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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
Herscherik (Reincarnated Prince Series)
November 8, 2017
Status: c1 part1
Okay so, I just started reading this story and to me, it is AWESOME. I love stories related to MC's transported to another world. The way how this story is being told, felt very "flow-y" to me. I love how this story is plotted out and how the story has series! I just love it! I am a big fanatic on stories related to characters being transported to another world!

Can't wait for more updated chapters!
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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki
July 5, 2016
Status: v2c12
NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to read more of this! Its a 5/5 for me, got me hooked and absorbed right after reading the first chapter. I finished reading it right away... by tht I mean, I kinda got excited, (and kinda overreact like a fan going"KYAAA!!!"), right after Georg finished the castle town building and as well as getting the population to increase. I even told myself to stop reading at v2ch.11! But I continued on reading to v2c12 until I finished tht chapter....*glooms*

At any case, enough being excited... more>> over this like a fan... I must say, a really good description on how the story goes. As well as the use of a gamer knowledge while being in another world. I must say, quite an impressive yet exciting story (even left me in suspense right after I finished the updated chapter). Also, I really like the fact on how the MC thinks very carefully as he builds a kingdom or a nation for beast-people on how they'll provide for themselves and as well being generous to others. I just want to read more on how this story goes!

I just dont know how to describe this but.... THIS IS AN AWESOME AND AN AMAZING STORY tht I hve ever read in my life!... I highly recommend it as well for other pple, if they want, to read this. <<less
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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
July 1, 2016
Status: v2 epilogue
I LOVE THIS LN. The first chapter tht I've read has absorbed me into wanting and continuing on reading this story. The use of literature, military tactis, strategic way of mind, the use of poetry....i just can't get enough of this story. This has given its true meaning on how this story should go, therefore I recommend this story to pple that either wants romance, kingdom building, reincarnation and so on... This is the very first, even though there were other stories, LN that I've ever read!

I give it... more>> 5/5. Nice story... no its not nice....

ITS.... AN AWESOME STORY!!! Hope u get the chance to update more chapters! <<less
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This novel is written perfectly (just basing my opinion). I love this type of novel and it fits right into my category as I will be willing to read this leisurely in my own free time or rather, any time!

Even though that grammar mistakes should be taken note of in translating (though I applaud to the people that have worked so hard to translate the Japanese novel of this), so far, the plot of how the story goes is truly pleasing to read for me and I would be willing... more>> to recommend of this to any friend or people that wishes to read a novel like this.

All in all, I am eager to read of the future chapters ahead! <<less
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I was teary-eyed.

No! I cried, enough to the point that it warms my heart to have read this wonderful and beautiful story. It struck me when the MC have decided to tell the female lead about his past and reincarnation and decided to part ways with her. But no! Anja wasn't willing to part ways with him and decided to tell him her feelings. T^T It was heart-wrenching yet, at the same time, soft on the readers as the characters was first written that they were both rivals in school... more>> and up to college. Till the time that the MC felt that there was this gap between him and Anja when they were college students. I was expectant of what Anja's reaction will be when the MC tells her about his reincarnation. But I didn't expect for Anja to tell him right away that she loves him. It was beautiful at this point. I mean, if a friend was telling about them reincarnating and was cheating the whole time. Wouldn't that be like betrayal? It amazes me cause I never thought Anja would have feelings for him. I understand that MC and Anja were rivals and that part of where the MC misunderstood Anja's request of teaching her at night. (Lol). Nevertheless, I can understand Anja's thought when the MC told her about him cheating in the exams. I mean, the MC reincarnated and thus regained his memories from his past life. Even if he regained those memories, it felt like the real deal that the MC was putting an effort in studying and teaching the whole class. Anja saw the MC as him and only him cause she's known him since childhood and even if he said to her that he's been cheating this whole time then that would be absurd. I mean the MC taught the whole class and got them to understand!

I really love this story! <<less
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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
Gunshi-sama No Tensei Hanashi
July 2, 2016
Status: v1c2
The story's interesting it peaked my interest on wanting to read more sooo... its a 5.0! With that said, really interesting and adding the fact that the memories he had isn't erased, as well as him being the very famous strategist of his era and reincarnating into the world of magic. Its a nice, awesome and good combo. I hope for u to update more chapters if u have the time to do so.
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