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Ananya rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
July 30, 2016
Status: c55
This novel has a great cheat ability in the form of an 'A.I' chip which transmigrated along with the MC to the present from his previous life in which he was a 'scientist'.

The MC is just as described in the above description. The world is a medieval western setting. The fights are good and they are pretty thrilling.

The main problem with this novel is the MC, its just that he may be a MC but he's not a 'Hero', so basically I didn't find any good reason to root for... more>> his character.

The world in this novel is just as cold blooded as the MC if not more, so while I may pity some side characters but then again I didn't feel good about them.

The main problem with this novel for me is the MC. There is no justifiable motivation for the MC to seek power and rise to the top, only probable motivation is 'survival'. He does not care much about other characters, since he always keeps them at an arm's distance. So the stakes in this novel is pretty much low.

In a nutshell, in other novels if the villain kidnaps someone closer to the MC, then MC will risk his life to rescue that person but if it was this MC in same situation, then he will probably think what is the point of rescuing that person, and if he has any use to him, only then will he consider rescuing them otherwise..... he will simply discard that person.

I mean I can't speak for all, but for me the 'MC' in this novel is very cold and there is no real reason to root for him, so I'm not gonna read this.......... but it may not be the same for some of you......... so please give it a try and decide for yourselves. <<less
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Ananya rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
August 10, 2016
Status: c21
Fantastic novel. Has
1. Excellent world building.
2. Good characterisation of not only the MC but other characters too.
3. Good narration.
4. Well its too early to talk about fights and power system but from what I have gathered so far, that is also unique and detailed.
5. Has political maneuvering, kind of like fenglin tianxia's novel in fantasy medieval europe setting.

Although the novel has great potential, at this point it's pretty slow but I feel that this novel will be rewarding in the long run. I read this... more>> novel after I finished reading translations of AGM and MGS, so it was refreshing for me. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. <<less
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Ananya rated it
Lord of All Realms
November 4, 2016
Status: c189
I have caught upto the translations. There is a positive improvement in terms of characterisation compared to the author's earlier works like GOS or GDK especially the personality of lead character. There doesn't seem to be nothing wrong with the MC's head, atleast so far.

There is a lot of depth in the story which many other novels lack, lot of importance is placed on characters surrounding MC which is a very good thing. The best part is characters seem to give thought to what they do, including MC, its especially... more>> refreshing because most of the MCs act rash.

Despite this, it has all the ingredients that make a great xianxia such as nail-biting fights, mysterious lineage, clever MC, unique power system, revenge, tragedy, etc

Although 98 chapters maybe too early for a review, the story shows lots of potential. Hence I'm going with 5 stars.

I feel maybe the novel hasn't garnered enough traction because of slow updates, but this is not a novel one should miss, especially if you are a fan of GOS, GDK, and SR because this novel contains all the elements contained in the author's previous works while also having some additional elements. <<less
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Ananya rated it
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
May 23, 2017
Status: v1c45
Fantastic start to the novel, it has nicely etched out characters, drama, intrigue, foreshadowing and a likeable MC who employs deductive reasoning.

It is an interesting idea that the author has tried with this genre, earlier we only saw deductive reasoning being employed by Fenglin Tianxia but in his novels the MC gets lucky too but in this novel they have not made the MC lucky.

And in novels belonging to this genre the MC gets superlucky with fortuitous encounters usually and transforms from a trash to a stud, the author has... more>> completely reversed this trope in this novel.

Try this, it will hook you in from the start!

Edit: Now on chapter 45, quality is still good, the focus is equally on cultivation and the drama, that's what is great about this story so far. <<less
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Ananya rated it
Masked Knight
March 13, 2017
Status: c19
First impression of Masked Knight:

It's Western fantasy, it's engaging, not much info dump to setup the world, so its easier to read. The world is similar to the world in 'Law of the devil' (Author's earlier work). MC has a huge birth mark on his face due to which he looks weird and doesn't get girls. Story line is interesting, it makes you binge read.

... more>>

MC reluctantly agrees to participate in a robbery staged by his friend to pay his tuition fees, the robbery goes wrong n his friend is captured by the intended victim who is from a declining noble family, MC invades her home to rescue his friend but ends up being an involuntary accomplice to the noble lady's brother who has shirked away his responsibility as the sole heir to the family to run away in pursuit of his dreams, the noble lady holds the MC responsible n changes the MC's face using an elven Mask so that it looks like her brother's n makes the MC temporarily stand in for her brother


MC is timid and immature but he shows great responsibility and courage when his near and dear ones are in danger and doesn't hesitate to rescue them at the cost of his own life. He is not OP or anything but he has great potential to be a swordsman. The noble lady's character is also well written, she is a sorceress n comes off as cold but that is due to her circumstances. Other characters didn't feature too prominently at this point.

