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Warlock of the Magus World
June 1, 2017
Status: c350
When I read this novel review I imagine tony stark get blasted and died then rebirth with jarvis in his body. LoL.

But it so wrong. After I read this novel, I realize maybe tony stark isnt so bad even if hes a egomaniac at least he have conscience and morality.

The MC in this novel isnt your typical MC. Call him douche, jackass, bastard, villain, A**hole, jerk, and many more are`nt wrong.

Hes antisocial (no love, no family, no friends, etc2), only care bout his growth and experiments (dont give a sh*t... more>> even if world ends unless it affect him), and always backstabbing all sides for profits &benefits (both light and dark sect). In short words MC is a profiteer opportunist that only seek benefits.

I dont know if this is author image of a scientist or not, but even if it is... I dont see any chapters that show MC have scientist intellect. MC pretty much depend to his A.I. in ALL ASPECTS, that make him doesnt even need to think about anything except how to rob someone for benefits.

a corrupted novel for the corrupted-minded readers or at least gonna corrupt ur mind after hundreds chapters with MC`s mindset, view, acts, and ideology. A perfect novel for sociopaths and low EQ readers.

U had been warned! Read at ur own risk! <<less
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Venerated Venomous Consort
October 13, 2017
Status: --
Another assassin transmigrated shoujo novel. sigh*

Why oh why...

this starting to give me an image that all MC in shoujo novels are venomous, full of hatred for revenge, or full of schemes...

that would ended up suddenly (probably) become docile and meek like a lamb after they have a boyfriend/husband...
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Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife
January 11, 2018
Status: --
A high-ranking marine officer and a master of both Western and Chinese medicine. plus mobile pharmacy of 21 century.


This girl grab all the good background and plotarmor to start a novel. Enough said! If this novel still goes wrong... just grab and beat the author to halfdead for his incompetence writing!
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I am the Monarch
September 28, 2017
Status: c171
MC is a s*upid ordinary brawn for brain idiot who died in a war and get back to the past.

He use his future knowledge to get all op items and skills to reach the highest position as his goal. (U might wonder how a foot soldier pawn have all those knowledges)

He use future tactics and act like he`s somekind of bigshot who have brain to fool all people around him and have those who got real talents to work under him.

The author did a good job at making the... more>> story flow with the butterfly effect idea. But I dont see the MC as a fitting figure as a monarch, he probably died tens of times already without all those talents under him.

This is a novel with political plot as storyline. And as far as we know politic are gray zone that full of intrics and schemes. If you like that kind of theme, try to read this. This might suit your taste.

That all from me. <<less
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Poison Genius Consort
September 27, 2017
Status: c30
I had read some shoujo novel. but this is the very first one that pissed me off from the very first beginning.

Start by MC being killed by her boss with a stack of papers because of a lame excuse of biggest donator priority.

The story is so irritating. All the characters are very 2dimensional annoying. Either all the female that blindly jealous with delussions, a general with rash personality and brawn for brains (aka idiot), all the old females that have poison scheme for MC (MC`s mother in-law, MC`s supposed... more>> to be godmother empress dowager, etc), and many else as story goes... At least ML are kinda "normal", I think?

This novel also have a masochist tendency MC. Because she always heal her enemies, make the same bully scene repeatedly over and over again without end as a loops. Just to be, in the end, rescued by her husband in shining armor (when he hv a need or the mood todo so). So "Easily cowed and bullied" phrase are perfectly suit phrase for this MC til the end of the story.

Last, like most of readers said, I gladly volunteer to replace the MC even for a short time, spread poisons worldwide to all her enemies and eat popcorn while watching them suffering to dead, to end the looping plots and make the story goes to a more normal path.

Definitely not a shoujo novel where theres fluffy feelings around...

Not my type of reading.

