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Arch-Cody rated it
Versatile Mage
June 22, 2018
Status: c260
Below was before new translator took over now changed from max star's to new rating because he not as good and way too greed as cannot read anymore unless pay seems to read each chapter have pay again. What an CENSERED.

This is an excellent series love reading it online and eagerly await release of each chapter only bad at time of written this is slowish releases oh the waiting this easily one of the best web novels read/reading to date and read at least bit of all currently available.

Tried... more>> give 4 and half to max star's for this excellent and exciting series as only bad really is badly written attempts at romances thankfully not much in series at this time. (Most web novels do them badly)

Charcters - nicely written and a interesting enough but best stay with MC as does.

Magic/cultivation.- Really nicely done and thought out it's even original way done which in self is nice and rare touch.

Story. = Most time exciting fun and interesting read keeps you wanting more and it's not predictable which is always nice and good to read. (As lot offers after while get same old same old and very predictable.)

Only bad thing at this time is awating for next chapter as can be awhile unfortunately. <<less
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Arch-Cody rated it
Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation
December 4, 2018
Status: c904
This is excellent series loving it and been one of 2 main reasons web novels worth reading left on there site since sold out to quidion I still visite and read at gravity tales at all, yet now seems GT may not be allowing new release as when they sold out on site fans to offer site (the great dictators and ruiners of people's fun.)

Anyway this is great fun and and one still available to be read free web novels at this time, translators and editor's doing great job... more>> and releases are fast and reliable at this time just hope keep up and finish whole series. <<less
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Arch-Cody rated it
The Marvelous Dragon Balls
January 25, 2019
Status: c7
This looks fun series at this time full of potential only bad is a bit slow and waiting for more as at this time nothing really happened but to be fair it's still very early in the series, and am very much looking forward to reading more just hope stays interesting and good

And preying for mass release.

Nope got to chapter 12 dropped to when being generous 2 star's won't let me change above stars wrote around ch, 7 anyway. It's super boring now as all it ever about is... more>> guy running a restaurant and occasionally famouse marvel characters come in for food, but that's it no action, no power upgrades, no fun of excitement not even any humor as first few pages looked like had, shame author lazy and only seem interested in restaurant which is boring, and making mutants ok masters instead of mutants really would be better if mutants are just mutants and nothing do with ki. <<less
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Arch-Cody rated it
Evolution Theory of the Hunter
January 12, 2019
Status: ch,114
This is a good story and decantly well described in review not one best but ok for passing time.

But do not like how all people except maybe sooah are greedy very it's really very annoying just wish MC would turn around to them and tell them F off or something, but no just keeps on paying up it's frustrating and kinda caradly weak. (And the supposed to be his friends.)
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