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Astaroth rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
April 26, 2016
Status: --
I can’t believe people are rating this based on how often sentences end with exclamation marks. Is that really supposed to be a valid complaint? “too many exclamation marks, 1/5, sh*t novel”

Everything with this novel is great, the Author obviously used his head and made serious effort to make these characters and how they act.

Yes, Leylin is a cold-hearted bastard, even I was surprised at times, but this is his personality, and the Author (so far, ch 101) hasn’t ever forced him to act out of character in the name... more>> of plot or story development.

So while Leylin is cold-hearted, this is obviously not something you should rate the novel on. Are you going to rate NTR & Yaoi novels negatively because you don’t like the tag? Then let’s say you don’t like Fantasy novels, are you also going to rate negatively because this Fantasy novel you’re reading does indeed have Fantasy elements?

That seems pretty stupid to me, if you don’t like the tags, don’t read it. If you hate reincarnation novels, don’t read them. Why should this be any different, you don’t like cold-hearted Main Characters, THEN DON’T READ IT.

I don’t think to myself “now would be a good time for some fluffy and cute stuff” and then I watch Saw and complain about the gore...

Yes, there can be valid complaints about the novel, but most of the negative reviews are completely irrelevant.

And people complaining about the "chip" not being scientific, get real, do you seriously expect the Author to write paragraphs or entire pages of how it works? I don't see you complaining about CD and other xianxia novels chalking up "laws" to "Deep sh*t / profound mysterious crap.", which says nothing about it to the reader at all.

And even if the Author could, would you seriously want that in the novel? I thought most people read novels to get away from work and school, not to study science...

Are you also going to complain that you didn't learn about real world history from reading Lord of the Rings? <<less
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Astaroth rated it
Reign of the Hunters
April 8, 2017
Status: c51
This is basically like a worse version of Rebirth of the Thief who Roamed the World, but with a female main character.

Besides that their genders are different the major difference between the two (in terms of setting) would be the goals.

Honestly the MC of this novel is just pathetic if you ask me, she spent 10 years of isolating herself and not caring about anyone else, and the reason why she ends up regretting it is because she didn't have any party willing to let her join for the 5v5... more>> pvp competition.

Now after returning to 10 years back into the past she can finally play the game and make friends for the competition 10 years later...

rdawv already goes into more detail of how ironic (and stupid) the premise is: http://www. novelupdates. com/fdrev/?comid=31432&sid=9734

Also there's the classic cliche's like "unlucky hands", whenever the MC loots the monsters for booty, the item drops become terrible. It's such a lame and pointless gimmick that only detracts from the novel.

Also one thing which just annoyed me, the MC wants to play casually this time, but the first thing she does is tell her friend to delete their character and change class instead of helping her to play said class better and telling her pitfalls to avoid and not brick the character.

Oh yeah, which reminds me, it said earlier in the novel that the MC was annoyed that in Fate you can't allocate your own stat points when you level up so unfortunately she couldn't distribute more stat points into strength for attack damage, but later it's mentioned how one of the best Cleric players from her past life (which our MC "coincidentally" meet and randomly give a resurrect skill book by the way) distributed her stats incorrectly and so her character was slightly less powerful than it should have been.

There's a couple of other times when the Author either forgot what random crap they came up with earlier, or they simply realised it was stupid to begin with and retconned it pretending like it never happened. (Though this does happen in basically all the novels around here, so this is just something you have to live with.)

All in all I would recommend this novel for anyone who has time to kill, I don't think it's bad. But all it really has to add to the table is a Female MC.

I'd recommend reading like "Godly Hunter" or "Rebirth of the Thief who Roamed the World", and if you want to read something more relaxing where the MC isn't so serious about the game then "A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log" and Only Sense Online both does that better as well.

And of course if you want some epic mmorpg adventure novel then what you'd be looking for would be Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
Ancient Strengthening Technique
May 24, 2016
Status: c98
Besides the story not really being anything new (but still good terrible) I think that the best part only reason to even consider reading this is probably that the MC like ADULTS, and NOT KIDS. Seriously.

