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The Founder of Diabolism
September 7, 2016
Status: c30
I'm the translator and here's why I picked up this novel.

It's really, really, good and this isn't an exaggeration. Chinese fans have called it an epic and even if you aren't into bl, the story is mainly an action-adventure xianxia story. First, think of a detective story, then throw in xianxia elements like flesh-eating ghosts, undead, spirit haunting and you've got The Founder of Diabolism.

The story starts off with a bang as readers are immediately thrown into a case of "What's killing off everyone?" in chapter 2. I mean I... more>> came for the pretty boys but I stayed for the plot holy sh*t. The author doesn't waste her words, yet each chapter no matter the word count feels jam-packed with content and action.

The main character, Wei Wu Xian is a hilariously shameless guy who takes things as they come. He's in the body of a homosexual guy who everyone sees as crazy? Ok, I'll be shamelessly gay and chase my pursuers away by throwing myself at them! Think the MC of The King's Avatar or Legend of Sun Knight. He's so blatant and shameless at times I feel like he isn't even putting in effort to concealing his past hated identity, which makes for HILARIOUS one liners. An important thing to note is that none of the cast are idiots. If we, the readers can see something, they definitely can. This shows the effort the author put into developing each character. This isn't one of those reincarnation wank stories. It's an adventure, and the MC has to work for what he wants.

As the story progresses, the author reveals to us his backstory and connections to the rest of the main cast. It will tear your heart out. As the MC is a take-it-easy guy, we as the readers see emotional connections that the cast has with him that HE DOES NOT SEE. You will cry alot, and you will also laugh alot. (Cus HE'S A LITTLE sh*t WITH NO SHAME.)

The romance is natural and not forced at all, seriously, I feel a sense of frustration at how slow things are going. (As a bl-lover haha!) BUT THATS NOT THE CASE! Within the first 20 chapters the love interest is already a mainstay in the story, there is no useless wasting of time in this novel. By chapter 10 alot of plot relevant characters have already been introduced, its a beautifully paced novel, and you won't even feel it.

If you've read The Legendary Master's Wife, another xianxia adventure focused bl story, the bl is even less un-intrusive than that. Seriously they don't even confess till damn late. I urge you to give it a try, this novel leaves no regrets and only tears.

For those BL fans who want to know the exact stage of how fast the relationship progresses here you go:

Around chapter 10 we see their super cute past. After this flashback they basically go alone, the both of them together on a ghost hunt. Hashtag couple goals with cute worrying about injuries and everything. They bang in the last few chapters and only confess like 90% into the novel.

For BL fans who don't want to know the above but want to know how the love interest is like, here you go:

He is elsa, tsundere ice king. DAMN CUTE. He used to be those stuck up, up and coming pride of the clan cultivator. (His sect is super strict and rigid.) Then Wei WuXian crashes into his life in a study exchange programme and annoys the heck out of him. The hall monitor he is can't STAND the MC. Yet after towards the reborn MC, he is super tolerant. It gets a bit heartbreaking when we see clues all around that he missed the MC very very dearly.

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