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Ars Roccii
Ars Roccii rated it
The Card Apprentice
February 2, 2016
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It's awersome. It's have a big potencial. I have read to chapter 20 with GT and is very interesting =)

This novel for me, is the same of World of Cultivation, begin is slow, but in future...

P.S. English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for grammatics mistakes.
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Ars Roccii
Ars Roccii rated it
A Will Eternal
June 28, 2016
Status: --
My review could, and has, spoilers:

The unique negative point of translations is it slow after the other group stop. I was favorable in the currently group because the daily chapters, but now... It has a considerable minimum release comparable to before. Two max sponsored chapter in the week not is good :/

About the novel:

... more>>

So... What I have to say? A sly (weasel) mc? A cheat item about refining any item, opening opportunity to MC be a blacksmith? A alchemist? A Medicine Master[This is sure]?

Refining the body in the start, althought the ideia of this novel is the eternity of mind? Hunm... Very suspicious ;D


P.S. I'm sorry, but english is not my native language. Then forgive me for mistakes. <<less
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