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AndyDarren rated it
The Crimson Dragon
June 15, 2017
Status: c45
Sigh, we've seen it time and time again but this example is possibly the worst I've seen thus far. A synopsis that grabs the attention and a good start that makes you look forward to what's to come. Than all of that goes to sh*t all because of a horrible excuse for a main character.

At the beginning I was really enthusiastic about this novel simply for the fact that I'm a dragon fanatic and the synopsis and cover picture told me that this was gonna be a great story. Unfortunately... more>> as the story progressed you get to learn that the MC is an incredibly simple-minded JACKASS with his head so far up in the clouds that he could catch a peek up Jesus' robe. The author goes out of his way to make the MC so impossibly ignorant of everything important in this new world just so he can end up in troublesome situations in which he usually end up getting rekt and fleeing with his tail between his legs.

So many chapters in and the MC so far has done nothing much besides eat, sleep, literally scratch his nuts and fly around causing unnecessary trouble all over the place and digging a new lair after his recent defeat and retreat.

In the beginning the MC realizes that his sister has been kidnapped and his immediate response is to go sleep for a few years. Bare in mind that the mc's soul is that of a modern day human from earth. Then after waking up from his nap, he decides to free her from her captor after meeting up with her on a whim. The end result of that is that he gets easily deceived by the captor and burns down her army in a fit of rage and when you expect that he is gonna free his sister, he just ups and leaves her there just like that with her captor still alive even though he could easily kill her and flies away to start a new adventure like none of that even happened.

From there the MC seems to get more and more retarded as the story progresses while slowly developing a mentality similar to most Chinese side-villian characters and in the end the story just lost all appeal to me till I eventually dropped it around chapter 45. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~
September 29, 2017
Status: c86
That's it, I'm officially fed up now. At the beggining things were interesting and it had an actual plot that was advancing at a slow but steady pace. However sh*t completely went sideways when the supposed main heroine, who for some reason all the readers were greatly anticipating, shows up and the story turns into some forced romance shoujo bullsh*t. Its like a dating sim written and designed by the worlds most boring person who also suffers from insomnia. The worst part has to be the mc's recent cringy personality... more>> thats jam packed with scripted flattery, excessive and unnatural politeness and overbearing modestly. I literally just skimmed through the latest chapter and all that happened is they arrived at the mansion, MC complements the mansion, cliche doting parent nobles talk about their daughter and ask MC to be her friend. Mind you these chapters are fairly long for a wn.


So I came back to check this out as it's reached chapter 116 and the first thing I find out is that some other d*ckface has NTR'd the mc's childhood friend and little sister...

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AndyDarren rated it
The Swordsman Called the Countless Swords Sorcerer
December 21, 2018
Status: c2
I just think it's really funny that those absolutely disgusting novels about turning disabled family members and bedridden hospital patients into mind controlled meat toilets get such amazing rating yet people see two young girls on the cover and immediately spam 1 star ratings even though there's nothing suggestive in the tags or synopsis, not even a harem tag, which is already a +1 star to me, non-isekai is another +1. Anyway, so far we're only two chapters in and haven't even met the twins yet but I like what... more>> I'm seeing so far, we have an MC with something special about him who already have two things about him that separate him from the average beta male japanese MC. He isn't all strung up about trying to hide his uniqueness and actually has the unflinching resolve to show no mercy to those that mean him harm. There's always the possibility that my rating will change as the story advances but for now I'm kicking it off with my own 5 star rating. Hopefully this encourages the translator to continue. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
The Returner
July 2, 2018
Status: c35
After 35 chapter I must say, not as enthusiastic about it as I was at the start.

It started out great with the final encounter between the MC and the otherworld army, then when the MC finally got back to earth the mood got more lighthearted with a little bit of comedy thrown in here and there, then the MC got tangle up with the authorities which served for a good laugh.

And then the author went and introduced this whole dysfunctional setting that I guess was supposed to be more comedy,... more>> although I found it more annoying than funny. Then after that it was just an endless drove of unfunny try-hard comedy involving the mc's hardcore mother, delinquent sister, his dad who fell off screen at some point and the whacky KSF opperatives who keep getting d*cked on by the mc's attitude.

