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A little background on me as a reader before I start my review:

  • I'm picky as hell
  • hate overly-s*upid characters who have nothing to show for
  • hate forced drama/misunderstandings,
  • "dere" characters are sh*t in my book
  • Hate dumb asf girls that are purely for ecchi moments
  • hate multiple love interests
On to the review part:

I genuinely like this story even though it sometimes touches on my List of Hates, but I appreciate the story and the protagonist making fun and poking jabs at isekai/protagonist stereotypes. Hell, I liked the story so much I caught up with... more>> it in 2 days. I was worried that the female characters would annoy me to death that I would die from anger, but none of it here really.

The romance is fantastic and natural. For once from a Japanese "shounen" webnovel the author actually understood what a woman actually is and not the f*cking "Nyaa~☆ Don't look you dummy!" Fetish under-age girl sh*t. (Im crying real tears of happiness y'all, can you see this?)

Another good point about this novel that there is consistent story-telling and the plot is moving well without filler chapters or the author describing a pebble on the side of the road for 2 pages or a pair of titties for the same amount. As a reader, you don't know what's going to happen next but you always have an idea that we will see a conclusion whether it's happy or not.

Cliches will happen, and I dread them with the same vigor as my PolSci-IA exam. Luckily this novel uses them minimally and at opportune times so that it doesn't feel cheesy or annoying, but instead funny and light.

I might sound like I'm singing praises to the author, but no. There's a lot that annoys me about this novel as well, the main part being how dense the protagonist can be sometimes, but it's not often and he's a very good boy so it doesn't bother me as badly.

People seem to complain about how beta he is, but my argument is that why the f*ck would I want to read a story about an overly-agressive sonovab*tch. Yeah, I prefer an assertive and confident protagonist, but I also prefer this protagonist's humility, grace, and sweetness. So if it's beta then, whoops that my preference.

The characters-that-matter and many of the non-important ones are well fleshed out, quirky in a good way, and very charming. It may take some time to see it, but I think it's well worth it.

This review is aimed at a specific group of people (i.e. My fellow gals, I understand. I was on the fence about this too.) & dudes and nb folks out there who are just absolutely fed up with the current state of webnovels.

Over all, if you're on the fence about this story. Just read it. What I've read to far (103) it's worth the investment. <<less
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Anixancy rated it
Shh, There’s a Beast in the Imperial Palace
June 29, 2019
Status: --
I'm not sure why someone has already rated a 2/5 this story at only chapter 2, but I'll be leaving a 5 here for now just to give this story a fighting chance.

This story comes from the same author of "Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World" and holy heck is that a super fluffy and happy story about humans who can change into beasts. It's also BL like this story.

So far, the first 2 chapters don't show very much, but pretty much the 2 chapters are essentially "setting... more>> up" the world (and I've mtl'd a but further ahead, and it seems to be JUST as wholesome and fluffy as NOLMBW) The world is very similar to the other novel, so people who enjoy NOLMBW will definitely enjoy this story as well.

I can't comment much about the story, but I hope I've swayed some people to check out this novel.

I'll come back to update my review once there is a reasonable amount of chapters to discuss about. <<less
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Anixancy rated it
The Novel’s Extra
December 9, 2018
Status: c137
I love this novel, enough to read past the annoying love interests in the story. But I'm sorry, no more.

(Unpopular Opinion™ here) I've decided to drop this story only because of how horribly annoying the rich girl with the sick brother is (and all the other love interests are). Do people really find a girl like that appealing? Currently there's a girl like that in my lecture and most people try to avoid her like the black plague. I know it's a bit mean but such a sticky and... more>> obsessive personality is really off putting.

The only love interest that I truly like is Rachel, even though she's a bit of an archetype, at least she's not the crappy rich don't-talk-to-me-peasant girl like CN. Although there are quite a few plot points that don't make much sense in the novel, but my enjoyment never decreased because of them. But because of how poorly written the "romance" is I'm not going to deal with it (even though I picked up this novel for the action and story)

Again, that's not romance, that's not how you get a person to like you, hell if the author just killed off CN the reading experience would be a 5/5.

