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The Captivating Crown Prince
August 9, 2018
Status: c31
After the translator changed, the quality of the translation sharply dropped.

It's like the translator didn't bother reading the novel at all.

Example: He is asleep and glancing around in worry.

Such godly sleeping skill.
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Aria rated it
I Just Want to Be in a Relationship
February 16, 2019
Status: Completed
While I don't consider this story as the best, but this is the most unique take I've ever read.

First, ML is a genius-autism (HFA? Asperger? I don't know the correct term). His IQ is 180-190 and is the younger physics professor, but he failed at everything else (such as communication, understanding social clues, navigation, etc)

MC is also unique since instead of typical "I went back to the past so I'll be God!", MC wish for a lowkey life

Overall, this story is very realistic except for MC's BS luck

... more>>

which will be explained at the last chapter


If you really want to know:


MC died saving ML, and in the future-past timeline ML won a noble prize and instead of giving a speech, he said "I wish he (MC) would come back".

A lot of people agree and they wish the same thing and said if MC (could) come back, they're willing to give their luck to let him live a good life.


And by realistic I mean that relationship isn't always smooth sailing, you have to put effort and made concessions - which this story shows.

4 star because this is a good and unique read (I read all 105 chapters in one go).

The missing 1 star is because the plot is too smooth sailing - which didn't envoke strong emotion from me.

Tl;dr one-of-a-kind pleasant read. <<less
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My New Life, Won’t You Please Become Peaceful!
January 4, 2018
Status: c100

Don't let the first few chapters fool you, this is not a typical nice&fluffy story, each and every one of them is not right in the head and the story gets darker with every chapter passed

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Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu
June 5, 2016
Status: v2c33
I've read this till the end of the second volume, and I have to say this story never disappointed me. (which is awesome, cause I'm a very picky reader)

You'll have lots of fun seeing an MC that chases her bad end only to fail and comes out as tsundere xD

... more>>

It gets even more awesome when, in the middle of volume 1, it is revealed that the MC is actually really smart and have a really valid reason for wanting her downfall.

It has been mentioned on earlier chapter that the Albert House is powerful, second to the Royal Family powerful. Thus if it goes on like that, MC is afraid that the Royal Family will tr*sh the Albert House cause they're afraid/don't want to be overthrown.

Thus the MC, in her martyr-style way, decide to walk on her downfall route simply to reduce Albert House' power so that Albert House won't invoke the Royal Family's anger.

Awesome! 10/10!

And in the end of volume 1... go read the story to find out :9 #tehe


If you love Bakarina (Destruction Flag) or Bakamille (Otaburi), you'll love this one too xD <<less
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Rebirth of a Supermodel
February 7, 2018
Status: Completed
Oh I love this story!

I have MTL it twice, from start to end, and still enjoy the translation cause yes it is that good!

(implicit/minor story spoiler)

MC's personality and status

... more>>

MC's pretty similar to FOD's MC, in case you didn't read FOD -> MC transmigrated into a person in bad position, but unlike most transmigated MC, he got skill and knows it!

Which means he didn't feel the need to immediately show off/take revenge/does common face slapping.

MC is calm and smart, tends to be lenient but when someone ticks him, his retaliation is very cool/high class xD

MC's skill comes from his single minded dedication in his previous life, and it shows in which while MC is 100/100 in modelling area, he tend to suck at area other than that. He can't cook and his acting teacher throws the towel and ask him to just act less x'D.


ML's personality and status


ML is the best model in the whole world and also a major shareholder+famous designer in the best fashion company in china (Muse, the one MC work for).

Now what I really love, is that ML did work hard for his position instead of just being there cause author made him so.

That and the realistic fact that ML keep his "best model" title despite being busy is by "cheating" a.k.a designing his own clothes for fashion show and then model it.

Thus unlike most model that's busy with modelling, he just need to model 1-2 in a year and get [perfect/perfect] cause it's his design, so ofc he knows the best how to make it shine xD!

ML himself is a great character xD! (In fact I love him more then MC huehuehue)

ML is rather cold towards stranger and people he felt unworthy (which make sense since countless of people want to use him/his status for their own benefit).