My advice? prepare to read it with sacks of salt...

or maybe a punchingbag to vent ur stress... seriously! <<less
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Man Huang Feng Bao
December 8, 2018
Status: c191
If I must describe... this novel is a cheap imitation of emperor domination. because it full of child play or bickering for a good amount of chapters... made u wonder if MC is a degenerate.

MC is a loser who died and become a ghost in an ancient tomb for million years doing nothing except waiting for unfortunate person to possessed. so dont expect him to be smart because the reason he died was because he betrayed by his own followers.

After rebirth, he seems tobe always horny or at least on... more>> heat because every time he met a girl, what he focus on is the boobs, the curve, and the asses... MC also doesn't miraculously become smarter after rebirth, as he seems to had a suicidal habit or at least masochist. he always act recklessly every single time to end up injured severely. for example when he peeping at his enemy in soul mode just to get discovered every. single. time n get injured by their pursuit, and it happens 3 times so far!!! in the same place!!! n the same enemy!!! maybe even monkeys are smarter than MC... smh.

Author also love word counts... as he write the same line over and over like how he remind us that MC is a great past omnipotent sage who can poke the heaven, grab the heaven, lick the heaven, blablabla...

Because of all those reason above, I personally think that this novel was written by a highschool/lower student who tried to plagiarism Emperor Domination but failed... miserably terribly.

So prepare ur heart before u read this novel. u had been warned! <<less
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The Princess Wei Yang
October 16, 2017
Status: --
Married to a prince, helped him became an emperor, betrayed by her sister (s), child (s) death, dragged down from position, desposed by her husband. Sounds familiar?

This novel is a light version of The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military lineage, why light u ask? Because MC thirst of vengeance arent high enough to make her enemies paid with blood. Her revenge are softhearted, more like a resentful housewife that got cheated rather than a bloodfeud.

Still, this is good... more>> enough if what you seek is a revenge plot without so much blood/gore.

Have fun to read! <<less
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The Sword and The Shadow
October 10, 2018
Status: c201
Theres a reason why this novel is unpopular.

Half of the book is about how MC progress from a dumb naive midget to a rather decent MC. sometimes he goes berserk with blackeyes (reminds me of the demon in supernatural tvseries), but most of the time he just a joker who made alot of unecessary mistakes/troubles. his personality also doesnt progress much. hes reckless, arrogant, ignorant, the braindead type of character that died as fodder in other novels but not here, bcoz hes this novel MC with super thick plotarmor.

A gametheme... more>> world with all the jobs n creatures (rogue, berserker, orcs, thief, mage, werewolf, etc, etc,). but still... boring? bcoz so much filler in it. lots of unnecessary problem that appears bcoz our MC is kinda dumb... u might wonder why with his past of slum n poverty life he still doesnt grow up brains n be mature? me neither...

So far MC party include a braindead brawny swordman as party leader, a busty archer girl with temper, the first fodder rogue guy who died early for the sake of plot, a poor naive cold introvert mage girl that fell without reason to the MC (probably bcoz hes the first boy she really know...), and the joker MC as an assassin bcoz he hv a really thin pressence... n probably more ragtag team member in future chapters.

Overall, if u a manga reader, u`ll be familiar with this kind of plot. a s*upid protagonist brat with his ragtag team who kickass all over places with super thick plotarmor. <<less
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Chu Wang Fei
July 20, 2017
Status: c50
A potrait of ancient chinese culture.

The story of an official family in the kingdom where MC is the legitimate daughter in it.

This novel makes me conclude that:

  1. Harem isnt always good. Theres war for the husbands affection all day and night.
  2. When theres no smartphone, tv, or internet. Everyone so idle to the point of just focus on how to scheming and plotting each other with daggers on their hands. So, thank god we have internet, tv, and smartphone now.
  3. Man shouldnt take alot of wives if they are s*upid. Since they can easily be manipulated by their wives.
  4. s*x probably the best weapon for women in ancient chinese. As no matter how insidious and cruelest the antagonist act, the husband seems to takes no mind of it and wants to curry favor to her. Even to the point of allowing the antagonist to kill his legitimate wife (MC`s mother).
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Immortal Devil Transformation
April 9, 2020
Status: c70
finally something new worth to read from WW.

so far its good, no fillers, no cultivating bullshits, no lots of fortune encounters, etc. Unlike most of chinese fantasy novels that love words count too much, this is a rare gem.

thx. 5/5 atm until proven otherwise.
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The Human Emperor
February 12, 2018
Status: c394
Read this in my free time n kinda disappointed.

