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I have mixed feelings about this series. To be clear, it’s not a bad series but it’s so unsatisfying.

Meet Serius, our MC, strong, wise and reincarnated. In his past life Serius was a great military figure who died in order to complete his mission ~ a mission that was meant to be his last before retirement. He wanted to – after retirement – become a teacher for the younger generation of military cadets; to teach them how to become good commandos. Although technically he already had disciples, he was... more>> still at the forefront of his military career. In short, he died during his last mission and was sent to another world where he decides to become a teacher all over again. He developed very advanced magic techniques and formulas based on his past world’s knowledge of warfare. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) he is deemed to be incompetent at magic by his noble father due to his attributeless magic aptitude. Serius later disowns himself from his family and starts his career/life as a teacher in another world along with his two disciples that were taken/rescued from the clutches of slavers.

Pretty sweet premise right? Unfortunately, Serius does not at all feel like a military man. He always hides ~ always! Afraid to offend anyone. I get that he wants to live a carefree life as a teacher but that doesn’t make for interesting reading! He always hides from trouble like Satou from Deathmarch despite being super OP ~ like Satou. Likewise, everytime it seems like the author is going to introduce some badass plot whereby Serius shines brightly, it’s always passified/dumned down to be pretty much diplomatically resolved... this isn’t real life ok!? Be awesome... I want to read awesome... because of this, no one knows just how OP Serius is; likewise, based on how the author writes things ~ it's very likely that no one will ever know ~ save a very small few.

It got to the point where the only way for Serius to be bold and do awesome things was for someone close to him to coax him; accordingly, this led to paragraph after paragraph of unnecessary dialogue between himself and person-x... which in turn led to a cliff at the end of a long chapter; all the author would have had to do was give Serius a slightly more aggressive personality and the chapter-lengths would end up being less than half of what they currently are. Additionally, when event-x finally occurred 2-3 chapters later, it was always completely underwhelming... the first 10-12 chapters of the novel were good tho.

For some, this isn’t a problem but for me, I was expecting a lot more due to the premise and I was definitely disappointed.

2/5 due to enjoyment; I ended up dropping it after 32 chapters

Also, you should be aware about how looooooooooong the chapters are; expect to spend between 30-45 minutes reading 1 chapter. <<less
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Thank you Japan for ruining another potentially fun-to-read novel with piles of cringe worthy [insert here] trope JP plot armor (that one's for you lizard) and another [surprise] impossible-to-relate-to wimpy MC


FYI the lizard that I'm referring to is a random lizard that the MC fought (and lost to pathetically around chapter 40 or so) that somehow magically ends up practically falling in love with him after the fight

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Ardavix rated it
History’s Strongest Senior Brother
March 18, 2017
Status: c154
If you read the description and the comments and thought to yourself that this was going to be a satirical comedy novel along the lines of My Disciple Died Yet Again then I'm afraid that you'll be disappointed. Simply put this is a Xuanhuan; that's it. If you know the genre then you've read this novel before. The first few chapters seem to be in the satirical comedy spirit; however, it very very quickly becomes just another Xuanhuan.

Meet Yan Zhaoge, once an earthling, he was brought into a martial... more>> world during its martial golden age and died... only to be reincarnated again many years later. With his superior knowledge and otherworldly wit he works his way up to become the strongest blah blah blah...... Honestly, it's not a bad read; just that, at this point, I'm tired of this genre. The first 60 chapters do kinda feel like it's going in the comedy route; however, after about 10 chapters (or so) you start to question this preface... by chapters 30 or 40 you retain some hope that it'll satisfy the description... by chapter 100, you've given up.

This feels a lot more like Sovereign of the Three Realms or Emperor's Domination than it does My Disciple Died Yet Again. Accordingly, if you're still into those novels, then give this one a read ~ you'll likely enjoy it. In short, the description is a lie; it's not a satirical comedy (or a comedy for that matter), it's a Xuanhuan pure and simple.

[Edit: April 15, 2017]: There are two things that I forgot to mention in my earlier post; 1) events in this novel will drag on to an insane degree; I'm not kidding when I say that HSSB is one of the worst [insert useless text here] offenders (accordingly, make sure to binge read this novel or you'll hate it) ; and, 2) the early parts of the novel (first 70 chapters or so) do in fact satire other novels to a lesser extent (than otherwise expected) ; however, I should point out that for every treasure or good fortune found by people the novel tries to satire, our MC gets his own even more impressive [insert here: plot armor]. It's to the point where I have half a mind to think that the author initially intended it to be a satirical comedy; however, he wasn't able to write one well so he gave up and joined the dark side.