The OP treasure:
The first treasure that the MC gets is an elven mask, it was made by a great sage, and it can allow the MC to have any face the master of the mask imagines. But it's implied that the mask's abilities may not be so simple because the MC and the noble lady who puts the mask on his face haven't decoded the instruction manual left by the sage.

MC's immaturity is used for plot progression, this is not exactly a con but nevertheless when you read the novel it gets on your nerves n u feel like slapping the MC.

It's worth reading despite it's flaws and my expectations from this novel is high since it's written by the author who wrote 'Conquest' and 'Law of the Devil'. <<less
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Ananya rated it
Thunder Martial
November 13, 2016
Status: c66
I know this is an early review but I'm writing this because somehow I feel this novel has a lot of potential and brings some new variations to the genre.

Sure its a regular xianxia containing all the elements of xianxia genre but the way it starts off feels like a western movie, cautious MC and his best friend are in search of a treasure, only MC knows the location, unbeknownst to MC his best friend has his own agendas, as soon as the treasure is found, MC is betrayed by... more>> his best friend (sneak attack), crippled and left to die (villains thought they killed him). It was a very solid prologue. Within 30 chapters it explores themes like brotherhood, betrayal, cynicism, vengeance, double standards of human nature, ambition, bullying, insecurity and many other themes.

Despite the MC getting a super inheritance, he struggles to get enough resources to fully make use of his inheritance.

The novel also raises questions like "Is talent alone enough?", "Is backing more important than talent?", etc

Give it a go, I'm sure its not bad at all. <<less
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Ananya rated it
Painting of the Nine Immortals
April 16, 2017
Status: c10
First impression of painting of the nine immortals

The below review is of a Xianxia story, so I'm not going to complain about the MC being crippled initially, him getting a super OP treasure, beauties popping about every now and then, etc because these elements are intrinsic to the Xianxia genre.

... more>>

Our MC who can't cultivate works as an alchemist's assistant among many other odd jobs he does to earn his livelihood and desperately tries to find ways to enable himself to cultivate, although he is brilliant he is not valued in his clan due to him being cultivation-disabled. When he tries to buy an elixir which could awaken his 'inner eye' (something like sharingan, byakugan and rinnegan, but this novel contains 104 types with the 104th type being the weakest!) as a last ditch effort with the help of the alchemist who he works for, he finds a resonance with one of the awakened souls residing inside a painting in the pavillion which sells elixirs. He discovers that the awakened soul is of a person who is described as the 'Legendary Alchemist' without whom the alchemy wouldn't be as advanced as it was today, from the awakened soul he learns that there are still another 8 souls in the painting which are in deep slumber!. The soul also makes a shocking revelation to the MC about his condition and agrees to help him provided he becomes it's apprentice and the MC agrees..... which is the start of a great adventure....

The plot unfolds at a breakneck speed, so you don't really pay much attention to the mistakes. I think this novel maybe similar to 'The nine Godheads' and 'Sevens', although I haven't read either of those novels. Also I feel this novel contains taoistic philosophies and it maybe explored more deeply in the future arcs.

MC/ Characters:
Wow! the MC is crippled here because of some powerful ppl's schemes, some really powerful ppl have sealed MC's heaven defying talent...... the reason being..... huh... well... apparently because the MC has heaven defying talent (I'm guessing MC has different origins and his parents who are dead may not be his real parents). The MC is Loyal but not kind hearted although he doesn't seem to be a bad guy either

infact when the first beauty showed up and was being pursued by two rapists, he didn't involve himself in the incident due to his lack of strength until he was dragged into the problem by the beauty

MC seems like a cautious guy who keeps a low profile but he has heaven defying luck which rivals his heaven defying talent!. Apart from MC, other characters who showed up haven't got a lot of importance as of yet. Well the first beauty seemed like a good although mischievous person and the second beauty seemed naive and innocent.

