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Amadeus El Arte Corwen
Yip! This novel is rare. I caught up to the latest release in 3 days. The story was so engaging that I couldn't help it. I opened an account just so I could rate it.

The world building is unparalleled, the presentation is neat and it has a different type of charm overall. The culture of the world is very diverse and charming.

The characters are so finely developed and dynamic that even the side characters are really interesting and loveable, all of the characters feel really alive.

I like the mc's ironically... more>> funny internal monologues as well. She gives of the feeling of someone with a slightly twisted sense of humor, I also like her powers. She is extremely powerful in her own unique field, well her friends are just equally powerful if not more than her in their fields so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb or anything.

Finally, the plot!! The mystery and thriller elements are superb!! The first 2 arcs are engaging and full of actions but things start to get serious from the 3rd arc and the novel's dark aspects start to come into view. I'm totally looking forward to seeing what else this novel has in store.

And my salute to the author for her extensive research and thoughts put into developing this one. <<less
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