Edit: I was surprised to find I had this review, with a 4 star rating no less, I had completely forgotten about it. (Guess I just threw it into the trash and forgot about the novel.) Anyway, I had high hopes back when I read it and ignored its faults. Author is awful though and... more>> ruined the MC etc. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
Close Combat Mage
December 25, 2015
Status: --
This novel is pretty fu*king trash alright, last I read it there were some real sick sh*t going on, like MC being 8 or 9 years old & has s*x with other kiddies, he tortures his pet dragon, which is like a few weeks old and has a life expectancy of more than a thousand years (that’s when it’s supposed to actually have matured into an adult), for fun and use it for his spell target practice (Because he only use ranged spells despite the deceptive title name “Close Combat... more>> Mage”.), he tricks a rich self concious woman and fakes fun of her horrible appearance to make her pay him an enormous sum of money to change her appearance into a “lolita” so she can run around town and pretend to be a cute 12 year old.

Basically this novel doesn’t even deserve a single star but despite all this sh*t, I just realised I feel like continue reading this again after having dropped it for at least half a year ago. The reason? Well this novel is so ****ing stupid and I’ve got time so I might just get a few stupid laughs ridiculing it as I read.

Edit: Oh right, and I forgot to mention that part where apparently you can just go all bling bling and put on as many magical equipments as you can. 10 fingers, guess you’ve got to get 10 rings with +20% increase fire damage, right? Nope, make that 3 rings per finger, 9 earrings per ear and whatever you can find. Not enough room? Just cut yourself up and stuff those magical items inside your body and heal it up and poof, now you’ve got 3000% increased casting speed, fire damage, and magic affinity or whatever else you’ve got.

Just remember kids, if you don’t have the quality there’s no need to fret, just get a higher quantity...

Edit: Came back after I read the specific chapter, here it is:


If one looked at the other party, his ten white fingers were all sporting bright red rings. Suo Jia noticed that each of those fingers wore a Ruby Ring, and in total, increased the fire mage’s fire system power by 50%! In addition, each of those Ruby Rings could lessen fire system spells’ magic power consumption by 5%. With the ten rings added together, it reduced the magic consumption by 50%.

The most ridiculous part was that the fire mage had a row of holes on his earlobes and wore 5 pairs of Lightning Flint Earrings on each ear. These earrings could increase the speed and power of fire magic by 50%.

This was far from all he had. The opponent’s wrist was densely packed with a total of ten bracelets, five on the right and five on the left. It raised the fire mage’s control over fire system magic by 100%, and increased the casting speed by 100%!

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Astaroth rated it
Lord of All Realms
August 17, 2017
Status: c15
This isn't really a review, I just wanted to give some information because I got fooled.

Originally I had never felt like reading this when it was on xianxiaworld, for multiple reasons, one of which was the synopsis.

Recently I found out that wuxiaworld had picked it up and started over, and even changed the synopsis a bit. http://www. wuxiaworld. com/loar-index/

... more>> What I want to highlight is this section: "Thousands of years later, young Nie Tian managed to travel back into ancient times with the help of a drop of blood... "

And I got real hyped to read and regretted that I hadn't already done so back during xianxiaworld time, lamenting that they have mistranslated the synopsis. "... which would start the return of the ancient times." (Quite different from the ww one, right?)

But nope, as far as I can tell MC is not reincarnated, transported to another world, or anything of the sort. It seemed a bit plausible because of how MC was acting in the first and second chapter, but later it's made 99% clear that, unless there's some kind of secret or a missing prologue chapter, the MC is just a kid with some strange talent he's got. It also doesn't help that not only is MC not reincarnated, he's also stupid.

It's a real shame because chapter 2 (or was it 3?) was really hilarious, I thought that MC was an adult and he actually fought against other toddlers over some treasures? I was thinking he's going to do something with them, but nope, it was just that MC is a dumb kid who wanted to take everything for himself, because he can.