At 35 chapters in, I really wish the author would just move on with the plot and stop trying to be funny. I'm just gonna check back in when the translation reaches chapter 50 and hopefully the story gets somewhere by then.


As of chapter 60 it has gotten better, almost immediately after I posted this review in fact orz. The whole dysfunctional family skit has finally fallen into the background and the MC has finally gotten of his lazy ass and started taking an active role in dealing with the appearing monsters after officially joining the KSF. While I wont go as far as to rate it 5 stars, I think 4 stars would be a fair enough evaluation at this point. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
Monster Pet Evolution
January 1, 2019
Status: c43
Like the majority, I started reading this novel because of the premise of monster taming and with it being a CN novel I was expecting something along the lines of The Charm of Soul Pets. However, after properly reading up o chapter 30 and then groggily skimming through to chapter 43, I must say that I am severely unimpressed. When it comes to a novel with this premise I expect the MC to use smarts and innovative training to strive for strength and present something of interest for the readers... more>> to enjoy. However here we have an MC who simply uses cold hard cash he gets from his newfound job that he was instantly able to acquire from he start courtesy of his cheat. His cheat itself is severely lackluster as all it is is a stat analysis that is basically a walktrough on everything the MC needs to do to strengthen and evolve his monsters. It literally displays a material list and fully detailed recipe on stuff he needs to strengthen his or other people's monsters. That would all be well and fine if the MC at least went hunting in the wild for what he needs but no, he literally buys everything at the local supermarket with his unlimited supply of money from his newfound job. Throughout the entire story so far minus what I've skimmed through the MC has engaged in actual wilderness combat only once and that was basically a straight up dog fight between his centipede and a wild snake. Other than that it's straight feed to grow and off screen grinding. People keep giving the novel great reviews simply because of Pokemon nostalgia but in my opinion the novel is trash that doesn't deserve the rating. <<less
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This story is basically a lather rinse and repeat of the same tired, boring sh*t every single chapter like most stereotypical slice of life isekai.

First of all, don't get fooled by the title, the children in this story serve only one purpose and that's to give a reason for all the gods in high heaven to bend over backwards and suck the mc's d*ck for the simple reason that the wind god killed MC "by accident" and they now want him to watch over the children of the water god... more>> that went out for a pack of smokes 5 years ago. For some reason all the gods in heaven keep forcing all manner of op items, cheats and legendary magical beasts onto the MC no matter how much he weakly pleads them not to do so. And then the author has the audacity to set up a status screen for the MC as if the levels and stats even mean anything or is supposed to represent a goal when he's been one-shotting all the strongest monsters right from the get-go. And the kids that he's supposed to be raising are inherently stronger than the MC and even kills most of the monsters themselves to the point where they each out-level the MC.

Basically all this story is, is:

*MC cooks*
Peanut gallery looses their sh*t
*MC kills monster*
Peanut gallery looses their sh*t
*MC brings out rare drops and op familiars sent by gods*
Peanut gallery looses their sh*t
*MC do*
sh*t lost.

More than 70% of the novel is about MC accidentally introducing superior Japanese cuisine to a world where literally all things are cooked after being lightly salted. Worse is that literally everyone around the MC including powerful and influential figures that are in charge of running the country have the personality and mental fortitude of 7 year olds who constantly revere the MC like a god and can never act right in his presence because the food he cooks tastes good. Also, in this supposedly other world, all characters including the gods inherently use Japanese terminology as if it were natural. <<less
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I wouldn't usually give a rating, especially not such a low one, so early in but at this point I think I've seen enough.

The guy keeps coming up with "innovative strategies" that any rpg noob with half a brain can come up with and recieves cringingly overwhelming praise for it every time. You mean to tell me that of all the 71 other demon kings that have been existing before this guy that not one of them have thought of killing off any of the 72 heroes before they grow... more>> up and gain power? And why in God's name would every Demon king be tasked with keeping in their castle a weapon that the hero specifically can use to gain a huge advantage against them? Probably so the MC can come up with the BRILLIANT idea of getting rid of it beforehand, you know, cuz unlike all the other "stupid" demon kings he's a realist and he has no problem reminding us of that at least twice every chapter.

Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if the dunge-*ahem*, Demon king castle system at least was somewhat interesting, however to summon monsters all he does is literally throw ingredients into an actual pot and something pops out, also apparently using the same ingredients doesn't give the same monster. This is literally a gacha that's been unsuccessfully reskinned.

