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I did not read up till the translated chapters and dropped this series at chapter 9, please take this review with a grain of salt.

The reason I dropped this series was mostly thanks to the lack of drama, or rather the lack of anything. Very quickly the engagement was broken off, and... great that's settled.

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The prince realizes he's in love with Tiararose and... she rejects him immediately for the LI (high spec prince). Although I don't particularly feel that it was wrong of her to reject him but, I can also say that it was somewhat unrealistic. She has been with him most of her life then because of this incident she quickly went to another guy. I seriously felt bad for the prince rather than for the protagonist and the LI because there was no emotional attachment towards anything but to the new LI. Best part though. was there are cute scenes of dating... yay?


Generally the issue is there is a lack of conflict or cathartic emotion. Things get resolved so quickly to the point that it feels like a fan fiction of a story the author has read, then decided to expand it and the fact it is a "reincarnated into a game" feels like a gimmick that was the premise then discarded. (I notice there is a tag for multiple reincarnated individuals but it doesn't give enough substance to want to see where that goes.) Perhaps the story picks up a new arc but I don't feel like it needs to be continued in any way.

I do like how cute it was but... it felt slightly unnecessarily long. It's not a bad series it's just not a very interesting series. The reason it's 1 star is because although it doesn't do much for me as a cute series (I don't consider it really good for the the sub genre of "cute story") it just feels unnecessary. It picks up with the LI proposing to the MC and then the scene (described above) just took me out of it because it was resolved so quickly that it feels like there is nothing to add to the series. There is no real tension and there's nothing to look forward to. The rating might be harsh but it's in light of the fact it's still an ongoing series and the story wasn't written well enough to want me to keep reading. <<less
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