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Anbu_Hero rated it
God and Devil World
April 27, 2016
Status: c552
This novel is openly truthful. It shows the disgusting nature of humanity. Which is filled with hate, corruption, unfairness, lust, greed, violence, and selfishness. And the story and adventure of the MC as he travels and creates a society in his views is well created. Throughout the series he fights off hordes of zombies and other creatures. Creates a harem. The MC is very intelligent and his characteristics is well developed. He changes some of his views as the story progresses. I would also disapprove of those that says MC... more>> is a racist. You clearly don't know the definition of racism. Also about the MC's and author's nationalistic views don't really go so far as the people rating this a 1 star say. True he compliments China and shows nationalistic views but he also denounces some of the things from his country. He also doesn't only compliment China but other countries as well. This could be shown as how other ethnic groups in the story think themselves as superior and most often it would insult China and other countries. I don't see where the ultimate biase could be located in. I believe the people who are rating this low are just ignorant and were easily triggered by the first curse word they see. <<less
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Anbu_Hero rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
April 27, 2016
Status: --
Ok look here people. Like most of the reviews here that gave this novel a 5/5 I indefinitely agree with their opinion on this novel. This novel is beyond amazing. If you like calculative MC’s and Fantasy novel that is well created and well thought out then this is for you. The story is has so far been interesting. The thing that has been pissing me off is that this site allows little B**** to write down stupid reviews that is degrading this series. Like seriously you give this series... more>> a 4/5 or lower because that awesome MC who is a highly intelligent human being is cold hearted unlike what you imagine of fairy tale novels where the MC is usually a fighter of justice and peace. Bulls***. The MC isn’t even cold hearted. He has his own ethics. Just like in how the real world we don’t go out of our way to help every single person in the world acting like a knight in shining armor. He just does the same thing. His ethics are humanitarian to a certain extent. He punishes evil and helps those who has been of helped to him. He takes advantage of things and he has a brain that actually functions. Seriously this series should at least be top 10 in this site. Which is dominated by Chinese novels that are practically all the same thing with just a different name for the things they have. Yet I digress, I still enjoy them. But sometimes fresh and new novels like this are the ones that should be praised. <<less
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Anbu_Hero rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
January 6, 2017
Status: c118
This is truly one of the best novel I have read. Top 5. I don't see why there's negative reviews at all. The story was beautifully created and well written. And are actually interesting. Not like most re****ed Chinese stories that have no in depth background and story telling style that intrigues the reader to keep reading. I swear most of the negative reviews on this novel are so ignorant about this novel and are ruining its reputation by even inputting their insulting reviews. This novel deserves a top ranking... more>> unlike the ones in the current ranking. I will continue to read and love this novel. And challenge all who see my review to do the same despite these insulting reviews that are inconceivable to be even on here. There should be delete button for these misleading reviews.

Update- This is still an awesome good read. Anyways for others like me who like this kind of genre. You should also check out "I am the monarch" and "King of the battlefield". These two are not on recommended areas for this series so I thought might as well add it here. Also check out the top five recommendations on this series especially "Release that witch", "Hail the king", "Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki", and "Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World". They're all mostly good reads. <<less
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Anbu_Hero rated it
Chronicles of Primordial Wars
December 20, 2016
Status: c107
This is a great read for those who enjoy a good action, time travel, and characters with great potential. Setting involves being in the tribal era.

Update- I was unblacklisted for like 3 weeks now blacklisted again lmao why you do this?
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Anbu_Hero rated it
Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World
June 23, 2016
Status: c126
Welp. After seeing all the bad reviews I wanted to input my own opinion. This novel has been great so far. For others barely starting or reading this novel excuse me for my unkind words. First off the author himself says he is not the best writer so give the man some credit for starting something. Somethings should be left unsaid unless I totally blow off on these douches. The story so far for me has been quite eccentric. The story has been flowing well and not every chapter the... more>> main character is fighting. It does well in traversing through the characters. And shapes the story in its own well. Of course in itself there are plenty of actions and drama. As well as character development. I will continue reading this despite all these turn offing pig headed douche bags creating bad reviews for this wanting it to go their own way instead of the wishes of the author. Well for people wanting to read this from scratch here is my synopsis.

Main character wakes up in a new world with the OP power of farmville. He interacts with the new world posing as the person's body he woke up in. Characters comes and develops alongst with him throughout the story. There are plenty of wars. And other drama and story progression as he lvls up and gains more powers.

Pretty much just read it. XD <<less
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