Pretty sure it won't be long before this novel flops into a burning pile of MC being glorified by all his companions for coming up with subpar and overused ideas. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
Mushoku Tensei (WN)
February 10, 2018
Status: Completed
Finished reading this story a while back and only now writing a review for reasons. First of all, disregard Poison_Ice_Blade's review. Two chapters in and you're gonna drop with a 1 star rating because you hate the type of person the MC was before he was even reincarnated? Fine then, act the saint as though you've never had a shameful wank at least once in your entire life, but don't go and disregard the entire 24 volumes of important story plot that follow.

Mushoku Tensei was one of my all time... more>> favorite reads, one of the reasons being because of the story's sheer depth as compared to others.
The MC starts a new life reincarnated as a baby and over the course of the story he grows and matures both physically and mentally with a great degree of realism. We even get to "witness" the MC getting married and having kids of his own together with his trials and tribulations of having to safeguard and raise his family in a dangerous fantasy world where his own existence is tightly interwoven in the cogs of fate. This is some stuff that's a dime a dozen among a lot of novels especially JP novels. Harems don''t count as family, especially if the MC too dense for it to matter.

So don't get discouraged like a certain someone who rage-quit at chapter 2 because of icky JP cooties. Mushoku Tensei is a great novel with a proper plot as can be seen from the ratings and if you have the time, I suggest you give it a try. Be forewarned that it's a long read with a fair amount of exposition though so I mean it when I say 'if you have the time'. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
Evolution Theory of the Hunter
January 7, 2019
Status: c90
Money money money money. This is literally all the MC ever thinks about and I'm tired of it. After reading through 90 chapters of this novel I'm gonna have to drop it on account the MC being a money grubbing retard with not an ounce of logical thinking ability.

There are so many things wrong with this novel but I'm just gonna focus on the aspect that pisses me off the most. So the MC for some reason is the only one able to acquire level 0 items which has never... more>> happened before in history and the common trait of all of these items is that they're growth type items. Obviously the best thing to do would be to invest in the growth of these items right? Well apparently not because the MC is such an insufferable cheapskate that he refuses to feed even level 1 items and ores into their growth because all he ever thinks about is how much money he can make by selling them. And then he goes and uses all that money from selling hundreds of pilferred items to buy one or two pieces of regular high level equipment that anyone could buy.

If the MC is not gonna make use of the thing that makes him special in the first place then what's even the point of this novel? Even combat is greatly uninteresting to the point where a lot of the supporting main characters end up fading away into the backgroung, unseen for multiple chapters at a time until the author remembers that they were supposed to be in the story. The horrible translation quality that started around chapter 78 doesnt help the situation either. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
October 13, 2018
Status: c155
First of all, to all the people who quit on this novel after only a few chapters, your loss. Leme go right ahead and tell you the things I like most about this novel.

1.) The MC - This is honestly the most likeable MC I have come to know in any chinese novel up to date. This is espessialy true among the modern world cultivation setting. Like how it usually goes, the MC has people in his school and surroundings who antagonize him out of pure jealousy and d*ckitude, however... more>> unlike the norm where it's usually every Tom, d*ck and Harry that crosses his path, his antagonisers are actually very few. The MC also refuses to waste his time on their bs and has good awareness of his priorities, only ever acting out when somebody crosses the line. And even then it never turns into a face slapping circle jerk where the MC goes awol because cultivation for some reason turns him into an asshole. The MC is also not hypocrytical or at least actively tries not to be and neither is he a 1 in a million genius nor a waste of space bottom feeder. He also has the ability to rationalise and think for himself while only displaying the amount of densness of a regular person who isn't completely retarded.

2.) Cultivation - usually cultivation jn novels can be so vague, confusing and so contradictory it makes you want to pull your hair out while tossing a ton of made up words at you that the author just assumes you'll understand. Here we're presented with a RELATIVELY simple cultivation setting that deals with the absorption of elemental energies and the control of said energies in actual combat. Much better than when it's just people at certain steps throwing random, horribly named abilities at eachother with vague effects that the author can never describe well and leaves everyone confused to wtf just happened.

