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Archionois rated it
March 28, 2016
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I’d like to say that the author has given us expectations from the start, and how the MC carries it out is just so interesting from all the different perspectives.

I always look forward to reading more of it.

People get irked from lack of other character descriptions... What novels are they reading, I certainly have not seen any outstanding side character in any of the xianxas or action driven stories on Nu. What people should understand that this the journey of one guy going into the past to change it.... more>> THEREFORE, the things mainly covered at the start wil be the MCs ACTIONS! Presumably after sufficient set up, there will be more longevity on the side characters. (an obvious given how the ranking/strength system is messed up. And SOME people want more character interaction between chapters.... That's kind of out of the question when an MC is rushing to min max his responsibilities. Let those 2/5 ratings rot, since the storytelling is definately much better than that. <<less
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