After taking a break from this novel, I've picked it up again with the mindset that it's not a comedy and I'm somehow enjoying it more. That said, this novel is nothing out of the ordinary: 3.5/5 stars as of chapter 154 (not caught up yet). I stand by what I said earlier, if you like novels like SotTR and ED then you'll probably like this. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
Release that Witch
December 20, 2016
Status: c174
This novel is refreshing. You can tangibly feel the thought put into this novel's story and its sequence of events. After reading so many wish fulfillment novels I've become somewhat disillusioned with the lack of thought put into these novels and their subsequent plot holes. You can only say, "it's just a novel, " so many times before you sigh and drop novel after novel. That is not to say that I don't like wish fulfillment novels, actually, I really like them; however, I do wish that they were more... more>> thought out and better written. In any case, to be clear, this is no Shakespeare but it's a leap above its compatriots in terms of quality. Usually, I'm not the type to enjoy nation building novels; it's a trope that's been used so often in western literature that I tried to avoid it on this site. After having no more novels to read, I noticed how popular Release that Witch was in addition to how highly rated it was so I decided to give it a try. After 7 days and 174 chapters, these are my thoughts. 1. It's thought out: That's not to say that it has no plot holes but you can tell that it clearly wasn't rushed.
2. It's slow but that's ok: as mentioned, it was definitely not rushed; every sequence in the story is structured around it's central plot & premise: reincarnated engineer builds a nation using his past life's accumulated knowledge (emancipating witches is a subplot). However, each sequence leads seamlessly into each other whilst including the perspectives of other important and or relevant [to the main character's ambitions] characters.
3. It's another wish fulfillment novel: but it's not your typical wish fulfillment novel. Yes the story is all about the MC; however, the story isn't drowned out by the MC either. If I had one complaint ~ it would be that the MC is a little bit too smart. Forget about your average Joe, not even Einstein knew as much about so many things as our MC. Perhaps only Da Vinci could be as much of a jack of all trade - master of none as our MC.
4. 174 chapters in and I only had my blood boil over once: as mentioned, it's slow but the climaxes are worth the wait :P
5. Usually, when I read a new novel with 100+ chapters translated I storm through it in 2 or 3 days; even CD only took me a fortnight to finish and I started reading it when it was completely translated. However, with RTW, I seem to be taking it relatively slow reading about 20 or so chapters/day ~ probably do to the lack of blood boiling scenes.

Accordingly, I can happily recommend it; especially to people who enjoy nation building novels. Now then still 8 more chapters to go until I'm fully caught up :) <<less
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Ardavix rated it
My Disciple Died Yet Again
July 2, 2016
Status: c51
I started reading this novel yesterday (July 1st, 2016) and I got up to chapter 51 before I ended up dropping it. Admittedly, I had skipped ahead to the last chapters of arc's 2 & 3 in order to see where this story was going. Had I not done this, I probably would have enjoyed it until the end of arc 2 and or the middle parts of arc 3.

I was looking for a Xianxia novel with a female protagonist and I wasn't entirely disappointed. Despite the fact that this... more>> is a semi-joke novel in the sense that it makes fun of other Xianxia tropes whilst having a game-element like story-line, it's still reasonably funny [in a cutesy-way] and well written [for a comedy/xianxia].

Unfortunately, I do wish that it was more xianxia-y than video game-y; indeed, the game elements are predominant. Think Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? But xianxia-esque. In short, our MC is a female game designer/GM who, after speaking with a seemingly knowledge programmer, was whisked into a xianxia world in order to prevent said world's inevitable collapse (by debugging it ~ literally). Naturally, with this premise, xianxia elements really don't need to be there; they are there for setting only ~ at its most basic level, this is a game/VR-like novel with a Xianxia setting. If you were like me and expected a silly Xianxia novel with a female protagonist then you will only be kinda satisfied with it; after the first volume (chapter 41 or something) the veil is lifted. By volume 3, the xianxia world feels almost unnecessary.