I've only read 15 chapters, so I don't plan to say anything about the novel. Potentially it could get better, but I highly doubt that knowing this author's track record. (I've already read GDK, to the end, GoS 340 chaps, and some 100+ chaps of Spirit Realm, so I know this author just keep making good premises only to completely ruin it. But at least with GDK and GoS you could read some hundreds of chapters of good fun before it happened.)

tl:dr if you read the new wuxiaworld synopsis and got hyped to read some reincarnated / transported to another world fantasy novel then be prepared for that it's a LIE. I'd give ww the benefit of the doubt because it feels strange that they would make such a basic mistake, but it's made painfully obvious while reading the novel that unless there's going to be some secret revealed way later then MC is absolutely not some transmigrated soul from the future or another world. And so what, even if it turns out that MC is actually transmigrated but his memories and intelligence have been sealed for some reason, I don't read a novel just for the tag, I just don't want to wait for MC to grow up and learn through tons of mistakes (not to mention the MC doesnt' even seem to learn from his mistakes in the first place, he just keep doing the same thing and relying on hidden power to save him). <<less
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Astaroth rated it
The Magus Era
March 9, 2018
Status: c1049
tl:dr Nothing matters, MC constantly grow stronger, but it doesn't matter.

Sometimes Ji Hao (Name of the MC) will easily beat someone way stronger than himself, which shouldn't happen, then later when he's literally millions of times stronger he can't beat someone weaker than before. Also he has tons of OP treasures, he gets one that can even completely reflect the attacks of a being that created an entire world (basically the same as Pan Gu from chinese mythology) and take 0 damage. Later some weakling that couldn't even hurt a... more>> hair of this Pan Gu level being somehow beat MC up and the mirror isn't even half as effective, this happens a lot of times. And later all of a sudden even though this OP treasure that already improved, and MC is literally millions of times more powerful than before, the effect of the OP treasure is weaker. (Of course it should've never been so stupidly OP in the first place, and it's still way too powerful. But it's just stupid for it to randomly be more or less powerful "as the plot call for it".)

It's also very annoying, all the enemies always do anything possible to harm MC, even if they surrender they will attack MC and anyone close to him else given the chance, but MC almost always spare them. It's stupid that they all constantly try to attack MC in the first place, but since that's the case, it's even more stupid for MC to constantly let them live.

Speaking of which, this novel could pretty much have been over before it even started if not for

MC's super OP teacher and his brothers (and their on teacher as well) could've basically saved the world from day 1, but they just decide not to and follow some random sh*tty rule, and whatever the f*ck. Basically all the problems are allowed to happen by them even though they could solve it in a day if they wanted to. They just randomly decide to give out some punishments every now and then, and then let the bad guys continue doing whatever they want (including breaking the same rules these guys follow) and getting away mostly scot-free.

MC never does anything that they haven't thought of doing themselves, it's just that they don't do it without coming up with an excuse so they won't "lose face" as they are too proud and it's too "shameful" or whatever. It gets more and more stupid throughout the novel.


On top of how stupid and annoyingly contrived the story is, the translation is also meh. It's readable, but annoying—and sometimes time-consuming as there will be similar spelled/sounding words, but they will not make any sense until you realise that there's an error.

Well, at least it's not MTL, since then there wouldn't be any spelling errors and WRONG words... Pffft

Anyway, I ended up reading 1k+ chapters and despite the review I plan to finish the novel, which I generally don't do, even for novels that are way better or less bad. The answer to this is that while there's a lot of chapters and such, there are some good points (which do make it even more disappointing how the author completely ruin it by the BS), but most of the faults of the plot happen during the fight scenes and such, that are usually 3 chapter long fillers more or less, so you can simply read a couple of words of the sentences, skim read a bit, and skip through the entire chapters until the novel go back to other things.

So basically, the novel is garbage overall, but if you ignore a lot of it and try to not think too much—then it's not too bad of a read, but my rating is still 1 (over time it went from 4 all the way down to 1, as I kept lowering the rating by a star—one by one—every couple of hundred of chapters I read) since the novel should've been much better but just keep on disappointing me over and over again. (Though I've rated worse novels higher, usually 2-3 stars since I don't have any high expectations for trash novels in the first place.) <<less
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Astaroth rated it
Mythical Tyrant
May 2, 2016
Status: --
Latest chapter as of reviewing: 55.

It’s rare to have MC’s that don’t focus on only themselves but also strengthen their family members, clans, companions, groups, etc and for it to actually matter in the story. (Take note of that last part.)

I also thought it was interesting that the MC is planning to inscribe his body with runes and magical arrays as a form of body cultivation.