Cultivation/SOL - in this novel the MC tries to balance his school life with his cultivation life unlike where usually they conflict with eachother and causes and causes a lot of unneeded stagnation. The MC goes to school, tutor's the main heroine, goes to various places with his and her family and manages to improve in his cultivation, both in quantity and quality. And speaking of which, the mc's style is like using begginer swords to fight mid-bosses, in other words, it's not about how fast you git gud, but how gud you git. And one point the mc's motivation toward cultivation changed from trying to resolve a pressing situation to actually becoming strong for himself and his heroine.

One other thing is that there's just the right amount of face slapping that greatly satisfies without going to far.

If there is one thing to complain about, it's that the MC has the usual band of rowdy idiot friends whoss main goal is to chase girls. However the author does well to limit their screen-time when they have nothing important to and and the characters themselves have started to experience their own character development in accordance to the slice of life genre, one of them has so far at least.

Also one last thing, the main heroine is in fact a middle schooler however she's actually 15 years old so... there's that. <<less
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As always it started out fine but as of chapter 24 it's already slowly devolving into the same old isekai slice of life trash that we're all used to. The plot itself is very much dull as the entire game system is reminiscent of the most basic form of mobile rpg. The powers of the MC so far consist of simply adding flat bonus values to his companions' attack and defence and at this point I can already tell that this story's whole plot is going to consist of the... more>> mc's party being able to advance forward simply by having him present and his companions going all gaga for him because of it. 20 chapters in and already his party consists of a harem on cardboard heroines who've taken a shine to him barely a day after meeting. If things continue this way in the next few chapters then I'm simply gonna drop this and never look back as I've long grown tired of all the wish fulfillment drivel of JP novels. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
<Infinite Dendrogram>
May 4, 2018
Status: v4
As of volume 4, it's gonna be a NO from me.

I bought and read the first 2 volumes of this novel. Read it, liked it, decided to also buy volumes 3 & 4. Big mistake, could have save a whole 14 bucks. Mind you that I live in the Caribbean and 14USD is a lot for an unemployed student such as myself, but I digress.

The story itself is good but it suffers from the problem that there is way too much monologue done by the MC and an excess of... more>> tedious exposition, most of which would be unnecessary if not for the fact that the author puts way more focus on the happenings inside the game and around the environment of the mc's party than on the MC himself. When reading from the mc's perspective, rather than actual game-play, 80% of the read is the MC having discussions with veteran players about the construct of the player society within the game and their lives and interactions with the npc society. Other than that, all we get is the occasional off-screen grinding and the mc's inner monologue where he goes into tedious detail about unimportant topics that are uninteresting and usually completely unrelated to the plot.

What irritates me most about this novel is that rather than the MC working hard to git gud, the author puts a lot more focus on characters who are already veteran players in the game. Most action scenes usually involve a display of skill done by end game player characters that only serve to emphasize how much of a noob the MC is. As of volume 4 the MC still hasn't even reach level 50 of his first job.

The last straw for me though was the fact that halfway through volume 3, the author completely cut away from the main story and spent the remaining half of the volume introducing the life story of the side characters of the mc's party. Worse yet, this continued into volume 4 where the entire first 80% of the volume was focused on the same uninteresting background characters life stories and experiences. From that point I realized that this story was gonna turn into a friendship is magic slice of life and that's just not my cup of tea.

Maybe in the future I might pick this novel back up to see where it goes but for now I'm just not feelin' it. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
Mai Kitsune Waifu
April 8, 2018
Status: c87
I'll admit that the beginning wasn't all that great and the dialogue style of the characters is something you need to get used to. Other than that though, as of chapter 87, I feel that the story has made a decent amount of progress and it's nice to see that the MC is actually progressing in his newfound cultivation and slowly entering the world of immortals. The beginning shares a lot of similarity to 'Raising a fox spirit in my home' and I feel like that one as well was... more>> starting to head in a good direction until the translator went MIA. Hopefully it can be picked up again but until then, I'm satisfied with this one currently. My evaluation may even hit 5 stars depending on how things unfold. <<less
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I'm liking it so far. I often stay away from stories where op mc's hide their strength to live peacefully but that's because it's usually an isekai story where the MC jumps in with cheat powers solely for the sake of noone being able to mess with him as he goes around gathering 1-dimenssional harem tropes and doing nothing but cooking all the damn time. In this story the MC is an original inhabitant that returned after gaining strength while fighting off the devil king's army solo for all those... more>> years. Although he decides to hide his identity he still decides to go out and do some adventuring instead of just lazing around and doing nothing while constantly falling into forces events just for the sake of story progression. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
Coiling Dragon
October 28, 2018
Status: c400
Lemme just start by saying my rating for this novel is actually 3 stars and if it shows up as 4 stars it's because of my sausage fingers and the stupid site won't let me change it, but anyway...