Long story short, if you don't mind this fact then you'll likely enjoy this novel; it's not a bad read. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki
March 26, 2016
Status: --
The first volume read a bit like Summoned Slaughterer (Yobidasa Reta Satsuriku-sha) in that the MC was not afraid to kill or to do what he had to do in order to nation-build/create his kingdom: Elushie. However, the MC was no where near as trigger happy as Hifumi from SS; still, he was absolutely no pushover unlike most JP MCs. That said, volume 2 reads like a very poorly written ecchi/slice-of-life version of Death March. I kid you not, nation building and awesomeness was replaced by another JP fantasy/cooking/ecchi/harem novel...... more>> why author why!?

Volume 1 was at least a 4/5 if not a 4.5/5

Volume 2 is a 1/5 ~

As it is now, the enjoyment I get from this novel is 1/5... and hence, fair warning before going into this series, you may like it ~ but know what you’re getting into first. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
The Magus Era
April 3, 2016
Status: --
Setting wise, makenai89 review is not far off the mark. It kinda feels like a mixture of druid and Aztec/Maya/Ancient Central American culture in that ritual human sacrifice is practiced in the MCs tribe incorporated into a magic system similar to that of the Albion druids. Additionally, there are elements of advanced technologies and possible futuristic-societies within a still somewhat tribal world (I will elaborate on this a bit in the spoiler section) ; likewise, tribal in-/out-fighting is as much a [main] theme of The Magus Era as magic and... more>> cultivation is. Our MC is born within a massive jungle that spans a large portion of the continent he lives in; within this jungle, societies are druidic/tribal ~ outside the jungle is still anyone’s guess.


That said, the MC did have to fight giant metallic spider automatons and one of his enemies kept calling our MC and his tribe and jungle primitive/backwards etc. which leads me to believe that there are advanced cultures within this world.


Things to know: The MC was reincarnated from the modern world (literally Earth) where he was the supreme figure on Earth after he had created the Nine Secret Words technique that allowed him to strengthen his body and soul. After reincarnating, within his tribe he was considered to be a prodigy not seen in a thousand years. I should point out however that the story/narration pretty much just glosses over this. Immediately after the prologue, we time skip to a fairly mature Ji Hao ~ his youth was pretty much not mentioned in the novel except to say that he was a genius within the tribe (unlike most Xianxia ~ which was somewhat refreshing)

Likewise, Ji Hao is NOT a know it all reincarnated MC but he does have the mentality of a grown man despite being a child still


It doesn’t specify his age but it does say that he is a child ~ and in lieu of how mature he acts around everyone ~ likewise everyone thinks that it’s normal... I kinda think that he is around 9-13 years old). That said, he is no idiot either and his decisions are not as brainless as Melfer described. Keep in mind that the translator didn’t edit the series until recently. Prior to which ~ reading this novel was horrendous!!!


Lastly, my personal attraction to this novel is large; I really really do enjoy it. it’s very action packed which can make it very confusing if the translation is not steady (which it more or less is now). The MC trains fairly quickly after a certain event within the story which I personally felt was somewhat thrown at us (from a readers’ perspective). Generally speaking, introductions don’t exist in this novel; essentially, the author throws us into the fray and ~ that’s it. Surprisingly imo... this actually kinda works. I don’t have to bother with reading the typical Xianxia trope introduction which I’ve already read a million times and instead I’m given the story right away (or just about). I honestly don’t understand what people mean (in the reviews) when they say that there is no plot ~ it’s as clear as day to me: Ji Hao wants to protect his family within his tribe ~ his family AND his tribe is being torn apart by in-fighting... will say nothing more

In any case, imo it’s a very very good read; not the best granted but I still give it 4.5/5 for pure enjoyment.

[EDIT: July 18, 2016: I'm still reading TME but my love for the series is waning. Tbh, I really don't know why... {minor spoiler alert} after Ji Hao left his tribe (he'd obviously do this eventually), it seems that the story lost something... idk.. anyways, if ever you've experienced a change in setting within a story (e.g. the Tianyuan arc in TMW or the ocean exploration arcs in Stellar Transformations... it's kinda the same; the story just doesn't have the same pull/feeling anymore unfortunately. Accordingly, my enjoyment of it is only about 3 or 3.5/5 now] <<less
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Ardavix rated it
Chaotic Sword God
March 14, 2016
Status: --
As pretty much everyone has stated already, if you want to read this novel be prepared for arc after arc of endless chase scenes. Some people complain about how WDQK’s MC always overcomes his foes no matter what impossible scenario is placed in front of him due to [insert here] plot armor; however, comparatively, CSG takes the complete opposite approach in that the MC can’t overcome squat... he just runs ~ run, run, run [and hide]!