That said the novel suffers quite a bit from too many whimsical inconsistencies, I can never really feel good about reading when the Author... more>> constantly break his own rules or contradict himself. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy
January 10, 2016
Status: --
This seems interesting, having two bodies is pretty novel idea alright, and I can already see how there’s going to be many different options for the author to create new types of scenarios (Kind of like how gender bender can automatically create these comedic scenes without even trying at times.) which I’m looking forward to find out how well the Author uses it.

However there’s a still a bit too few chapters for me to begin reading unless another reviewer heavily recommends it after at least decent critique.

Based on the... more>> idea alone I’d give this a 4 just to get going, because even if a novel isn’t great per se if they’re just different there’s still something to new to learn from them and I personally think experimentation should be encouraged.

Edit: In the end I just read it and god this is hilarious... Very promising. I'm going to change it to a 5 even though it's honestly a bit too premature to rate the novel this early. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
Limitless Sword God
July 2, 2016
Status: c126
I give up.

I used to be super hype for this novel, so many great ideas.

But nope. All the MC know is how to be reckless and get cold sweats when he luckily survives time after time again of making half-assed plans which always involves a mix of getting his ass saved, overestimating himself, underestimating his opponents, and plain dumb luck.

And he could become a demon disciple or whatever and walk around freely in the "demon world" and even learn their super powerful secret techniques and formations in his previous life... more>> as a "trash" who lost his talents. But for some reason he absolutely can't take Su Qing'er and his two friends from the Su family and get the **** out of there because Su Qing'er thinks that she has to stay in the Su family to protect the MC, Su Yun...

It's long overdue that I dropped this novel, hopefully I can come back and binge read this next year but I'm not optimistic. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
Dimensional Sovereign
November 30, 2016
Status: c7
The first thing that happens is he walks around town and blatantly show off his new power and let them (his victims of BLACK MAGIC) know he can use it again, admitting to that he's the cause so there's no doubt about who caused them to suddenly become paralysed and mute, right before calling the cops who will obviously try to find out what happened...

MC is basically asking to get found out, especially if there's any other people in a similar situation as himself, which is basically a guarantee since... more>> he's already seen the corpse...

And by the way how did that girl he saved in the beginning know that it was the MC who made the drunkars fall over and vomit? And even if she know it was because of him, why in the world would she think that's completely normal for some dude with a limp to show up, say a couple of words, and make someone else fall over without touching them?

If the novel is good enough I'll continue to read and look the other way pretending like these things never happened, but if the characters continue to be this stupid (especially if it includes the MC) then no premise is good enough for me to read it since just "potential" doesn't make for an interesting story.

Edit: And wow, copy & paste from chapter 7 when the MC runs into a gangster boss or whatever:


“So why were you looking?”

The eyes of the man were cold as Kang-jun replied without any embarrassment.

“I was just wondering if you were a celebrity.”


“Your clothes are flashy and you have a handsome face. I apologize if I offended you.”

The man’s expression show that he thought it was absurd.

“Is that really the reason?”


“You are a lucky bastard. Release him.”


Sorry but this is just plain dumb <<less
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Astaroth rated it
Hail the King
August 2, 2016
Status: c82 part2
I really liked this novel in the beginning.

Now it's the 4th or 5th time in a row that random bullies appear and randomly kill citizens.

An entire cavalry just ran through the gate (which is apparently left open over night for some reason) and literally bull rush and trample the citizens for sh*ts and giggles.

I don't hate arrogant villains in moderation, but so far there's ONLY been random arrogant villains showing up one after another kind of like how in Xianxia young master endless loop of grandpa's...

It's incredibly disappointing.
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Astaroth rated it
Night Ranger
October 20, 2017
Status: Completed
So I finally finished this novel after dropping it several times, especially the last 30 chapters or so. I had lost basically all interest and only read a chapter or two every once in a while...

Just decided to finish the last 10 chapters in one go today to get it over with. (2019, 29th June. So almost 2 years after I started reading...)

Honestly at the end I don't really have that much to say about the novel, it's not bad (except the ending is very rushed and the last... more>> chapters are dull and boring), MC even gave up the RPG system... so I don't feel like it's worth my time to write an in-depth review.

Short info on the premise. MC play a game, and he's basically a pro at it. Very high level and experienced etc. Then he ends up being transmigrated into a Fantasy World that's just like said game, at a period before everything happens in the game. Meaning that the MC knows the future and is also extremely familiar with the world and the powers.