He loves verbal trapping/trolling people he's friendly-ish with.

And if he dislike/hates someone, he is capable and ruthless enough to destroy that person.


MC and ML : how they start


So ML, as a designer, always wanted a muse (an existance that serves as inspiration source)

After meeting MC and watching him catwalking, he is 99% sure MC is his muse.

ML then directly tell MC so, and ask MC to become his exclusive model.

Now here's what I love about MC; MC refuse that offer, even though he knew it is the quickest way to become high tier popular model.

Why? because his goal is to surpass ML, and he can't do that if he works for ML. (10/10 I love your confidence MC ♡)

ML didn't force the issue, but he began to insert himself little-by-little to MC's life because to him, 'a muse is an existance that stands in the pinacle of beauty, if he didn't chase that, then what will he chase?'


MC and ML : work etique


ML make opportunities for MC because he believe inMC's strength, but whether MC succeed or not, depends entirely on MC himself.

MC is smart and humble enough to not reject ML's help, but never abuse it either.


MC and ML : relationship progress


It's refreshingly straightforward ^^♡

ML pursues MC, MC knows and play along with it until just for a while to make some things certain, then they date :p

#no misunderstanding, miscommunication, 3rd person interfering, etc etc #god bless the author


MC and ML : relationship dynamic


Mature adults in healty relationship ^^

On top of mutual love, they respect each other's decision and didn't keep secrets.


MC and ML : continue from above but is explicit story spoiler


... well except for one

ML start a (secret) hobby of mass buying product/item that feature MC, then he bought a house to be used as a garage just because he ran out of place to store them.

ML then make a new social media account, "Z God" and flaunt those items.

When MC found out, he make a new account named "halting my wife's leg" just to make snide comments to "Z God", lol those two!

After ML found out, MC (semi jokingly) said that all ML's purchase beyond certain digit need to get his approval xD


Antagonist : in general


Sadly, even in our world, the strong using/trampling the weak is very common. That is what happen to most of this story's antagonist.

Most of the antagonists are either misinformed/ill-informed about MC's real status in showbiz world, they think MC is lower than them thus they use the MC as a stepping stone/scapegoat/etc. They don't deliberately target MC because he is Ming Yu, if MC is exchanged with other "similarly status-ed"model, they'll do the same thing too.

I can't say they're good nor smart (since good and/or smart people won't want to/dare antagonise MC :p), but they're not cardboard 2D completely brain-dead antagonists who are oddly fixated/created just to make MC suffer (like god knows how many novel spawn them like cockroach).


Antagonist : First antagonist and his history with the real Ming Yu and MC (explicit spoiler)


Immediately after you start reading, you'll know the name Cheng Su.

Cheng Su was a small model who deliberately get close to the real Ming Yu in order to take real!Ming Yu's resources.

Now the catch is, Cheng Su is straight and homophobic, while real!Ming Yu is gay.

Because of that, Cheng Su felt disgusted by real!Ming Yu's advance so after he got enough foothold in the industry, he ditch the real!Ming Yu and trade his broker for a better broker.

Real!Ming Yu is too naive/s*upid, he falls too deep for Cheng Su and even though Cheng Su show his true color and coldly/harshly treated him, he continue his pursue futilely.

In the end the real!Ming Yu can't take it, and commit suicide in order for Cheng Su to forever remember him.

Enter MC who honor real!Ming Yu's wish. But he did it in "the best revenge is massive success" way. He is determined to make Cheng Su regret his action by being better off than him.


Antagonist : Seriously major spoiler that give away the last chapters.


Cheng Su is the first, the most heartless and the last antagonist.

His most heartless action is when he got very fed-up with real!Ming Yu's advances, he lied and gave drugs to real!Ming Yu to set him up to be discovered and taken to jail.

Luckily (?), real!Ming Yu is so dead set on pursuing Cheng Su, he only use the drug once to try and "tempt" Cheng Su, and then stashed it away when it doesn't work.

