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The Desolate Era
May 2, 2016
Status: --
I have read all of IET's translated works and this is the best one so far! Main character Ji Ning is one of the most calm, cool-headed protagonist that can be found. He is neither servile nor arrogant and treats everyone with due respect. (Unless they're asking for it, in which case it's whooping time.) He get's OP pretty early among his age group, but that does not mean that he can, as Chinese say, "show disdain to all creations" yet.

Action scenes are described in a very intriguing way,... more>> you won't get bored reading a couple non-stop action chapters. World building and power system is fabulous! As it is IET's forte. Romance... Well, it's acceptable. It has clearly improved from his previous novels by a large margin... so that's a plus from me.

Over-all this gets 5/5 from me, and is highly recommended! <<less
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Apocalypse rated it
God and Devil World
June 1, 2016
Status: c300
This is a great novel! Author has portrayed the world realistically in case of a sudden Apocalypse. This is a dark and mature novel, not for "Sissy white knights" and righteous Japanese-MC lovers. People whine about racism and sexism, but honestly I haven't seen any racism in it. And sexism is a given in an apocalypse, cause it follows the law of the jungle, whoever has the biggest and strongest fist wins and makes the law. Our MC here is no hero, and can be quite a hypocrite, but he's... more>> just trying to survive like everybody else, he helps others when he can but don't go out of his way to do so. He don't look for trouble, but he don't shrink back if trouble finds him. The biggest plus to this story is a RPG like world, where you can level up, get skills, fight zombies, monsters and bosses. It's quite fun to read. The only problem I have is

They don't make use of the newbie village, which should be a priority in an RPG-esque apocalypse.

Side characters get enough screen time for a Chinese novel, as the main focus is the MC.
In short, I give it a solid 9/10. This is a great read guys, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! <<less
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Wu Dong Qian Kun
June 12, 2016
Status: c369
Hmm how should I start... It is a very interesting novel and it delivers what it sets out to do. I see many reviews here, claiming that there is no plot, it's boring, no foreshadowing, no extremely deep plot points blah blah etc etc. But they forget that this is a Xianxia novel, which means transcending the mortality! It is a story about a boy chasing after immortality, getting stronger, smacking enemies, adventuring in the vast world. And we, the readers, get our kick from this.

There is something extremely satisfying... more>> watching a weak child gaining strength and recognition, breaking through levels, adventuring in the new and exotic places, gaining new friends and enemies, falling in love and going through every phase of life till he become the strongest, most apex of existences. There are many plot holes and 'meh' moments in this story but the sheer pleasure and satisfaction it brings far outweighs these cons.

World building is done very well, we are just now beginning to see the wider world, and how it is divided according to the power rankings. Fight scenes are intriguing enough, with a variety of spells and abilities, it keeps you hooked. Character development of Lin Dong is done very well, we see him grow from a weak child to a strong and resolute adult. (I think he's 20, at the current translation) Side characters get enough screen time for a Xianxai novel, as the focus is on the MC. Not much romance till now, but we're getting there (I hope we are lol)

So, in short, this novel deserves a solid 8/10. It may not win any literary awards but it brings great joy to its readers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! <<less
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Apocalypse rated it
Martial World
April 21, 2016
Status: --
This my friends is an awesome novel! A bit slow, but the writing style and combat system more then enough cover for this little shortcoming. The protagonist Lin ming is a cool-headed smart guy, neither rapist nor a mass murderer and OP! I can’t recommended this enough! And the great thing is that it has an amazing pair of translator and editor. Hyourinmaru and Jaaaspar, they are simply beasts! Pumping out 3 chaps a day (sometimes 4 or 5). It’s sequel, True martial world is awesome too!
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