So basically he becomes an NPC in a world of only NPCs, unlike in the game he played there's no players, which does end up changing some things.

But unlike the NPCs or Natives, Marvin still has the game system.

It's not original at all, but honestly this trope never gets old for me. I can never read too many transmigrated into a game world novels.

Anyway, on to the pros and cons...

Some pros:

  • The novel is fairly fast paced and Marvin (the MC) is focused on his goals. (Though maybe it's a bit too fast paced, check cons...)
  • The game system is based on Dungeons and Dragons, I particularly like how the level ups work. Each level a "class" is chosen to level up, meaning that the character
  • Since the fantasy world is "real", unlike a game, a lot more emphasis gets placed on "current" power rather than "future" power. This means that what could be considered "weak" and "useless" in a game, because there's comparatively better options and/or because something might be powerful in the beginning but fall off later, much more valuable and have their own uses. After all, when your life is on the line it's not like you can be too picky just because something else would be more "optimal" or "better" later down the line. For all you know by that point you might be dead. Plus since it's not actually a game, there's always more opportunities and personal ingenuity that comes from not being as restricted that can make what should be "weak" on par or even stronger with the "optimal".
    • This means that despite Marvin's past experience in the game was as a dual wielding Rogue, he chose to become a Ranger instead. Because he knew he could become a Ranger more easily (a Class Trainer-esque person was more accessible) and because Rangers tends to be more powerful in the lower levels.
    • This means that when Marvin awakens as a Sorcerer he embraces it and look to make the best out of it, despite being a dual wielding Ranger and that no one would ever dual class Sorcerer and Ranger since they're basically completely incompatible.
    • And of course this makes the character progression much more enjoyable as Marvin evaluates the pros and cons and makes changes as the circumstances changes. There's no set plan from beginning to end that's followed to a T.
  • There's quite a few of hype moments in the first half or two thirds of the novel before Marvin became too OP.
Some cons:

  • There's some 730 chapters, and the time from start to finish is 6 months. 6 MONTHS, including time skips. MC goes from a literal trash to pretty much the most OP in the world in the span of 6 months.
  • Like usual the Kingdom Building/Management aspect was completely wasted, which I thought was quite unfortunate considering that Marvin even begun as a noble with his own fief to reclaim.
  • By the time Marvin got to the level of being able to fight Gods (i.e. the "Plane Guardian" level), everything just became dull.
  • The ending and explanation is meh as well, though CN endings tend to bad in general I guess...
Old "review", from when I had only read 9 chapters, below (more like an introduction back when the novel's translation had just begun) :


So far it is the most similar to "Abyss Domination" (both in the 'mechanics' and setting + plot. Even so far that some parts are suspiciously almost identical...) and also to a lesser extent The Amber Sword.

Of course while I say that The Amber Sword is less similar, any other "transported to fantasy world based of a game" novel basically aren't even of the same genre.

Anyway, I'm not rating this yet. It basically has the same premise as Abyss Domination, MC is a top thief/rogue pro player who take over the body of an "NPC" (though of course since it's not a game anymore, so "fantasy world inhabitant" or something I guess) and is pretty much a pleb. (This time MC is a noble who has lost his land instead of a thief

it's set up so he has to reclaim it

so I'm expecting some of that kingdom building to begin a bit earlier and have a larger focus instead of being more of a side thing.)

Like in Abyss Domination there's a catastrophe just around the corner, so MC has about 1 year to power-up before sh*t goes down for real. (Deities/Gods who are going to invade the continent or w/e)

I'm fairly certain the game is supposed to be based of DnD or something, just like AD, but (un?) fortunately you can't just google the chinese raws and find chinese fan translations (english to chinese) of every skill, spell, item, monster, etc in the novel.

Anyway, there really aren't that much to say yet, but it looks promising, especially since it's right up my alley. I do have one concern however, the Quests...

I'm concerned that instead of MC having his own objectives, he'll just get quests to follow like a player in an RPG.

Especially when he got information about the situation that he didn't have and more or less completely based his judgement on what the quest was saying... (It might turn out fine, but like I said, I'm concerned that the author will order the MC around using the Quests.)

p.s. Oh and I almost forgot, the cheat, it's

still the same usual. MC can get experience from killing others (and also the quests) and use the system to allocate points instead of just training unlike a regular "NPC". (Though now that I think about it, I haven't actually read far enough here to confirm that NPCs can't use the same system as well, so perhaps it's not a cheat... I'm pretty sure it is though.)