In the end, the drug that real!Ming Yu stashed is "returned" to Cheng Su's place, police find it there and Cheng Su got interrogated. The lawyer he got arranged had no interested to protect him, purposefully lead him into saying his wrongdoing and then making sure he paid it in full.

Cheng Su got thrown into jail for years, his career un-salvageable, and we know what happen to pretty/good looking man in jail.

He came out of jail looking awful completed with androphobia.


Tl;dr great story-line, great characters and characterisation. Each one; main, supporting, minor and even antagonist have individual personality.

Transmigration isn't exactly new, but this story is capable to make you want to know what's next? What's next?! To top it all, this story is fast paced without feeling rushed. #satisfaction guaranteed

5/5 "a good book, no matter how many times you read it, is good"

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The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML
January 24, 2018
Status: c116
MC here didn't really work hard cause the ML (the novel world's MC) 's path is pretty much set for the mission's completion.

What MC do is provide support & *cough*support*cough* with lots of time[*] spent just waiting for an event or MC's progress to happen.

[*]in novel world time, the story itself is fast paced

Tl;dr : good and/but light plot with lots of *ah* satisfying moments.

One warning : contain non-con elements
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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~
June 8, 2016
Status: v2c16
Warning: Don't read this if you're looking for pure fluffiness

Hint: the story tag is [demons] and [R-15] (you've been warned)

If you don't mind some dark-ish tone/chapter, this story is pure awesome!

I highly recommend this!
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Aria rated it
Lightning Empress Maid
November 20, 2016
Status: c21
MC (Nanaki) have a unique point of view (people who give 1 star probably didn't like that), but despite of that she is by no way removed from the world, insane nor s*upid. The way which this story being told is refreshing, the plot itself is great and the MC is endearing. 5/5

If anyone is interested, then the reason why MC's narration is like that would be explained in later chapter

... more>>

At the beginning, she and her mother was living on the forest (just 2 of them).

Her mother (which is not quite normal since she make a lake just because Nanaki said they have no water to drink) then die when she is young and she has been living as wild-forest child (think of tarzan)

Nanaki held great attachment to her mother, so in the story you can see that she is basically telling her life story to her mother while asking for her guidance and forgiveness based on her mother's teachings.
While her [friend] is a real living God which actually talk back to her (but the author just didn't write it down)

Later, Envy of the Five Emperors found her at the forest, drag her to the capital and teaches her "common sense" (which she never learn as she has been living alone on the forest - for example : money).
But you can't really [change] someone's [understanding of the world], as the result, the Nanaki we see at the prologue. Someone who can connect with normal people (Envy's teaching) while retaining a unique point of view (her mother's teaching).

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Doomed to be Cannon Fodder
May 14, 2017
Status: c14
Not the type of story for someone whose looking for serious read, but if you don't mind hilarious/weird stuff done by a modern girl who have no idea how things work in ancient china time, then this will make you snicker all the way~
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The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend
February 17, 2019
Status: Completed
The summary is surprisingly accurate...

Additional info:

- MC transmigrated to "the villainess"'s body and she's bound to fulfil the original's wish. No additional stuff like mission, reward or OOC ban.

... more>> - MC have Koi physique (bringing good luck), anyone that touch her would found $$$ lying on the ground, she could also bless objects and give blessings. But she never (couldn't?) bless herself.

- Smooth sailing journey, the antagonists are typical brainless mobs, ML's feelings for MC is skin deep at start (though it deepens), some lol! moments, overall it's pretty good but not the best of the best. (There's only 74 chapters and the events are quite compact so no draggy/useless wall of text which is a plus). <<less
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The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist
June 3, 2016
Status: c3
Love this!!!

The beauty of this fic is that the MC is OP, knows she is OP, and understand the fact that she is OP. Yes I say both [know] and [understand]. Very charming MC, even though she insist on staying on the sidelines (as a mere guild receptionist), you won't get [boring-cause-lack-of-action story] nor [you're OP dammit! Show it!].
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Mahoutsukai no Konyakusha (WN)
August 25, 2018
Status: Completed
My version of the sumarry:

[I was reincarnated as a noble's child.

