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Aniazi rated it
When A Mage Revolts
September 27, 2017
Status: c83
I was actually quite surprised by this novel, I was expecting a badly written Chinese novel. What I got was a very funny and well written story about a guy whose luck is like a roller coaster. Every time he finally gets to rest some trouble is brewing ready to strike.

If you want a typical story where an all powerful Chinese is eating pills, pondering daos, or seeking revenge for his face or family. This isn't that story.

This guy is a random Chinese office worker, who is randomly put in... more>> a noble's body in a kidnapping and torture situation, by mages.

Has to use what details and advantages he can gather to barely survive (did I mention he doesn't have any of that noble's memories?), only to find himself in a worse situation. He is the hated son of a noble family, and the church would have him killed if they find out anything that happened while he was kidnapped.

All while he has a half useless AI in his head, who starts gaining a personality. So while this guy is almost dying, he and the AI are having hilarious conversations in his head. <<less
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Very good, I'm looking forward to how this will develop.

The MC has a good personality, thinks logically, and doesn't do stupid things.

She and the baby are more like vampires than zombies. They eat brain crystals. Have super speed, strength, healing abilities, and the mom can grow her fingernails into weapons at will. She also has a superpower like the humans do. So she's not quite a zombie. Plus she looks completely normal besides being slightly pale.

Anyways tldr the story is good, and they won't be eating human flesh.
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Aniazi rated it
Otouto wo Suki ni Narimashita
August 28, 2017
Status: c18

He doesn't do anything s*xual related with his brother until he is 10 or 12. His little brother confronts him about it and ends up giving him a handy.

This is definitely shota, but I don't think they will get much further until he is older.

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