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Astaroth rated it
All You Need Is Kill
April 11, 2016
Status: --

I’d give this 5/5 if it wasn’t because of the bogus ending. The novel is amazing but the ending is riddled with loop holes and I can almost guarantee you that it was only because the Author wanted to force the tragic ending.

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Astaroth rated it
The Second Coming of Gluttony
February 3, 2019
Status: c64
Updated review after reading all currently translated chapters (64) :

Thankfully the MC did wisen up a bit from his extremely reckless and careless attitude he showed during the tutorial and the beginning of the "Neutral Zone".

... more>>

But I put emphasis on "a bit" for a reason. It's much better compared to before, but that just mean that he's more or less back to "normal" instead of "worse than normal".

He still doesn't think to even check out the other stores besides the VIP store, he doesn't take advantage of being able to use many services for completely free (heck he could even "buy" things for free and then resell the items cheaper than the stores to the other survivors and make tons of easy and fast profits, while still helping them by cutting down the cost, etc.), and many other OBVIOUS things like this could and should have been done, or at least he should've thought and considered them.

But beyond all that, what's worst of it all is this: He never thought to give any tips to his friends, and he didn't even meet up with them. It wasn't until 2 months later (and mind you, they were all lead to believe that the Neutral Zone should have ended after 1 month, so basically none of his friends would've even been able to get through the Neutral Zone, yet he didn't even think about their circumstances a single time.) that he even remembered that they exist. And the only reason for that was because he was explicitly told to check up on Yun Seo-Rah and help her out a bit from his Recruiter.

For him it would've been the easiest thing in the world, almost no effort at all, and it would've helped his friends out tremendously. But as per usual with these novels, the MC lives in a luxury suit that can fit the entire Neutral Zone's population with room to spare while his friends live in the dumpster and can barely even scrape by... He finds out that buying abilities is only good for quick results but limits one's growth, but never though to mention this to his friends. (And as we later find out, the only reason they didn't buy any abilities was because they were too poor to even buy equipment, and could barely even get food to eat for 2 months...)

And still, when the MC finally do actually help out (after being explcily told to do so, he didn't even think of it himself, and if it had gone on as expected he'd find them all dead by the end...) they're oh so thankful and praise the MC for being a such a savior and all that usual crap.

The plus side here in this novel that makes it a bit more palatable is that at least the MC does sort of reflect over it and recognizes his faults to some extent, but it's not really true since despite "learning" and "improving" he keeps doing it again and again...

Overall I'd say it's a pretty average novel, what's interesting though is that while it's basically just the same as your usual novel, it's strangely different and unique. It's quite weird, but in short, somehow it's average and unique at the same time, and in that way it feels a bit "fresh" and "new" even with the same old tropes and cliches.

It's perfectly fine to read and if there were more chapters I could keep on reading this for a long time without a problem.

Initial review written during/after reading chapter 22 inside the spoiler below:

I expected a lot more, but the MC is pretty stupid, re****ed even... And I'm not talking about the very beginning which was obviously meant for him to grow and redeem himself.

He didn't even look at the notes even though he was repeatedly "hinted" (more like explicitly told to) to do so by the Guide and from tips he got, and he even looked through all his items later and still somehow didn't remember to even take a look at the notes.

He's going to stay and do missions for a month, so lets not buy any equipment and instead lets somehow rely on a couple of one-time use consumables from the tutorial. I'm sure they'll last for an entire month...

Heck he didn't even go and take a look. Seriously I can't stress this enough: he didn't even take a look at what other items were being sold, even though he got a 30% discount from his golden invitation and then another bonus from being in first place during the tutorial.

The very first thing that happened when he got to the Neutral Zone was that a maid even showed him how because of all his discounts and preferential treatment he could "buy" things for free. 100% off! Seriously, how re****ed can he be to not even take a look?