After chapter 120 or so the story gradually degrades and gets worse and worse. I’m... more>> presently at chapter 373 and I’m no longer reading this for fun but just because I have OCD and I have to finish it. In fact, with every new chapter I’m literally angry reading this now. Hopefully 100 chapters from now I can re-write my review... the only truly good thing about this novels now is its potential... it has a lot but it’s so poorly executed...

TL;DR In short, if you really need your Xianxia fix and don’t mind insanely repetitively chase scenes and poorly introduced [insert here] plot armor then you may actually enjoy this... maybe.

Likewise, I would probably suggest that you wait a long while before starting to read this and then read it all in one go. It might actually be better to read the novel that way. Otherwise, like me, you’ll inevitably need to take brakes while reading this [i.e. wait for an arc to be released in its entirety and then jump into it]... SOO MANY CLIFFFFFFFFFSSSSSS!

Also, FYI, I started reading this when there were only about 60 chapters released ~ nearly a year ago at this point. For those of you whom are inclined to reading about Jian Chen don’t let my review stop you, the story is not bad per-se and I can tell you that reading this novel all in one go is WAAAAAAAAY better than the way I did it. It’ll pretty much determine whether or not you give this novel a 3-4/5 or a 2/5...

Chapters 1-120 4.5/5

Chapters 120-280 3/5

Chapters 280-373... 2/5 (enjoyment however is at 1/5) ~ 2/5 because I kinda like the MC and the story has a lot of potential still... this is what’s saving it for me...

[Edit after CH 393 ~ I’m actually starting to enjoy this again ~ MC is now somewhat powerful and things are moving forward... I think/too early to say... fingers crossed/still 2/5 tho]

[Edit @ CH 436 ~ I guarantee you that author is preping for another 3! F*king chase-me arcs... AHHHHHHH!!!!] ~ they’ll be over 100 chapters each I promise you~~~~~WHYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Very minor spoilers below***


Disclaimer: these are all purely speculations based on the authors current writing patterns... they may not be exact but I'd be willing to bet with anyone! [prophesy started: MARCH 31]

1. Guardian Sect: 80-120 chapters [will be in the background for another 10-20 chapters or so before even getting to the nitty gritty]

2. Tiger: 100-200 chapters [will be in the background for another 20 or 30-60 chapters...]

3. Saint’s tomb #2: 30-40 chapters ~ will probably lead into another chase-me arc

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Ardavix rated it
Dragon Dragon Dragon
November 18, 2016
Status: c39
For someone who has been (for a long time now) reading hardcore CN MCs almost exclusively; indeed, as it turn out, I really needed a story like this. It's gotten to the point where I've become somewhat disillusioned with reading in general (on this site) ; either it's beta Jap MCs, filler chapters or just straight out bad/careless story telling, I've seriously been losing my interest in these novels in much the same way that I lost interest in anime and manga. In short, this novel is exactly what you... more>> think it is, as of chapter 39, it is a light hearted, cute, and easy to read and to get into story.

This, along with At the Northern Front, Meow Meow Meow (amazingly fun read), Uchi no Musume, and of course My Disciple Died Yet Again (among others) are probably the most useful calmers/anti-inflammatories available to read - right now - to balance your over-boiled blood (after reading novels like TMW, ATG etc.). I'd even go so far as to say that they are mandatory reads.

I mean, they're not the best reads, they're not the most well written reads either ~ and yet, for some reason (yet undefined) they are amongst the most satisfying reads you'll ever read on this site ~ when you come at them from my situation of course. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
Demon’s Diary
June 20, 2016
Status: c124
I can't help but writing this review whilst feeling a bit melancholy.
I managed to get up to 124 chapters before I ended up calling it quits.

Firstly, by no means is this a bad novel; actually, it's more or less decent but that said, if I had one word to describe the overall feeling of it... unfortunately, it would probably be slightly better than 'bland'.

Truth be told I expected the MC (in lieu of the description) to come back from Savage Island a bada** OP MC not unlike... more>> the one from SotTR or other similar Xuanhuan novels. Instead, I got an extremely cautious but smart MC that is far from OP even 100+ chapters in (relative to his peers), has only one distinguishing feature that doesn't really seem to be that useful (yet.. maybe) and (in lieu of the author's writing style) is absolutely not someone who will likely ever make your blood boil - unlike (say for instance) Lin Ming from Martial World.