The OP treasure, Cultivation system, and powerups:
Well the main OP artifact/treasure MC has is the '9 immortals painting' and he got a part of another treasure called 'six samsara' or something which can set a rule or something when all parts are assembled. Cultivation realms seem similar to other novels but in alchemist levelling system in this novel, the realms go in descending order.
Powerups in this novel are slightly different to other novels I guess, well there is the 'inner eye' that I mentioned before, and there is something called Dan essences in this novel which I have not come across in other novels before, these essences help the alchemist in becoming OP and different essences have different powers

The MC gets the 4th ranked 'execution eye' as soon as his first seal is released by his master it temporarily increases his cultivation, summons a sword, etc has more powers which are to be explored but it also causes a backlash on the MC after certain duration and his master gifts him a dan essence which is so OP that it can detect the ingredients used in a pill and it can also warn the MC when he is making a mistake in pill cooking


The novel seems to contain boring one dimensional villains who seem to think it's alright to bully people who are weaker than them.

I didn't feel bored during the first 10 chapters, so I'm going to go out on a limb and recommend this novel. Hopefully this novel's quality doesn't deteriorate much. <<less
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Ananya rated it
Return of The 8th Class Mage
February 27, 2017
Status: c45
Similar to 'I am the Monarch', differences being the MC also has an inherent talent and doesn't rely only on past life experiences. Also MC is pretty cold blooded as in he views people as tools, resources, etc well except his mother. MC was a pinnacle existence in his previous life but was betrayed by his BFF due to his BFF's own insecurity, so MC is out for blood in the redo version of his past life, also he sets out to make better decisions in this life.

It's an entertaining... more>> read, but you can't help being reminded of 'I am the Monarch'. <<less
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Ananya rated it
Demon’s Diary
February 17, 2017
Status: c211
This novel is not getting the traction it deserves. This is dope, make no mistake!

Badass MC who is born and bred in an isolated prison, cautious to a fault, decisive, good guy, thinks on his feet, doesn't usually start fights but finishes it nevertheless, in short he is pretty cool.

Along with a cool MC the novel also has a good plot filled with regular xianxia elements along with other elements like mystery, intrigue, and suspense. Also the novel is not repetitive like its not always tournament followed by a bigger... more>> tournament, and it's not always cultivation in the sect. It mixes things up very well so that we don't get bored.

One of the best parts about this novel is the nail-biting fights, they are very minimalist, in the sense that mountains don't get destroyed, rivers don't change directions, etc as collateral damage in the fight between cultivators instead they happen very fast, since MC is usually fighting opponents at his level or stronger, he always tries and outwits his opponents by efficiently utilizing all the resources at his disposal. Kudos to GGP, he effectively brings out the tense atmosphere during the fights.

There is no cycle of offending bullies n killing them n their backers. Characters have importance they are not introduced just for the sake of it, female characters are great, character development? It's only been 211 chapters, there is still not much change in MC's character. He still didn't get BFFs, lovers, etc. So maybe that will bring about a change in him in later chapters.

Awesome read! <<less
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Ananya rated it
The Inverted Dragon’s Scale
September 1, 2017
Status: c215
Yet another underrated novel!

I have seen many people complaining about the wimpiness of the 'MC', about the pace, etc I'm not saying those people are wrong but they are only half-right.

While writing this review I had read about 215 chapters, for me the novel felt like 'naruto', well instead of a nine tailed fox, you have a dragon here and it's way useful than the nine tailed fox, if you read the novel you will know what I mean. So during all the fights in the chapters I have read,... more>> it was all sudden strength gains and no effort on MC's part. The world building in the novel is average so far, the cultivation methods, etc have not been revealed yet.

For the MC to completely figure out the secret hidden in his body, this novel took 215 chapters, in that aspect it's slow paced but it's not boring at all. Yes, the MC is wimpy because he is bullied all the time but he changes because of support from other characters and later on he becomes standard MC, I suppose. There is immense character development with respect to MC.

Characters are one of the best parts about this novel compared to other novels of this genre, even supporting characters are also given unique traits, and the author has made an effort to make each character distinct.

Comedy is another positive aspect of this novel, it's largely mined from interactions between the characters. The novel was not boring in large part due to comedy.

There is a semblance of 'realism' in the way the characters behave which makes them relatable, I have read many novels featured on this site but I can confidently say that very few of the novels have this aspect in them.

There is also politics in the novel, various clans vying for power, trying to upstage each other, MC is also accidently sucked into the power games.

The novel is not without it's share of faults, the MC has mood swings, some times he acts like a guy too mature for his age and sometimes he acts silly. The novel has jarring tone-shifts, like one moment it's funny and the very next moment it turns ultra violent.