The plot taken from a real history of ancient china, Tang dynasty to be exact, with "What if..." as the main plot from the author. u may take it as an alternate ending of the tang dynasty. google if u wanna know more bout tang dynasty, but beware that it might spoils a bit about future plot.

MCs father is an brainless general, probably had lower IQ than other ppl rather than the so-called straightforward and honest.

MC so lame at his effort to... more>> change the future. he sucks at explaining or reasoning for his plan, create lots of misunderstanding. He also act like a living budha which always only care about his goal, sometimes end up with disadvantages to his own (once, the imperial financial minister comes to pressure him with low prices, yet hes dumb enough to even lower it further, and he complain bout how hes always lacking of money??). Hes a great general, yet hes got scared of ppl like his cousins (a teenage girl), some girls (yet another teenagers), his uncle, etc (like WTF?!)

The title also a mislead I think since MC have a very soldier-minded thinkview, not the so called "THE HUMAN EMPEROR".

Overall, I just view this novel as a way to brainwash its readers to always put the nations affair high above personals affair. <<less
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The first normal transmgration I ever read. MC get transmigrate and wanna live a normal peaceful life in a little village. But fate tells otherwise and drag her to the mess of ancient capital where she probably gonna end up with the ML.

Although the beginning of this novel is kinda ridiculous. MC is 10 yo got engaged to ML 20 yo. makes me see it as lolita complex...
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Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei
October 4, 2017
Status: c150
Just another mary sue novel

MC have alot of identities in the story.

-A famous designer that filthy rich

-A famous doctor with very high medical skill

-An infamous female leader for a assassin guild

-A daughter of famous couple of general

too tiring to read all the cliches...
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Princess Medical Doctor
October 1, 2017
Status: --
Same as PGC where MC are transmigrated with op medical futuristic tech to the ancient ages. With the same hypocritical cliche "doctor should save all patient" kind of stuff.

What does all these authors think their MC should be? A living budha or florence nightingale?

BUT ML in PGC alot better than ML in this novel. At least in PGC, ML doesnt wanna kill the MC. While ML in this novel successfully killed the previous owner of the MC body. (A certain chapter describe how ML subordinate kill the MC by ML... more>> order but assumed that she miraculously survive by fluke). For those readers who support the ML, thats the bitter fact u cant deny and must admit.

Also some scene are kinda irrational to accept. For example: when MC and male lead in the middle of assasination attempt. They just deeply lost in their chat up the bed after avoiding arrow shots. For real? Don`t they got something todo? Like finishing off all the assasins before talking bullshits in loveydovey mode?

In the end, I think MC is a masochist. Bcoz she fall for the male lead (a completely heartless d*ck).

I dont feel any fluffy, gentle, warmth feeling in this novel. It just feels like reading a S&M novel.

if u lookin for some mind tortures, this novel might be the right ones for u.

if not, stay far far away from this novel.

i dun care if ML gonna redeem his shitty acts in future chapters, because for now, what I want is take a bat n hit ML crotch really reaaalllyy hard to end his arrogances.

Thats it!! *Burning this novel in my mind* <<less
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Netherworld Investigator
April 6, 2020
Status: c32
good background. Good starter.

kinda annoyed by MC`s thirst to proof himself by bets, n theres cannon fodders dumb enough to accept it no matter how s*upid the bets sound. (Resign vs jail, eat ashes vs eat ashtray, etc).
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Little Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook)
September 16, 2018
Status: c60
just a drama comedy novel. maybe 90% drama + 10% comedy which sometimes not even funny at all.

lots of dragging plot, less actions n decisiveness.

