a mastery of non ending skills. She has to rely on herself and adapt to the circumstances, which leads to plenty of hilarious scenes.
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AstraZ rated it
Thousand Face Demonic Concubine
February 15, 2018
Status: c137.2
The beginning of this was quite heartbreaking. Crueler than anything else I've read so far. When Qingwu is given a second chance, she prepares to take revenge using hatred as her main motivator to live on. She is no longer that naïve little girl, finally seeing how two-faced the people around her can be.

However, at this rate she may completely lose herself just for revenge. If she can let go of some of the past grudges, then she'll be able to see that there is the ML who truly cares... more>> about her. <<less
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AstraZ rated it
Jun Jiuling
February 6, 2018
Status: c163
I really enjoy this novel. I got to say that it's definitely one of the top transmigration novels for me. The first few chapters had so much information that it made me confused about what was going on, but it definitely gets better. I assumed that it was going to be another cliché transmigration story, but the author portrays Miss Jun's character as very calm and smart. She plans carefully on how to deal with people who purposely try to find trouble with her using the knowledge she has from... more>> her previous life. (She's not given a bunch of ridiculous OP skills.)

What intrigued me was how the MC's background didn't get revealed super early on. This made the story feel suspenseful and I kept wondered who she was in her previous life.... the little wait was worth it and now I'm super curious about how she died.

The plot is unique and with the author's writing style it brings the events to life. The author also does a great job with character development, showing why some of the characters act the way they do and how they can change under certain circumstances. <<less
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Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
February 10, 2018
Status: c198
One of the main reasons why I enjoy the novel is because the characters Chu Lian (MC) and Changdi (ML) have strong personalities. The MC shows how independent she can be, her world doesn't fall apart just because she doesn't have a man by her side. While for the ML, it's understandable why he acts the way he does due to misunderstandings. This leads to a slow paced romance, but for this novel it fits in perfectly with the plot. I can't wait to see when the ML finally becomes... more>> sweeter to the MC.

As someone who absolutely loves to eat, the numerous amounts of food MC makes causes me to crave frequently. I feel eager to read more about what types of food she would prepare, the way the food gets describe I can imagine myself as one of the side characters drooling by her side.


Her friendship with Princess Duanjia is very adorable. In the world, there aren't many that the MC can truly call a friend, so having such a person by her side is a wonderful thing.

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AstraZ rated it
Xian Wang Dotes On Wife
February 21, 2018
Status: v1c69 part1
This transmigration novel begins three years after the MC has arrived in this new world. During that time, the ML saw that her entourage was killed and decided to save her, which is how they came to know each other and allowed the MC to slowly trust him. What I find amusing is that no matter how much the ML does for the MC she doesn't realize it's because he has feeling for her. Although slow, it's really satisfying to see the romance blossoming.

The MC identify isn't so simple, her... more>> father and grandfather were well-known throughout the kingdoms. This allowed her to possess some powerful resources and people. Given how strong she is personality and ability wise, the MC is asked to train the imperial grandson to become a wise ruler. He reminds her of her younger brother in the past life, so she treats him similarly and at times she seems very motherly too.

I definitely recommend this novel! I love seeing the MC's interactions with the other characters, especially the relationships she develops overtime and of course her humorous insults. <<less
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