The author even goes to show how the other characters have brains and think for themselves, meanwhile the MC is dumb as hell and only gets saved by plot armor. I really hope that the author intends to make the MC learn a bit of common sense, since it doesn't appear to be a problem caused by the author being stupid himself.

p.s. Since I'm still somewhat hopeful I'll probably follow up this review with more after I've read all the translated chapters.

p.p.s I got so triggered while reading it that I didn't even finish the chapter before I started to make this review. But the MC does 'come to' himself and begin to reflect and analyze his previous actions during the latter half of chapter 22.

He comes to realize that he's being extremely careless and how relaxed he's been, how pretty much all of his "successes" so far has been handed to him on a silver platter etc. so I might very well have just reached the end of the tunnel and it's all going to get better from here on out.

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Astaroth rated it
The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball
December 15, 2017
Status: c212
So far I've read 212 chapters (and counting) of MTL (on LNMTL)

Like someone mentioned space & time powers are a bit much (though author kind of realised this as well and hold back on the time stop stuff afterwards), he also randomly gave MC 70k Senzu Beans which obviously made the novel go a bit haywire. To scale back on it and not just make every fight trivial, it's mentioned that using senzu beans make use of your potential to restore yourself. Basically borrowing power from the future to... more>> save yourself in the present.

In that way, at least the MC won't just constantly eat senzu beans and automatically win any fight as it will have negative consequences and slow his progress.

There's some other questionable things, but overall the MC isn't too bad. And honestly it's quite good for a fan fiction. There's plenty of (much) worse original novels as well, so the bad rating is undeserved.

Actually my largest concern is that because the MC is born several years before Goku & Vegeta he has such a long headstart that I fear they might not ever be able to catch up. Plus he seems to be eliminating many of the villains they require to fight against to power up. Personally I don't want the MC to be so strong that Goku, Vegeta, and the other main characters are irrelevant. Rather I think that the MC should at least be within reach for them instead of completely overshadowing them... Of course there's still plenty of chapters to go so I'll update this later when I find out.

Some really good things to say about this novel however, perhaps guilty pleasures (p.s. includes minor spoilers) :

  • Saiyans, MC is a Saiyan and rescue a portion of the Saiyan race from the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Because of how they were basically all exterminated by Frieza in the Dragon Ball canon the author can freely create other Saiyan characters of his own as well.
  • The author 'save' some of the characters that more or less faded away from existence in the original works. For example the girl who change hair color whenever she sneezes: Launch. Maybe she'll even be a love interest in the future? (Probably not.) Then there's Tien Shinhan, the MC show him that there's way more powerful guys out there in the world so that he won't get stuck in chasing Goku. Hopefully this leads him to become much more powerful instead of an irrelevant side character.
  • There's some more interaction with other minor characters, and hopefully more to come.
I probably forgot some things I should have mentioned, but anyway, the novel isn't bad. It has some faults but it does it's job of properly fulfilling the fantasy of how you would change Dragon Ball if you were to be a Saiyan yourself. Which I'm sure plenty of people has thought about. I say, it's definitely worth to have a look. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
Martial Emperor Reborn
June 7, 2016
Status: c33
Over all I'm liking the novel.

The things I disliked the most with this novel, so far, however is:

-that info dump at the start
-those god damn "experience of 20 years in the wilds" that constantly come up. God.*

... more>> "After living in the wilderness for twenty years, Li Xuan had long since understood the basic instinct of survival." Seeing this crap once or twice every other chapter is just *facepalm*

Either way I hope someone will pick this up again, because so far it has still been a (mostly) enjoyable read for me.

Note; Copied from chapter 75: "The more (spoiler) screamed, the more pleased Li Xuan felt. It seemed as though he would always have an indescribable feeling of excitement when he heard other people’s miserable screams when he mistreated them."

Basically this guy isn't any goody two-shoes, rather this guy is full of malice and unlike so many other protagonists he doesn't even think of himself as anything else.

Otherwise this novel is pretty much the same old, same old generic xianxia novels. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
Counterfeit Bride
December 12, 2015
Status: --
Only 10 chapters. No wonder it progressed so fast. I guess I'm reading too much xianxia...

Anyway, surprisingly sweet novel. Since it's so short you can give it a try, even if you don't have a lot of expectations going in, I can tell you I didn't either.

That said, I really don't see how that cover is supposed to look like a woman so it kind of breaks immersion and makes it hard to imagine someone ever mistaking him for her...
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Astaroth rated it
Monster Paradise
December 19, 2017
Status: c84
The novel itself is decent, but I'm certain that the 'translation' is just some glorified MTL that has been edited.

