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Ann_Risha rated it
Doctor, My Bottom Half is Wet Again
April 18, 2018
Status: c14
Its pure s*x. Role play, dirty talk, car s*x, outdoor s*x, you name it. The first chapter where the nickname "doctor" was used was especially very hot for me. I repeat. Pure s*x.

The reason why I rated it 4 stars was because I was sad "doctor wasn't used anymore (I personally really liked it). And because it ended really abruptly.
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Ann_Risha rated it
Contract Marriage
July 3, 2018
Status: c3
It's actually very well translated that the story flows very evenly. There are few grammatical errors, but it's not glaringly obvious so you don't have to worry about that.

The plot so far is also good. Not rushed, but enough plot that you can see where the story is heading. There's already something happening for the first three chapters and it leaves an impression that it makes you want to learn about the story and its characters more. The marriage is not sudden, not like "I see you and I like... more>> you so I tricked you into becoming my wife" sudden but because of unavoidable circumstances (whuch you will know of when you read it).

It's a sweet story with actual plot. I'm looking forward to it. <<less
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Ann_Risha rated it
Herscherik (Reincarnated Prince Series)
July 9, 2018
Status: v1c7 part1
I am very happy to have stumbled upon this story. And to you who skimmed on the reviews, here's a few words from me: this novel reminds me of Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter and many more other like it. However, the story is still far too short to compare with the deep depth of Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter, but Herscherick just reminds me of that novel so much.

Anyways, the protagonist reincarnates to another world, but to a body opposite of her gender. I don't know how... more>> this could possibly relate to the story, but it's something.

The kingdom is corrupt. There's a story--it was mentioned--and a reason to push the protagonist to what he is going to become: a civil servant. As far as I'm reviewing the story, Herscherick is still in the process of learning on becoming one, so hopefully the story will remain the same pace as it is and not info dump on some stupid reason and drag on the story.

There's more info about the protagonist's previous life as an office lady--an accountant, I believe. The previous life isn't just simply a reason for the OP powers of the protagonist--which by the way he doesn't have (magic nor talent for swordsmanship). All he has is his experience as a 35-year old office lady from his past life, and his determination to make things right. He hasn't invented things that an average office lady shouldn't know about nor know of how its constructed, but I think that's not the focus of the story.

There is a small bit of character development from the protagonist

Before he resolved to serve his kingdom, he had thoughts on living a comfortable life as an aristocrat and turning a blind eye to the corruption he was seeing. It was mentioned. The protagonist said so himself. But something happened and now he changed. I don't want to spoil too much so it's better if you actually read it.

and an in depth view on other characters, too. It molds them to life, in my opinion. They're not just there to glorify the protagonist like some god with unfathomable powers (which, again, he does not have).

Lastly, a personal comment that probably has nothing to do with the review: I've been looking for several novels like this for a while, but ever since I have not discovered something as good as Herscherick--Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter aside. Honestly, the recommendations aren't great and have almost nothing common but superficial things with both stories. I shouldn't involve another novel in this review, but their striking comparisons just speaks to me. Both novels are about building a greater and better society while improving oneself as a person, a leader, and their other respective roles. They are wonderful not because of amazing, magical, supernatural powers, but for their wit, knowledge, deductions, and desire for something greater. Herscherick still hasn't gone through true tribulations like Iris did, but his will and determination is there. I feel like if he went through trials, he would suffer and doubt himself, but the rewards will be so sweet. It will be even more so for me as a reader if I see such a development in a character. Hopefully this would happen. I would love to see the protagonist grow, both in a literal sense (as he's still a child) and figurative sense.

I see great potential in this novel, and I hope people will see that potential in it, too. I hope that it will not disappoint me. <<less
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Ann_Risha rated it
The Earl’s Bad Wife
June 6, 2018
Status: c9
Not bad so far. I could say that this novel is one of the better ones you can find, and the translation is well done.

The plot is cute and the story is a great, casual read. The heroine is not an antagonist by the way, but instead a well-bred lady with class that has doubts with her chosen fiance which led her to write unreasonable demands. Its more understandable if you read the story, though. She's not bratty or had any nasty personalities (so far) that particularly stood out. The... more>> ML is mysterious for me, as I can not really ascertain his personality, especially after reading chapter 9 (no spoilers). I like him though, and he also has no particular personality that I dislike.

I look forward to seeing this novel's updates. Hopefully it won't turn too cliche (which, so far, isn't). <<less
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Ann_Risha rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
May 21, 2018
Status: Completed
This story is great. It has a lot of different sub-stories (with different plots) which keep me entertained. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with the ending. Through all the things they've went through, the ending was certainly not satisfactory. It felt lacking. With the rollercoaster of emotions from early chapters, the ending paled in comparison. For me it did not really tie the story to an end that wrapped the whole universes the MC and ML has hone through. I deducted two stars for the ending.

The story, however, was fun.... more>> I have a few personal favorites, and I'm sure other readers would have too. It's a fun story, the smut is not as descriptive as others (mostly implying) bu5 I enjoyed it nonetheless. <<less
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Ann_Risha rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
November 12, 2017
Status: v4c3 part2
It's rare to find a good novel (now turned to manga which I also favor very much) like this. It is extremely realistic, even to the point of using realistic philosophies (Machiavelli, et. Al) that explain and demonstrate how a good ruler rules. It brings light to topics not usually tackled by novels, like sewage and hygiene problems, education, food shortage and many more. It is higly enjoyable especially if one is looking for an intellectual novel.

The main character, Souma, is the "hero" turned king. Unlike usual heros in... more>> isekai stories, he does not possess particular extraordinary strength. Instead, he owns incredible knowledge that helped shaped the ruined kingdom. The characters also possess great individual characteristics, not perfect, but great.

It is a beautiful blend of reality and fantasy, isealosm and realosm, a great read to those who wish for a clever protagonist and those who wish to learn (I have learned a lot just by reading this novel). <<less
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Ann_Risha rated it
Parallel World Pharmacy
April 14, 2018
Status: v3c5 part1
It's a good isekai novel compared to others. While the main complaint of most is that the MC was too OP, having the power to erase and create chemical substances and see the disease is a power that is indeed OP, but essential to the development of the story. It is an isekai story after all, OPness is most often found. But in my opinion, this OPness is forgivable. In this story the MC actually had a good background (he was a pharmacist) to explain the reason why he's very... more>> knowledgeable in medicine. His "previous knowledge from his original world" is actually being implemented with a proper reason. Sure there are times when he knows how to build something almost completely unrelated to his medical career, but compared to a highschooler who probably shouldn't know how to build a microscope, a pharmacist, a professional who has experience, is way better than your average teen from the 21st century. Thanks to his powers, he can create medicine and chemical compounds to cure the sick. How would you expect a pharmacist in the 21st century create medicine in a medieval-like era? Where would he even get the materials and equipment to compound medicine? Instead of making us focus on the technicalities and chemistry behind it, the author has given us a simple way to understand and at the same let the story flow and be fun: powers. But even with the presence of powers, the story still continues to flow smoothly (or as smooth as a light novel can be) while not letting the powers be the centerpiece of the story. Plus, the author actually made the effort to research on pharmacutics and not just spout nonsense. Personally, I'd like some OP in my isekai light novels. This one is especially fantastical without the total unrealism some isekai novels have. <<less
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