MC hv low IQ n always had a pervert mind about goodlooking people, both men n women like shes on heat. Also easily manipulated, take advantages of, or schemed by literally everyone. from her enemies, her friends, her followers, even from the male lead.

... more>> the title alliance head pretty much have no value in the story, even his followers can insults, antagonist her, or scheme openly.

and the cook... dun even mention that. it only there bcoz MC have a bit cooking skill. not much help or important in the plot tho.

The story is about a low IQ girl who works at entertainment industry transmigrated to the body of a crossdressing girl who famous for her nefarious act that supposedly died by poison. so this is a straight novel, not yaoi. <<less
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Bone Painting Coroner
February 4, 2018
Status: --
Trying to read this bc its volare n had alot of good review.

Altho its not as good as said, it still enjoyable.

Lots of CSI scene where MC show her knowledge bout bones and human body.

MC is potrayed as nancy drew, a nosy girl who doing all she likes by free or just a pitiful payment, mostly without being requested by anyone either the victims or her superior. The problem is her poor life (even the body owner starved to dead). Like its said " if u good at it, u... more>> better get paid for it", unless u wanna be mother theresa or filthy rich like bruce wayne. Heck! Even CSI get paid for their job, not doing charity act like MC. So I personally think MC is dumb or naive.

MC being treated like sh*t in her own house by her own relatives and shes aint doing anything to change that. Idk either shes s*upid or too lazy to bother. But one scene where she talk to a degenerate doesnt fit that logic. She said to fight back when being bullied nonstop but she aint do it herself. Seriously? More like a hypocrite. <<less
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Release that Witch
November 11, 2017
Status: c345
surprisingly good!

a mix of history, science, and fantasy unlike the usual CN.

Theres no repetitive arc or similar. The story flows with a simple goal from the beginning but its not boring. The more u read the deeper the plot.

... more>> Some readers will complaint bout how knowledge descriptions in the story sometimes feels unneccessary like science, chemistry, or similar feels like authors brag of his knowledge. But I personally feels thats just a different view, as that knowledge also explain how MC gain his tech materials for his goals.

And in the end, i`m personally recommend this novel. Just ignore the low rate/reviews and try to read this. And keep this in mind: "this is just a fantasy novel for the pleasure of reading, not the kind of smartass intelligent novel". So if intelligent reads u seek, try the library and look for science/chemistry/biology/similar shelves !!! <<less
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The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage
October 1, 2017
Status: c90 part2
So far this novel is the best revenge transmigration shoujo novel I ever read at NU.

The romance is slow, still just a little less than bit of progress with the male lead in the last chapter. Probably because MC just focusing on her revenge.

Theres almost no filler chapter and no op item for shortcut in this novel.

It have fast pace for storyline.

MC prepare her revenge step by step til her enemies reach the dead end.

Would love to read this to the end. Kudos for the author!
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Ancient Godly Monarch
June 30, 2017
Status: c570
I cant believe I read this tr*sh till recent chapters...

This novel is all about EGO!!!

MC so arrogant and s*upid beyond redemption.

Heres some fact to prove it:

    1. Everyone is stronger and wants to kill mc? He just walk straight to their base without any disguise or plans
    2. Enemies make a deadlytrap and tell MC to prove hes not a coward? He walk straight into their trap without any plans or backup.
    3. Theres a suredeath situation ? He just walk straight to it bcoz he have an extra life in other place.
    4. MC act ignorant with his gf without care bout anything else and when ppl use that as chance to speak ill bout em, MC kills them all. Even when he absolutely knows its a plot scheme.
    5. and lots else inside that you gonna find inside this novel.
The author use competition/arena plot most of the time. Some chapters even use drum battle competition.

Seriously... not worth of my time. The author just repeat his failure on PMG to this one.
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