I've read enough novels on LNMTL to recognize MTL when I see it.

I don't actually have a problem with MTL, I did just say that I read a lot on LNMTL after all, but regular MTL is actually preferred. At least it's consistent.

... more>> QI need to get an actual editor/proofreader, I'm constantly triggered by the awful phrasing and poor choice of words etc.

You can tell that there has been almost no thought or effort put into it as the mistakes are so basic, it would have been impossible if the TL/Editor/Proofreader stopped for a moment to think about what they where writing. (Of course, this is the other reason why I'm confident that it's MTL, copy & pasting would explain not having to think about what you're writing.)

Anyway, more about the novel. Like I said, it's not really bad, but it's somewhat-random and the author just come up with stuff from moment to moment. The "Protoss" and everything related to her should just not have happened, that's seriously just stupid as hell.
It reminds me of how in some Anime there will be sudden filler mini-arcs put inserted into other arcs, disrupting the flow of the plot, and on top of that they're usually bad as well.

So while the novel isn't terrible, besides the premise there's pretty much nothing good about it either. A couple of chapters in and the Author just randomly threw a woman at the MC who cure his disease which was the reason for him to so desperately seek to become Hunter—tell me—why should the MC risk his life now that he isn't going to die within 3 months?

So stupid to have this thing where the MC's lifespan is decreasing 10 times faster than regular and he has to desperately hunt for life crystals to prolong it, only for the author to randomly cure him 10 chapters later...

p.s. but despite how the more I read the worse I feel about the novel, for some reason I'm still reading 170+ chapters... <<less
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Astaroth rated it
Terror Infinity
January 30, 2017
Status: v4c5 part2
tl:dr Cool idea, bad execution.

I'm liking this infinity genre, but unfortunately the original that spawned it fail pretty hard at several points.

First of all, the characters aren't smart and what got the MC through so far has been a combination of luck / plot armor & hot blooded shounen action. The MC would have quite literally failed every single movie if he wasn't the MC of the story because he can't do anything right, but he's still somehow supposed to be relatively smart. (i.e. it's another one of those cases... more>> where the Author says the MC is smart but continuously prove the opposite.)

This is TERROR infinity, I'm expecting horror, dread, inevitable doom, etc. And honestly TI did pretty good with this at first, unfortunately the Author completely break the pacing with inserted jokes that are completely out of place, "BAKA PERVERTTT!!!" moments, and a random ****ing loli from the MC's memories is revived by "god".

What that also hints at is that it's very likely that not only can people from the real life be revived, but there's also a pretty high chance that the Infinity players can also be revived if you have enough points. So I'm fully expecting another Gantz where all the main cast dies but then they all get revived and the whole horror part become even more of a joke than it already was...

I would recommend reading The Ultimate Evolution* or Infinity Armaments instead, while there's still some luck and the protagonists can take risks, at least it's CALCULATED risks, not pure luck like in TI. There's no random loli or trap shota beach vacation, actually there aren't any noteworthy romance at all, since what little there is isn't so intrusive and inappropriate like in TI.

*Regarding Ultimate Evolution, personally I skipped the first 7 or so backstory chapters (the prologue) and started reading right from the point the MC dies and join the 'game'. Besides that introduction it UE gets better and better and beat TI on all fronts hands down. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
The Portal of Wonderland
July 26, 2016
Status: c88
While the novel isn't terrible by other standards and I've rated similarly generic novels higher I came in expecting more after reading Mo Tian Ji (Demon's Diary) by the same author, instead of the originality seen in MTJ's setting, character development, and so on, here we have a completely generic novel following all the tropes by the book. MC is trash but he has a fortuitous event that later solves all his problems from training, understanding laws, and so on. The slower pace which work so well in for example... more>> Demon's Diary and World of Cultivation is just plain dumb and make the novel a complete bother and chore to forcefully dredge through because there's really nothing complex or any interesting development going on for readers to still be engaged even without the fast pace packed with action and trash talking. Pointlessly many words and explanations for how difficult and hard something is supposed to be—only for that difficulty to be thrown out the window because of the MC's 'cheat'—is all there is. <<less
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