All that said, in some circumstances I really wouldn't mind these points but in DD I personally think that the real issue is with the author's writing style.

Perhaps it's just me being spoilt' by authors like those from MW, SotTR, MHE etc. etc. however imo ~ what really makes this novel a three star novel as of chapter 124 is that I've not once had a feeling of satisfaction while reading this. I've had to pretty much force myself to read it; there are no blood boiling scenes as of yet and the MC (although by no means weak) does not really stand out.

In short, due to the fact that I really don't have the free time to read all the novels that perhaps I'd like to read I had to drop this one on the count that it was not very satisfying. Perhaps in the future it will get better but I'm reasonably certain that in lieu of the author's writing style, it won't happen until at least 300-400 chapter have been released/translated; that said, there is no guarantee.

If anything, pick it up then. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
Womanizing Mage
April 14, 2017
Status: c86
Firstly, the good points ~ The story is definitely not bad for a smut novel; in fact, whereas with most smut novels you'll end up reading it for the [plot], in WM, sometimes you'll actually read it for the story. That said, it's nothing really special. Conversely, compared to other H novels, the x scenes are not nearly as prevalent; however, they are definitely there and they're good/ok comparatively speaking. Basically, it's a smut Xuanhuan with an ok story and a somewhere between good and ok [plot].

The story itself revolves... more>> around Long Yi, a golden spoon fed young master whose depravity and sexual deviance was famous the world over. He somehow dies and another Long Yi (the real MC) who dies on earth gets transmigrated into the other Long Yi's body... who was at the time of his rapture, in the process of raping the Dragon Empire's Princess. Overcome by his passions, earth Long Yi rapes the princess and so begins the story of the Womanizing Mage... Earth Long Yi was a gifted martial artist back on earth and he had perfected the art of inner qi something something which gives him plot armor... helps him out in this new martial world.

Concerning the bad stuff, well, realizing full well that this is a smut novel and going into it with the attitude of, "I'm really not expecting something great, " I don't really have too much to say about it. The one major problem imo is the fact that the women in this novel are too unbelievable. I mean oc they're the gorgeous peerless beauties trope but that's not even my issue; basically, these girls will accept any girl that the MC looks at. Additionally, our MC really and truly is a womanizer... and women who would otherwise want to murder him almost instantly fall in love with him soon thereafter ~ and so the harem balloons. In short my issue is with the unrelatable characters and the insta-romance. That said, the characters are actually kinda likeable but the romance is warp speed fast. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
April 6, 2016
Status: c46
I was very fortunate to have picked this up after the chapters were edited. As of April 6, I can happily say that you won’t have to worry about unedited chapters (at least up to chapter 46). With that said, reading this novel is still very difficult ~ and in particular chapters’ 3-25 [or so].


You need to keep in mind that Chinese novelists are usually paid by the character meaning that longer chapters (complete with lots of ramblings) are very common. However, Zhanxian/Immortal Executioner takes this to a... more>> new level. If you’ve ever read Martial Emperor Reborn then you already kinda’ know what I mean. This novel is full full full of endless information monologues especially but not limited to cultivation. In short take MER and then double the chapter length and add triple the information paragraphs and ~ voila ~ you have Zhanxian... it’s no wonder it took so long for this novel to be edited. Worse still is the fact that the cultivation monologues are incredibly incredibly confusing. I kid you not, in order to understand everything I needed to go back an re-read many of the l-o-o-o-n-g chapters, take notes and still somehow manage to not understand much of what the MC was saying in later chapters (i.e. CH 14 or 16-25).

[Edit 1 (4/24/2016) : It seems that the information monologues were only at the beginning of the novel {i.e. chapters 3-25} ~ there hasn't been any recently at least]


In any case, with that out of the way, the story itself is still very good. Especially the first few chapters OMG!!! This novel has one of the best starts I have ever read and likewise ~ this means that it’s potential is HUGE! Indeed, despite everything I said in the above paragraph, I still cannot recommend this novel enough! Essentially what you need to know is that our MC is a reincarnated immortal who isn’t a know it all. He decides to pursue a devil arts path of [executioner] in order to improve his talent and future cultivation prospects. Our MC is an avenger by nature in lieu of what happened to him in his previous life (major theme) ~ such that he decided to forgo kindness and mercy in favour of apathy, utter resolve and Old Yi’s devil arts ~ immortal executioner/Spirit Root Improvement devil art.