To those who aren't bothered by the multiple "love" interests in this novel, congratulations, this novel is a positive 5/5 and extremely enjoyable. <<less
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Anixancy rated it
Rebirth: How a Loser Became a Prince Charming
October 24, 2017
Status: c236
This story is purely a fun, light-hearted read. Many people are unsatisfied with with the story not being immersive, but I find that it's alright. After all, I don't believe everything must be explained in a novel. The main character is a penny pincher, cocky, and a bit egotistical. But actually, he's extremely quirky ... more>>

(especially with his gf, so cute!!)

and a very refreshing protagonist. Sure, I get it. He's handsome, smart, and has unbelievable talents-- a typical protagonist. But he's just a hardworking boy, with a simple goal of getting rich and getting married, who does actual dumb boy crap with his friends, and lives life fulfillingly.

And about the romance, I think it's a really nice, slow-paced, and sincere.

If anything else, if he just went straight into having s*x with his gf, I would be a bit uncomfortable. I really appreciate the cute and slow romance between the two. Being lovey dovey doesn't mean showing it with a bunch of dates, but just thinking about one another is enough. (For me at least)


What I appreciate the most about his relationship he has with not only his girlfriend, but his friends as well, is that they have lives of their own, they have dreams and jobs, and that they understand him putting his work in front of them sometimes, because they're all busy themselves.

Over all, the story is not perfect, maybe it's the kind of story that only clicks with certain people, but I enjoy reading this story as a breather from other heavy stories, or if I want to cheer myself up. If you give this story a chance, let it be without the judgement of myself or others. Although, it will help if you read the story as something light and cute over all. It's a casual read! 4.5/5 <<less
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Anixancy rated it
Buy a Daddy to Baby My Mommy
July 16, 2019
Status: c45
First, I will say that I actually like the story enough to keep on reading. But I have SUCH a big issue with the ML, Han Siqi.

I truly am uncomfortable and detest how HS treats the MC, Fu Zhengzheng. It is not like he hits her or anything, but instead he shows through his actions how violent he can get at FZ. For example, he would grab hard at her arms, yell at her, blackmail her by holding the paychecks of a person dear to her hostage (an employee friend... more>> who I won't name for spoilers), and he pushes her down and kisses her without permission.

These are genuine red flags, and I Understand (tm) that this is fiction and those are "tropes" (gross if you ask me.) But what breaks my heart the most is that she genuinely already loves another man and has to explain to her shitty--uh bratty son that she does not not want HS to be called FX's Daddy. I know there are """sweet""" moments between MC and ML, but regardless, I am bothered by this.


Now I do understand she does have a lot of arguments with HS, and even starts quite a few, but I am not going to sit here a blame the victim for going through awful things like being literally pushed down or blackmailed against by a man whom she has no choice to depend on/stay with for FX.

I am still going to follow the story, because I love how silly FZ is and I want to know more about

her being a policewoman, Nian Xi, the drug case

and I sincerely want her to find happiness with a man who will treat her right (though, I know she will probably end up with that bastard HS.)

I hope everyone reading this review will at least give this novel a go, and then decide if it's worth staying or not. Personally, at chapter 45, I will continue to follow the story and will update this when necessary. <<less
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Sweetest in the Universe
February 27, 2020
Status: c15
If YBWYS is LoL e-sports with some romcom sprinkled into it, than this story is leaning more to the romcom with LoL e-sports sprinkled into it. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but for the few who are really big LoL fans like me, it's a little on the lukewarm side, especially since the TL doesn't know much about LoL or its jargon (though I admit I only know American/Europe LoL short hand.) Chinese LoL lingo is obviously different than Western jargon, and it must have been a headache to... more>> try and translate said lingo as well. The Translator did a really good job translating the story faithfully, though (whether it be a difference between western/asian lingo) I felt that the LoL lingo was off.

Although I must admit, for a story centered around LoL e-sports, the author does a great job being vague as hell about game strats and game play. I'd reckon that would be a negative since your entire story revolves around one game.

