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Assasianfury rated it
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April 26, 2018
Status: c112
I like to read the entire novel before giving a review but the translation has stalled for so long I fear that it will never be finished! I have really enjoyed this novel since it have a brand new spin on the game system / world genre, so it starts off with our MC who is teleported to a fantasy world with a game system but unlike other novels our story doesn't start off with him being lvl 1 he is already 99 and at the top of the world... more>> because he has worked hard to get there but that all takes place before the novel. Our story takes place after he reaches 99 and let me tell you, it is one hel l of a journey for only 112 chapters so far! I just hope someone else picks up the translating so I'm short I am giving this novel 5 stars and the translator 2 stars because of the dropped ball on pace.....I mean come on chapter 111 came out in December of 2017 and 112 came out in February and it's March now! Where is the chapters and don't give me BS! <<less
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Abyss Domination
July 8, 2018
Status: c36
The novel would be amazing if it wasn't for the massive info dumps on every little thing there is... at first I was hoping maybe after a few chapters they would start to disappear but instead they got worse, I am dropping this novel simply because the novel feels disconnected. For example a third of some chapters are completely filled with info about a weapon of stat.... it breaks the immersion when reading the novel to the point where it's a chore to read, you do not need to give... more>> a 100 character description about a single weapon just give a brief description like it's a long sword that adds 1 strength of something like that.

Another thing was that the system seems more like a top of a dnd game than an actual video game. I've never heard of any game with a system like that which would normally be good, but the author made the system into a jumbled mess that makes no sense...

I advise not reading this novel unless you enjoy reading the dictionary.. <<less
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