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I started out well, but the quality quickly fell. Currently, there's so much cringe (and barely anything else) it's not even funny anymore.

Right in the prologue the MC was portrayed as someone who hates troublesome things, yet more often than not he does things serving no purpose other than expanding the harem - while he himself has no interest in said harem, on top of how dense he is.

The beast companion played a role for a few chapters, but now? Most of the time it's not even mentioned anymore.

... more>>

As of c41, the MC is someone close to the level of the other world's gods who can resolve anything with a single skill (and if he does not have the skill, he can create it on the spot), but still chooses not to for reasons not explained anywhere, despite it going agaist his supposed personality.

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Arkus86 rated it
Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne
June 8, 2018
Status: c155
At the beginning, it's fresh and somewhat interesting, watching a blind character cope with her situation and her daily interactions with her family, as well as becoming OP through her rare/unique abilities. However, it eventually devolves through s*xually assaulting her personal maids and into a closed off world where there is hardly any mention of anyone or anything besides the main character, her 3 sidekicks and their OPness, almost as if nothing alse existed and nothing outside this world can interact with them.
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Arkus86 rated it
A Sequel for the Villainess?
September 9, 2018
Status: c2
It's too soon to judge the story properly, but the writing is bad.

In the first chapter, we have conversation between two characters we know nothing about, about some events we know nothing about and the author does not bother explaining anything. What the author does explain in depth however, is the background of a character who was hardly even mentioned in the chapter.

The second chapter jumps one year back and gives some background, but it still is not exactly what I would call coherent and it was harder than necessary... more>> to understand who is who, partly thanks to the author jumping from one thing to another seemingly at a whim. <<less
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Arkus86 rated it
Become a World Boss? No Thanks!
July 13, 2018
Status: c25
It has promise, but early on it has completely thrown the original premise of the story out the window. From player dragged into the game as a world boss, it switched to transmigration story heavy with RPG elements and random gimmicks probably meant to create more silly/funny situations (refer to the review by Rosver). Other players were last seen in chapter 6, and the few other intelligent beings are clearly not AI from the game, nor do they seem to be controlled by humans.

Story is all over the place, it's... more>> developments make no sense, world building almost zero, characters bland...

It could be worse, but it's certainly not something I would recommend. <<less
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Inside the Cave of Obscenity
July 4, 2018
Status: v3c1 part5
80% slime tentacle rape and mind break, described in great detail. Mashed into the rest are decent character development (for the genre, at least), good world building (given the space it's got), some story development and the underlying possibility of a deeper plot unraveling at some point in the future.
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Most of the points of this story were mentioned in other reviews. Overall, the novel is enjoyable in my opinion, but it has it's share of weak points as well.

The story is on the childish side. The ruthless side of the MC is rarely shown for the most part. This starts to change towards the end of the school arc, but the overall slightly childish feeling remains, probably due to the low ages of the prominet characters, be it physical or mental age.

Up until the very end of the school... more>> arc the MC, like so many OP Japanese MCs, tries to hide his strength and this only serves to increase the number of people who envy/bully/underestimate him and try to pick on him, yet he only accepts it as natural, while his disciples are warding of any violence aimed at him and try to convince people of his greatness all by themselves. Later, while he still does not readily show his strength and prefers to do the dirty work from the shadows, he at least reveals enough of it to resovle the situation at hand, when necessary.

There are also frequent passages gloryfing western cakes and Japanese cuisine and it does get tiring after after a couple dozen chapters.

And a bit on a side note, the author seems to have a secretary/attendant fetish, as out of the current five members of the harems formed around Sirius and Reus, four either are, decided to become or like to introduce themselves as either one of these. <<less
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