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Although the storyline of the novel is cliché I really like the characters and I don't mind the protagonist being the nicer one and the antagonist being the crueller one. Although many people may disagree I look forward for the updates as it makes me laugh. I have read many novels similar to this and I can say this is my favourite with absolute certainty. Yes I'm simple minded but the people like me will look forward to these when alot of hard earned effort is put into it. No... more>> bad comments from me #Arissa. <<less
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I started reading this expecting it to be one of those cliché Otome game stories where the villainess walks towards her downfall whilst using her knowledge to basically win back the captured targets, however reading through it felt different from those that I've read. I love this story of the love between the villainess and the non-captured target (until the second series) it gives me butterflies reading through the chapters and it makes me want to read more. Please update soon as theres only 16 chapters. Cant wait to see... more>> how it develops! Thanks! #Arissa <<less
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