Overall this novel is completely worth reading if you are looking for something different from the run of the mill Xuanhuan novels. <<less
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Ananya rated it
Kingdom’s Bloodline
May 3, 2019
Status: c465
Best Chinese novel I have read so far (Yes, even better than Death Sutra.. IMO) and I have been reading Chinese novels for three years now. What really sets this novel apart from the usual CN novels are the characters, you can remember all of them (Well... most anyway), and even if the characters show up for only a chapter or two, they still make an impression on you.

The Structure of the novel is unique too..... if you have observed, while reading most novels we (readers) tend to know more... more>> about the plot than the MC but not in this novel, here the reader journeys along with the MC and learns about the plot and it's unveiled through the interactions between the various characters including MC as opposed to in a prosaic manner (info dumps!).

Next good thing about the novel are the twists and turns! There are a lots of them, they keep u hooked......I mean really hooked!

Combat is also really good but build-up to the combat is fantastic....... they give the necessary intensity to the fight scenes...... kinda like the Japanese anime-lvl intensity...... where the characters r not only fighting physically but also for their ideologies.....

Above are some unique aspects of the novel which sets it apart from the rest of CN novels.... having said that the novel has some draw backs too...... like sometimes it drags a lot and things are exaggerated but these are some minor issues in an otherwise fantastic novel! <<less
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Ananya rated it
Soaring the Heavens
August 27, 2017
Status: c176

Well, it's a classic Xianxia. You have a 'good' MC who is an orphan but single handedly brought up his two younger siblings (also orphans), treading the path of immortality so that he can meet and take care of his younger siblings again who are also fortunately on the same path because of his sacrifice.

It's a good story, the pacing is slow but it's interesting. It's similar to other novels in terms of the brutality and cold-bloodedness of the world, the story maintains it's novelty in terms of characters,... more>> power system, motivations/stakes but it's structure is similar to classic xianxias written by Er Gen.


MC is somewhat like Meng Hao from 'I shall seal the heavens' but the difference here is the MC is not that educated but he's very brave to the point of recklessness, so he doesn't do geeky stuff like Meng Hao atleast till the point where I read. His lack of learning/geekyness is offset by his mentor.

His mentor is as usual a cool character, he seems a bit cynical though because of his past and therefore he doesn't even trust the MC completely despite being convinced that he's the right person who can help him in his quest for vengeance.

All the other characters are distinct, they have character growth and they influence the MC, the author has not wastefully introduced any character, even the ones we didn't get to see much but the foreshadowing suggests that we will see them in future arcs.

Power system:

The power system in this novel is slightly different from what I have read in other Xianxias', the prayers/wills of ordinary people are solidified into orbs which when placed into the mouths of cultivators acts as a catalyst which accelerates the cultivation. Not many abilities of MC's cultivation technique are revealed yet, just that it's fire attributed and can resist the transcendence energy exerted by the cultivators to pressurize their opponents, this enables MC to skip a couple of levels in combat. The combat in the novel is described well and is gritty.

The special weapons in this novel are called transcendent artifacts and they are powered by demonic cores, their quality and power is dependent on the material used to refine the artifact and the grade of the demonic core.


This novel is worth reading despite it's slow pace, the author has written the novel with a lot of care and has ensured that there are not many loose ends so far. Also I would like to point out that there is no netorare up to the point I have read. <<less
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Ananya rated it
Otherworldly Evil Monarch
July 30, 2016
Status: c132
This is a seriously well written novel. The characterisations are fantastic, the supporting characters are given a lot of importance.

This is one of those rare CN where a 'psychological' tag should be placed. There is also an intricate plot filled with intrigue, politics, clandestine movements, etc

The first arc that I have which usually involves the MC stabilizing/strengthening/saving his clan/family is very well written, filled with lots of characters with different agendas (sort of like game of thrones).

There was only around 3 fights till chapters 133, mostly MC Killing... more>> villains who are stronger than them.

Also there is some rip roaring comedy in this novel.... well its mostly 'Black comedy' though.

Lastly the MC of the this novel is really awesome, he's very different from the MCs You see in standard CN novel like ATG, MGA, etc

He is an assassin, so according to the situation he transforms himself, for eg He acts like the 'spoiled Young master' of a clan in one instance which you see in many xianxia (the one who is very weak but arrogant and misbehaves with women all along hiding under the strength of his clan)............ this novel is pretty awesome <<less
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