Aside from this you should know that our MC is not a super fast cultivator... he really really takes his time (I can’t stress this enough so be advised) ~ as I said in order to make sure his base/starting point is supreme. That said, it doesn't feel slow because his strength is still sufficient to be competitive (relative to his peers/sect disciples) ; In contrast to, for instance, ~ Nie Li ~ who managed to break through realms every [+-]60 or so chapters.

Likewise, for any new reader, start reading this using Blue Silver Translations [Daoseeker ~ the guy who did Otherwordly Evil Monarch] and then jump straight into Weletranslations in order to get the best translations of this novel.


As of chapter 46, I give this novel a 4.5/5 ~ if not for the long winded information monologues that are arguably a little bit too unnecessary this would definitely be a 5. <<less
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Firstly, before I berate Gun-Ota you should know that the novel is not that terrible story-wise; however, it initially had the potential to be a really good WN; accordingly, the time that I spent reading it felt utterly wasted after the author pulled out that stupid plotline shake up. For example, It has a very – Mushoku Tensei – feeling to it in that the MC is a grown man living in the body of a boy and has a child hood friend that he treats like his baby sister.... more>> Additionally, like MT, there is an event that changes his life which subsequently changes the tone of the story completely from chapter 20 onwards

Unlike MT however, the author of Gun-Ota really messed up the shake-up arc. Accordingly, this is where I stopped reading the novel. Although out of boredom I’ve since picked it up again, it ruined the story for me. Essentially, a dark undertone was put into the novel ~ quite frankly out of nowhere. For several volumes our MC was just led around everywhere needlessly. For some readers, this may not a problem however maybe because it was so unexpected and completely uncalled for; it didn’t fit with the mood of the story at all and accordingly, for a while, I stopped reading it.

To be a little bit more precise, it’s not a dark novel; however, there are tid bits of it here an there. That said, the main issue I have with this novel is not the dark parts themselves but how out of nowhere they popped up and how needless they were.

[Edit: I’ve officially given up on this novel... it doesn’t get any better imo] <<less
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Ardavix rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
April 15, 2017
Status: c481
This novel is basically literature's answer to a Hollywood action movie: numerous plot holes, badass OP MCs, lot's of explosions, sexy girls that fall head over heels for the MC and a storyline that could've been written by a 10 year old. Ladies and gents, I present to you DMWG! At its heart, it's a Xuanhuan trope rinse and repeat novel that is even more predictable than a classic b rated horror movie. It can even be frustrating at times how stupid the plot is and how convenient Jian Chen's... more>> power ups are. Basically, he'll never lose because he'll always conveniently power up right before a fight or get saved by [insert here] plot armor. That's the worst of it.

On the other hand, who would ever read Xuanhuan for plot and story... Accordingly, and in that regard, it's the perfect Xuanhuan because it follows all of the typical XH tropes to a T: arrogant reoccurring golden spoon fed bad guys - check, enemies conveniently popping up back to back that are always marginally stronger than their predecessors and oc ~ the MC - check, timely powerups and treasures that occur/appear right before an impossible to win fight - check, peerlessly beautiful manikin wives - check, OP pet check, reincarnation - check... the list goes on.

In short, if you like Sovereign of the Three realms and if you're not picky about plot armor then you may actually enjoy this one because it makes for a really good action movie. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
Emperor’s Domination
September 22, 2016
Status: --
I honestly don't understand how everyone is so quick to give this a 5/5. To be fair, it a good read if you like the strong reincarnated MC type but my gosh are there a lot of information monologues. The worst part is that they slip their way into every chapter; it's gotten to the point where I end up skipping a lot of paragraphs. Moreover, it doesn't seem to be going away ~ I'm honestly impressed by the amount of bull this author can make up... Likewise, if it's... more>> not information monologues it's Chinese idioms repeated over and over; if not that it's straight out repetitions. Hence, the author is the type of author that will explain everything to detail, leave nothing for inference (especially the obvious stuff) and will make sure over and over to repeat useless banter as if he was worried that no one would understand him. I can really sympathize with the translator of this novel... In short, it can be a really irritating read.

Aside from that, it's a pretty generic reincarnation story (which I like) whereby the MC starts off weak and becomes strong through his knowledge of martial techniques etc. etc.