But, I think the author does well on writing the quirky lives of our MC + ML, though it makes all the other side characters pretty much non-existent, which, again, is odd because League is so viciously a team-based game and it makes no sense for the author to not talk more about each team member. It's too early to say (currently @ the latest update ch.15) if the author will get better at explaining the game or address any other of those issues.

But--assuming the reader decided to read the story differently as a novel that focuses on romance/comedy with some game elements sprinkled into it-- then it is doing its job very, very well. For me though? As that one person who by chance wanted more LoL elements? I am mildly ok with the amount.

I'll reframe from scoring this story, but I really enjoyed reading it so far and recommend others to pick it up. If anything else, I hope that this story will inspire other people to start playing league, as this story isn't super-focued on specific game-play and starts which could have scared away some readers! <<less
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Anixancy rated it
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
February 20, 2020
Status: v51c3 part3
I remember this story incredibly fondly. Like some others on this platform, I actually grew up on reading about our resident Scrooge McDuck. Elementary school till adulthood, I've been a fan for so long. I admit there were some arcs I genuinely wished and prayed would be cut shorter because it was really dragging, but over all, I never ever got tired of reading it.

From the book, you can see how very thoughtful the author is. It shows through Weed, it shows through the plot points, it shows through the... more>> character interactions. With such thoughtfulness, it made reading all hundreds of chapters not feel like a chore, because to us, Weed is just like a real person. For me and so many others, he was just like the funny older brother we never had, a close friend, and someone we were so proud to have seen grow and flourish over the years.

Though I didn't really review it, but discarding nostalgia, unlike many other light novels, where sometimes one may feel that's its purposely trying to extend the story and diluting its characters, not for LMS because it genuinely feels like you're seeing a real person grow and flourish, and you want the story to keep on going because you just want to be a part of this person's life until the absolute very end. <<less
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Assassin Farmer
March 12, 2019
Status: c50
I'll be honest to say that I would give this an honest score of 3.5/5 but rounded it up to 4 because NU can't do half points. But first, let me air out any possible biases. I'm very picky about books, doesn't matter the genre, but it matters if I can't connect with the story or characters, or even something as vague as the themes of the book, I will drop the series after reading at least to chapter 50. (Or if there are less than 50 released chapters, then... more>> the latest one.)

The Story: it starts out very interesting and really cute. I like laid back and easy-going romance stories like this. If anything else, a fantastic novel which has a similar vibe to this would be "The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife." But! I have issues with this story. For one, I'm just not gonna pretend that I wasn't genuinely disgusted that she was doing the deed at the age of 15 despite the fact she was from the 20th century. Second, I am a bit disappointed how quickly she stopped growing as a character, of course one might say "Oh! But she and her husband are able to grow into a stronger couple--" she is not progressing as her own person in all honesty and that is all on the author. I do understand it's very happy-go-lucky in ancient times, etc. Etc. But I am a very big fan of this sub genre and my reccomendation from above is a good example of it. I only wished the author could have expanded her character specifically. Reading about an overly meek and dainty "I want to help too! But my husband wants to take care of me, so I'll just blush instead." Sort of repetition just rubs me the wrong way. I'm not asking for a BAMF heroine, I didnt read this story for a girl like that, but trying to enjoys a story about a meek white lotus who also doubles up as her husband's "widdle wife" is boring at the very least, and at maximum straight up annoying.

The story over all is extremely sweet and fluffy and pairs just right with my beating bleeding shoujo loving heart. If you're looking for a:

• Simple

• Loveydovey

• Domestic

Plotline, look absolutely look no further than this. It's a enjoyable story, and without a doubt I want to finish this story, but I can already feel that this story will annoy me a times. <<less
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Anixancy rated it
I Am Your Sister
June 24, 2020
Status: --
I am temporarily putting a 5 star review here, due to the fact someone gave this story a 1 start when there was only 1 chapter out.

I hope the rating doesn't scare people away, its a bit unfair to judge it so early due to its """bad""" rating. I hope the story lives up to my 5 star rating though!

In so far, the synopsis explains everything and chapter 1 lets the reader fall directly into the start of her redo-life. I look forward to reading this.
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