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Ariens rated it
Sinister Ex-Girlfriend
June 11, 2018
Status: Completed
If you really like reading about transmigrated characters / systems / overbearing boyfriend / powerful MC and ML then you should really ready this. Not only there are different stories, like zombies, scientist, technology, robots, historical, etc.

Each arc is very interesting as you watch how the MC is always the ex-girlfriend of the protagonist and ML that supports her on the side to destroy the protagonist in each story to see how regretful they were to throw away their true, etc.


One of the arc that I like he most is... more>> when the MC is a ghost/soul while ML is a exorcisms. Because the ML makes love to the MC, causing her soul to weaken and in order to replishned the soul, MC needed souls to fix her own. Of course the MC doesnt know this, but the ML is the one who keep killing the souls and fed it to the MC soul. And people from ML sect (monks) and one of the woman that like the ML thought that he was bewitch by the MC and was ordered to kill the souls in order for the MC to level up. Knowing that they are trying to kill the MC, ML went into berserk mode and kills everyone who tries to harm the MC. He captured their souls and torture them. And the people were asking like why are you willing to kill us (his family/sect) just for a woman? Etc. Then the ML then tells them the orignal plot of this story etc, and how this is just one of the thousands plane and what challanges the protagonist needed to face etc. Then the people were slowly cursing the ML like revenge you in the next life, etc but like ML said that this is only one of the thousand plane and right now and ML will also extinguish their soul so they cant be reborn again and also not giving them a chance to be a tasker. Once all the people died, the plane collapsed, and the ML is sent to receive punishment since he killed the protagonist and the collapse of the plane. <<less
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Ariens rated it
My Disciple Died Yet Again
June 11, 2018
Status: c84
I started reading this because of some good comments and rating about this novel, but after few chapters into it I feel like the story keep repeating the same thing over and over.

Especially when MC knows that the villian is the BUG, and she keep saving him like WHAT???

She keep dying over n over because of the villian fault and I started to think like “In your face!” when she died cos she literally keep getting herself in trouble when she could just ignore him and let him die instead... more>> of giving him little face or smth.

In this few chapters that I read, the only thing I like is how MC interacts with the little wimp and her master who doesnt have any common sense. Its quite cute and funny at the same time.

Sorry to say but with just that alone is not enough for me to continue reading the novel. I stopped at 84 when a new BUG appeared.

Bye <<less
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Ariens rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
April 7, 2018
Status: c15.13
I had to say that this novel is truly good!! After reading just a chapter, it got me so hooked up and you will keep continue and continue to read the chapter.

Every chapter have different type of setting and each time the MC is very OP and the main lead is so possesive of MC. I love it how the main lead will always find MC and try very hard to resist his charm 😆☺️

Anyways, I wonder how did I not notice this novel sooner since it was such a... more>> masterpiece !! <<less
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