I'm ashamed to admit that it took me about 150 chapters in to realise that this novel is from the same author as Swallowed Star and this realization immediately soured my entire day. Reason being that I could already guess at that point exactly in what direction the story was heading. And... more>> just as I'd suspected, the plot started developing in the same direction that caused me to drop Swallowed star shortly after it went premium.

This story suffers from practically all the problems that irqued me in Swallowed star.

First is the fact that literally all other lifeforms ar naturally vastly more talented than humans and can curb stomp them at the same level.

Second is the fact that the training and strength acquisition template the author set in the beginning eventually gets dropped and ones power is then greatly reliant on their understanding of the ever ambiguous "Laws", which is honestly just an excuse for the author to keep churning out more and more powerful foes without having to properly iterate on why they're so much more powerful than the MC. "Because he is a full god while MC is a demi god". "Because even though they're both demi gods he has a higher understanding of the laws than mc".

Then there is the fact the the mc's power increases in proper order while the level of his foes keeps constantly making massive spike out of nowhere. For instance the authors keeps putting huge focus on the mc's study and improvement in speed yet the MC is hardly ever able to actually outmatch any of his foes in speed. The MC is almost always being pit against enemies far above his league who all of his various insights and gains are almost completely innefective against to where he constantly has to be saved by his more powerful allies and invincible plot armor. Halfway through the story the mc's buddy accidently ends up releasing thousands of people vastly more powerful than the MC and his squad, some of whome IMMEDIATELY decide to engage in hostilities against the MC and his squad, now the literally have to sit around and endure the people of their homeworld being slaughtered in vast quantities all over the place until their more powerful allies come back from their fieldtrip and even they are gonna need super thick plot armor to have any hopes of diffusing the situation. The process just keeps reapeating itself no matter how many insights the MC gains or how hard he trains. I honestly can't recall a single time where the MC was able to overcome an enemy a level above him 1v1 through pure skill. The MC also seems to suffer from that annoying syndrome where his overconfident keeps putting him in horrible situations yet he just never learns. When the enemy seems down for the count, go for the kill! Don't f**king wait till they use some bs self-sacrifice method to suddenly explode in power and turn sh*t sideways!!

All in all it was a decent ride but after 400+ chapters I'm gonna have to drop this. <<less
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AndyDarren rated it
Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
February 14, 2018
Status: c68
I usually don't go for isekai slice of life stories but this one I actually enjoy since it's not just a lump of pervy wish fulfillment involving a harem consisting of at least one beaskin slave. It's mainly just about a guy travelling and cooking while accompanied by his op familiars. I especially enjoy moster tamer genres so that's a plus. All in all a good slice of life isekai without all the overly force harem/romance shinanigans. I mean, I enjoy those genres too but not if it's super forced... more>> and the heroines are alll one dimensional like they usually are.

-Edit after chapter 94-


Another good story ruined by a trashy Japanese main charater and poor writing skills. I've grown fed up with the mc's constant display of overwhelming cowardice in literally every moster encounter that occurs no matter how disgustingly OP his accompanying familiars are. His familiars literally mow down every group of monsters they confront yet the MC who is constantly surrounded by a virtually invinsible barrier loses his sh*t just by having goblins come at him. The fact that his strongest familiar keeps indicating his disgust at his behaviour yet the MC doesn't man up tells me that this is another case of a Japanese author trying and failing to be funny and things won't change anytime soon.

Also, cooking is supposed to be a major genre of this novel yet all cooking scenes consist of the exact same recycled dialogue of the familiars saying "delicious~" and asking for seconds, to the point where I started skipping all cooking scenes all together.

So yeah, while I was all for this novel in the beginning, it quickly devolved into your average, below average JP crapfest and I am now dropping it till further notice. <<less
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