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AsTheNameDictates rated it
Death Progress Bar
May 22, 2019
Status: c35
Wow, I did not expect that this novel is soooo damn good.

I always drop by this page without actually reading the story because everytime I read the summary it makes me think of a harem type of story (idk y tho) I am bias? against it...

I just hate harem type novels.

Anyway, I am glad that I read this novel. It's amazing and the translator is doing a good job.

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AsTheNameDictates rated it
The Novel’s Villain
May 12, 2019
Status: c2
I'm giving it a 5 star for now as the story is in my "Fav. Genre/Plot"

Kinda like TCF (My current No. 1) and hopefully this novel will not disappoint me...

Score/Review may change depending on the plot progress and hopefully i'll be able to find a site that I will be able to read the mtl (TCF have one) so that I can calm myself while waiting for the Eng. Trans.

Thank you for translating...
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I mtl the story until the latest chapter and it's amazing. All I can say is that the story is different from what I expected (in a good way) it's funny, a bit gory, a little scary, heartwarming and unpredictable.

The MC is super awesome.

I know that this is a BL novel and a lot of readers are not into this type of genre but I still recommend for you guys to try this one. It's slow (in romance/relationship), super slow, to the point that until now I still don't know... more>> who's the ML.

I just know that the ML will deffinitely be amazing and NOT human at all.

Thanks guys for translating this awesome novel

Super thumbs up (like)

Can't wait for the next translated chapter <<less
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AsTheNameDictates rated it
Game, Live Stream
May 31, 2019
Status: c45

I hate the MC... I know that he feels guilty for Xinghes' death but still to keep on chasing Shen yuan just because the two resemble each other outwardly.

I'm done reading the second copy where they were together with shen yuan's team and I 'm just mad at the MC, come on, HE'S OBSESS ABOUT XINGHE and that's the very reason why he keeps bothering Shen yuan and poor him, he is a substitute for someone and even gain a buggage that he needs to carry around.

Pissed of MC. You... more>> need to stop being obsess about your childhood friend even though YOU are the reason he is dead.

And don't bother Shen yuan. Hmph




(just to clarify, I'm not really sure if Xinghe and Shen yuan is related to each other since I haven't read far ahead. This my review after the second world that they entered)

I will probably edit this review after I finish reading the 3rd world copy. Hopefully MC is no longer annoyingly obsess with a massive abnormality and a huge brain damage.

On a side note, the MC is atleast Smart and not completely without use.

Cheers* <<less
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AsTheNameDictates rated it
My Wife is Straight
May 13, 2019
Status: Completed
A very CUTE short story

We have both the POV of the gong and the shou, which is very nice...

The gong is boasting

The shou is pampering

Such a perfect way to kill all the single dogs...

Us, straight man!!!

Credit to the translator

Thanks you!
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