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Anju2021 rated it
Destined Marriage with Fragrance
September 3, 2018
Status: c16
I should have given only 2 stars for the unpleasant ML, but I appreciate the kindness of the person who did the translation. And yeah, I feel like @Aris12 said, I think the ML takes MC for granted, in the early chapters acts like he owns her, like "I like her, so she will be mine, and that is for sure", I don't like that, he thinks she is an object?, or like the horse? (He thinks like that too about her horse, that the animal is his for sure,... more>> just because he want it) , and to know that she will end up with this kind of ML makes it more disgusting, he even takes away one of her necklaces just because she gave a ornanent to a random guy (another ml) to help him, and acts as he had rights over her, I mean, she never NEVER gave him that rights, but again, she never complained about his behavior.

I liked the novel, and how MC can sustain herself and don't need a man, how she still think as a modern woman, but even like that she choose the type of man that contradict all this.

I would like to read a novel where the protagonist doesn't end up with a guy who takes her for granted. <<less
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Anju2021 rated it
Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial
September 3, 2018
Status: c36
Owww, this novel is good!!

The MC is not useless, and don't allow misunderstandings to be formed, she is direct and practical, I like that, not like other MCs who stay silent and let things get tangled.

She doesn't end up with the most obvious option, I LIKE THAT, it feels sooo~ fresh!!

Please, don't let this project die again.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAASEEE~
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