Unfortunatedly for me, the one with "cheat" wasn't me. It was my childhood friend/fiancee who became the Hero Party's magician.]

... more>> About the novel:

- MC is a good, level-headed and reasonable person, unfortunatedly (for her) she's average.

- Infodump at early chapters.

- Mellow story.

Story content:

+ 1st arc (retold + additional info/story through 3 different character's POV)

+ 2nd arc (take place several months after the end of 1st's arc)

+ 1 side-character's story

+ 1 MC's brother's feeling

Overall rating: 4.5 (Good read, wish it's longer) <<less
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Aria rated it
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
December 7, 2017
Status: c253
MC's rather naive&not too bright in areas other than culivation, good thing she is playing in super easy mode where everything she needs is delivered on silver plater

If you ignore the above, it's decent

I would give it 3.5 but can't so... 4 that is

Even with turning off my brain, I can still feel this story killing my IQ
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Aria rated it
I Ship My Adversary X Me
January 9, 2019
Status: c4
Ok... Ch4... and I want to cry from laughing too hard x'D

Holy shit, oh my lord whoever made this is pure genius!

So far it's light yet funny AF (some misunderstanding but not cringy one), really can't wait for the next chapter xD!
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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
January 20, 2018
Status: v3c1
So we have an inferior class filled with inferior students in which "inferior" is derived from overall assessment (intelligence + personality + physical ability + etc)

Because of that, enjoy a story filled with characters who are short-sighted, egoistical, socially incompetent, and other "inferior" personality traits...
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MC is a real white lotus (not the b*tch one). She's pure, innocent, cowardly, easy to bully and easier to manipulate.

At chapter 4

... more>>

ML confirmed his suspicion that she's not the real body owner then proceed to seduce her into submission.

From there, MC is basically ML's puppet. She follow everything he said.

She admitted it herself, she's physically strong but mentally weak.

@Dragon_Reader called her smart for following ML's plan coz she is not OP but really... She's not OP at the start but she's still stronger than most people/demon. She's just... Too kind... That body's reputation is fearsome AF, as long as she have the heart to keep torturing the s*aves, nobody would suspect anything and she could use the time to browse the original body's memory (yes she got it too) and test it out herself (the people working there are all her s*aves and they're used to the body wrecking havoc. She could destroy the whole residence and nobody would think it's abnormal)


In short, if you like mentally weak female MC getting help (*cough*being manipulated by scheming*cough*) ML, this story is for you (not sarcasm, I really dislike MC's personality but the story itself is fine). <<less
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Interstellar Power Couple
December 21, 2019
Status: c40
Typical OP gary sue MC

A bit less typical OP ML (which made me read more than I would've)

Typical brainless antagonist family member

4/5 if you're new to the face slapping trope

3/5 if you've read hundreds of similar thing

Tl;dr not bad but nothing new/interesting enough to keep old readers' attention
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This is nice but the way the problem/conflict resolved is too easy...

Maybe it'll change in future chapters, but from what I read, the flow is a static;

MC return > found out ML blackened > MC stays with ML until the end of their lives (*) > mission accomplished

*) just that, MC didnt need to do fancy coaxing/reasoning/anything. He just agreed to stay with ML > time skip > next world

Tl;dr Mild story. Good to pass time but not memorable
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Aria rated it
The Film Emperor’s Daily Live Cooking Broadcast
October 9, 2019
Status: c78
The cooking scenes are good at the beginning, since it's a part of the plot, but later it's just pure word padding (boring and waste of time, I'm not here to read cook-book thx)

The plot is so-so, s*upid enemies with OP ML that fully supports MC.

Overall, it's just average.
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Emilone’s Temptation Labyrinth
July 25, 2020
Status: c3
So MC found out that the Princess is fake and toying with multiple man's feeling (in chn term; a green tea b*tch), instead of exposing it, MC decide to be a bystander/spectator and enjoy watching the resulting drama

So far its quite fun, though no rating yet since only 3 chapters are out
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