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Arius rated it
I am the Monarch
May 19, 2018
Status: v214
Well, to be honest, I just want to let you guys know my true feeling. This is the best novel that I have ever read in my entire life. My life changed since the moment I read this novel.

For a very long time, I struggled, struggled so hard to find the correct path of my life. What kind of man I want to become. But now, it's clear, thank to this novel.

Guys, I was a useless, hopeless man. A coward who was lack of will to do anything. I was... more>> always stop in the middle, not able to achieve anything I desire.

Maybe you guys will laugh at me if you know I smiled but also cried a lot while reading this novel. The main character always put all of his effort into all things he do. But why, me, never able to give my best into things I want to achieve?. It's ridiculous to compare a fiction-character with a real person right? But let just say I did that, because I am stupid and naïve person. Hehehe.

And I realized the reason why he could try his best, tried everyday without stopping. It was because his strong desire. But, I have no desire. I have no desire girls (I am not gay lol), no desire for wealth, no desire for anything. I have no goals and I threw away my life and let the whole universe decide it for me. I realized how he could win people's heart. It was because he gave away his care, love, and all of him. We can only receive respect and love from people if we give them our love and respect first, isn't it?

'I don't need your acknowledgement, but I do need you'. Said by him. That sentence shocked me greatly. Roan himself is not a genius. He know that. Therefore, he need people to go with him. His people is his strongest weapon.

After witness so many his victories, in the first time of my life, I finally had a desire. It was to become a hero like him. A stupid, naïve kid want to become a hero. Hahaha, it's like daydreaming right? I know, but please let me live in my delusion.

Through him, I learnt a lot of things and I tried hard to achieve them.

  1. I will try to create desires and harbor them.
  2. I will treat people with all my heart.
  3. I will learn to be confident but not arrogant.
..... And many many things more.

Thank to him, I was able to try harder and achieve results. I'm having a job, it's not really good but it can give me a freely life without too much worrying about bills. And I will try to have the better and better job in future. Although I only made some friends but I completely trust and love them. Fortunately, they also love and respect me back. Yeh... There are a lot of thing that I still need to learn from him. To become a great man like him.

Dear author, you might not realize it but your novel saved my life.


This is the journey of 22 year old kid who try to become a great man like his fiction-idol.

Thank for reading. <<less
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Arius rated it
June 1, 2018
Status: c595
Gosh, this is very interesting story. It's not fair to rate this novel as 1-2 star because of the MC.

To people who said they dropped because they couldn't stand the stupid and selfish MC, you were really wrong.

No one in this world is perfect. We are human therefore, we have weakness and bad personalities. However, because we are not perfect, we try to improve ourselves to be the better ones. Grid, the main character in this novel, is that kind of man. He maybe a trash but he tries to... more>> work harder and harder, he learn and he improve to the point that he become an ideal man. I found that was very poetic journey.

The story itself is amazing. All characters have their own personality, including NPCs. However, the thing that I enjoy most is to watch the MC's growth, from a trash (like people say) to an ideal man who care and put all his effort for all people he loves such as friends and family. <<less
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