To be honest, based off of the description I really did believe that he would be OP from the start but I digress. Initially everyone makes fun of his weak talent but he's arrogant, knowledgeable and OP at heart so he doesn't give a f***. Eventually he becomes OP and voila, you have Emperor's Domination ~ Congrats, you've read the novel.

Keep in mind that I have read Martial Emperor Reborn, Zhanxian and TMW which are in my opinion the worst offenders for information monologues; comparatively speaking, it's not as bad as Zhanxian's early chapters (currently the record holder for unnecessary information monologues) but it's equal to if not slightly worse than MER's capacity for bull spewing.

In any case, in terms of personal enjoyment I can give it a solid 3/5 or a shaky 3.5/5; honestly, this would be so much better without the *listed above* issues. In spite of everything I've said, I can still happily recommend it to you if you like the OP reincarnated MC genre.

[EDIT after CH 199] I honestly feel like it's become a lot better; normally, with most CNs, the opposite would happen and I'd be getting bored of the novel but with ED I find that the issues I had with it are pretty much gone. Upgrading my rating to a 4/5 yeah! <<less
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Although it's true that everyone knows what they are getting into when they read a story like this, it's still annoying ~ no ~ aggravating to read a novel that you clearly care more about reading than the author ever cared about writing. I'm not even 200 chapters into the story and the amount of, "Oh it's just a CN, " that I've had to repeat to myself is disheartening. The plot-holes alone have inspired me to write this review. In any case, to keep this review as short as... more>> possible, read this novel for the brain dead face slapping ~ that's it. After 300 or so chapters in ~ when you inevitably get tired of this novel drop it and recall the once productive life that you lived. This novel is stupid ~ oh so stupid ~ but somehow mind-numbing I guess... except for those scenes that remind me about how stupid it is. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
True Martial World
May 21, 2016
Status: c429
This is one of my more preferred novels; it has a likable MC, cool cultivation techniques and a fairly well though-out world; that said, with reference to the 'world' aspect, it was much better before they introduced the 'Tian Yuan' arc/continent ~ in short, the initial world was one that you could actually relate to whereby the Tian Yuan world/continent was pretty much a Stellar Transformation trope planet/world/continent...


Nevertheless, the story is very enjoyable............... but there is a but................ if you want to enjoy this novel like me... more>> and give it a four star rating like me there is one condition that you must do!~ that is ~ make sure that you pile up chapters. Do not treat this as a daily read. DO NOT! I have warned you; don't come to me later and say, "damn I'm sorry I didn't listen to you Ardy, "; it will happen!


This is a good novel and the only reason people give it 2 stars despite what everyone says/said/will say is due to the fact that they read this novel like they would your typical daily novel. They'll say whatever they want ~ "too many tournaments" ~ "too many 'OMG I underestimated the MC' moments" ~ etc. ~ If you do, like they did, you WILL BE FRUSTRATED!!! Also, if you binge read the novel, these minuses actually become pluses; they'll make your blood boil.


To make a long story short, this story is best described like this:
One chapter is dedicated to the MC brewing tea whereby the next two chapters are about savouring the tea's aroma and then finally drinking the tea (chapter 3).
Chapters 4 [and maybe] 5 are all about everyone shocked expressions about how unexpectedly/inconceivably good the tea was.
Chapters 6-10 or 12 set up the next mini arc [That will somehow or another be related to the MC improving his tea brewing skills /~/ About the evil & arrogant tea brewer with a better background than our humble MC]
Rinse and repeat. That said, this is only true after the First Major arc which ends @ about chapter 120. Likewise, every arc is about 80-120 chapters with several mini arcs within them.

Also, FYI/to be clear, there are no tea related chapters... this was just an analogy.
Lastly, this novel would be impossible to read without the amazing translators! ~ Expect about 1-3 chapters daily. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
April 10, 2018
Status: c30
Before I get into the review, be aware that I took a break at chapter 9 for almost a year before coming back and reading it up to chapter 30.

With that said, is this novel worth reading? Imo ~ meh. It's not a bad read but it will leave you frustrated at times by the MC personality and by the author's writing style. To be fair, Vandelieu is not a beta Japanese MC (in the traditional sense). He is OP but he (as a character) has gone through a lot.

CONTEXT:... more>> This is his third reincarnation. During his first life, he was a typical young Japanese person who died a tragic death (alongside his classmates). In his second life he was basically a lab rat who endured serious mental and physical trauma at the hands of apathetic scientists hell bent on using his body to progress magic and technology in their world. And finally, in his third life Vandelieu is a Dhampir who is encouraged by a god to die as soon as possible in order to facilitate his rebirth into a paradisaical fourth life. Vandelieu who does not want to die again fights for his right to live in a world that seems designed to kill him ~ terrible prophesies about our MC and such ~ created by the god in question.

MC: Vandelieu is a yes-man character. He is frustrating precisely because he does not really have a personality or any opinion of his own ~ he is an every-man despite the fact that he is an OP character (with serious limitations initially). He is mentally ruled by others (which makes sense in lieu of his back story but is often times annoying to read) but fortunately for him, the people around him truly love and respect him. With that said, there is almost no middle ground, either people want to kill him or people adore him. He is cursed by the god of light or whatever to be unable to gain experience independently, to be unable to transfer experience points over from previous lives and to learn existing (in world) [jobs]. However, he has a mana capacity of over 100 million and he can use death magic ~ a type of magic that he used in his previous life/world (Origin) but that does not exist in his third life/world. In short, he is a mixture between an everyman, an OP laid-back JP MC, a pushover, a tragic character and an overachiever who never rests.

WRITING: I can't help but applaud the author for trying to mix science and magic in a way that at least tries to come together. However, it can also be a painful experience for us readers when the author tries to explain something in a serious fashion that is completely unscientific. With that said, this is not at all the worst part. For me personally, it's how the past life of our beloved and hated MC is constantly shoved in your face over and over and over and over again ~ multiple times throughout the same chapter. He is tragic because of his past life ~ GIVE HIM SYMPATHY! ~ He is tragic because the scientists did XYZ to him~ GIVE HIM SYMPATHY! Moreover, the other reason why these scenes appear so much in this novel is to justify why the MC has plot armor ~ Oh the MC can remove curses... flashback to horrible incident in second life ~ Oh the MC can increase the fertility of less-fertile ghouls... flashback to sad incident in second life... remember how I said that the author tries to be serious and scientific ~ well you can imagine how difficult it might be to describe the reason why death magic is able to improve the fertility of ghouls using modern Earth science and a (never accurately defined/described) death magic... basically it's just bull that we need to overlook over and over again. In short, sympathy as a means of garnering immersion as a literary tool is used way too much in this novel ~ minimum 2-3 times per chapter (each chapter is about a 15-20 min read ~ if you don't skim).

As such, for me, this novel is just ok. It's not a bad read and it can be pretty good at times but it seems almost impossible to read with out taking burnout-breaks. Too much face-palming is not healthy for anyone. <<less
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Ardavix rated it
World Defying Dan God
July 9, 2016
Status: --
Truth be told, it's not a bad story; it's a trope story but so what ~ the premise, which you've likely read in the summary/description, is interesting and it has a lot of translated chapters out [as of July 2016]... that said, although it's not perfect, it suffers from one very cringy and very noticeable setback ~ it often feels like it was written by chimps... yep... as they were randomly smashing their keyboard keys into oblivion ~ (especially the first few chapters).

Indeed, it's not so much that the... more>> author can't write, it's more like he just doesn't give a shit... and it shows. Then again, maybe he's just a bad writer. Maybe his demographics are young teens... if not then he must've had super tight chapter-to-chapter deadlines back when he was still writing this story.

Well whatever, I still give it a three because it feeds my Xianxia addiction.

EDIT: I'm sorry but it's just getting really really dumb... a bit too dumb even... 2.5 stars <<less
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Ardavix rated it
Against the Gods
October 30, 2015
Status: --
Listen... all that you gotta do is get past the first 45 chapters. The moment that Yun Che gets his meridians fixed the feeling of the novel changes drastically. Basically, the first 45 chapters are a glorified introduction to the character Yun Che... it also makes the rest of the novel more flavourful (maybe). In my opinion, perhaps a bit too long (it almost made me drop the series) ; however, later on it pays off.. or at the very least the rest of the series makes up for the... more>> initial lack of badassery.

As a personal opinion, ATG is the most addictive drug/Xianxia novel on the market to date. For example, this morning I stayed up until 3am waiting for chapters 221 and 222 to be released... nuff said. In short, read it, bookmark it, thank the the author, and pray that you live in the same timezone as the translator! <<less
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