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Xia Niangniang
July 6, 2017
Status: epilogue
I loved it! From start to end.

It lured you in with a seemingly soft and classic romance with a hint of mystery.

Until it stabbed you in the gut with a plot twist that re-evaluated everything that you have been cheering on from the start!


I see people not liking the ending but I personally loved it.


It just feels so poetic.

It's like they're back at the start in that garden for the first time.

But, by the end of it, a lot of things have happened and many secrets were uncovered that the readers know and feel that everything has fundamentally changed.

You would visually see the same scene where the Emperor stands from afar in awe of Mu Yan who wouldn't even know he was even there. But now, the readers have the unfortunate pleasure of knowing all the hurt, betrayal, and complicated feelings that run beneath the serene surface.

It shows the relationship between a reader and the story: how different your perception is at the end of it all.

And it's beautifully merciless to end it just there. Because now you're in a high where you can't get down from. There's still a lot of questions and unsolved feelings towards the characters but you're not allowed to descend into an ending and move on.

And I think that's beautiful.

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Stop Bothering Me, Emperor
January 26, 2019
Status: --
Misplaced review? Weirdly enough this is not where I originally placed this.

... more>>

<<Originally for a danmei whose listing disappeared and I forgot the title>>

Really cute at the start.

Then it drags on after they get to college

And gets pretty racist at the overseas arc (many racist stereotypes and China praising in later chapters)

According to the novel: Americans are apparently shallow, petty, and perverted who are "bad at math compared to the Chinese". African-Americans (called simply "black man" here) deal drugs and are thug-like. Filipinos are mentioned as maids. The mixed-race uncle is the villain. Be ready for people be described as yellow, white, or black.

Also poor people are ALWAYS uncultured moneygrubbers without morals.

The sheer ignorance turned me off.

Not very well written/translated.

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Alta rated it
Gaze at the Scenes of Debauchery
November 18, 2018
Status: Completed
Beautifully written and well translated.

This short novel will make you feel so very deeply if you even just slightly understand what it means to love someone even if it breaks you. Otherwise, you'd probably just think the MC is s*upid for sticking for so long. It requires that maturity to appreciate, I guess.

Give it a chance.

Play a sad playlist on the side if you want.

It's a definite must-read.

P.S. I gained a whole new appreciation for the cover after I read it. It's amazing.

... more>>

Only one hand has a red string, doesn't it?

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Heaven Official’s Blessing
May 14, 2019
Status: c20 part1
Edit: The review sounded harsh. I must be pissed off when I wrote it. I apologize. Should have kept my words to myself instead.

Gist of original review: Unapologetically ungrateful and blamed the translator that releases were slow thus ruining content.
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Alta rated it
Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother
July 6, 2017
Status: c7
So far so good!

The plot is interesting and well-paced! It can keep you attention and leave you wanting for more with all the mysteries and unanswered questions surrounding the characters lingering in the background.

The MC, Wen Jing, is not an OP character but he can be smart and endearing!

No BL so far, only mild hero-worship. But, I can sense an interesting dynamic coming up!

Looking forward for more of this one!
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I like to think that at this point I'm unbiased and actually review the novel based on its quality rather than my preference.

It's a worthwhile read. Sure, it's not a literary masterpiece but it gets points for being a satisfying online danmei novel.

I agree that it is a light-hearted and low-stakes story. The novel is here for fluff and occassional badassery and not really confronting moral dilemmas and dark themes. But it does sell fluff well.

How does it fare in technical writing?

  • It has a plot and the author takes care in clarifying the characters' thoughts and motivations moving forward.
  • Characters are fleshed out enough for each to truly have their own recognizable personality but not to the point of dark complexity.
  • It has a fair amount of world-building which is revealed to readers as the MC learns more about his new setting but not Tolkien-level detailed.
  • Pace is a not fast but since the theme is based on character (skill) development, it's understandably not bombastic.
  • The translation is well-done. It reads well and has a good understandable flow. The in-text pop-up (not end notes) cultural explanations are helpful and convenient.
Whose taste will it appeal to? Here are the tropes:

  • Shou: Innocent and an unknowing tease. Starts off naive but is hardworking and has genius talent which lends to his ability to drastically improve
  • Gong: Cool, stone-faced with built-up resources and reputation who acts as a mentor/big brother to the shou at the start while holding passionate possessive romantic feelings for the shou
  • Slow-burn romance
  • Weak-to-Strong protagonist
  • Meng-selling shou
  • One-sided pining gong
  • Everyone goes gay for the protagonist
  • Mostly fluff but can also tease
A biased defense of the novel from other reviews:

  • The story will get better. It starts off "cringy" of you're used to OP protagonists (which tbh is most of us danmei readers) but the almost OP quick-learning/genius ability of the MC offsets that and provides the same reader "power-high" feeling.
  • The MC naivety is a huge meng/cute point in the novel.
  • It has a good mix of high-tension combat, friendly off-combat, skill-levelling and subtle romance encounters. It gives the novel a more rounder feel than just doggedly pursuing the plot or getting the couple together.
Overall, it's a light-hearted mid-tier danmei novel which sells badassery as well as it sells fluff.
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It's interesting so far.

I like that the MC has such high potential to be OP with experience. Also, I find it funny and awesome that he can talk to God.


It's pretty simple and straightforward in writing but I enjoy the game-like set-up, slight OP-ness, and BL so I'm gonna stick around for more of this.

It not setting up to be a deep plot-driven story so far, more along the lines of a BL fantasy game.

If you're interested in that, this is a light and amusing read.
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Alta rated it
Reincarnation of a Superstar
July 4, 2017
Status: c32
I never saw the drama nor knew it existed before starting to read this. But, it delivered.

The story tackles the entertainment industry with a certain cynicality where face value is fhe foremost currency. And there often lies the conflict that the character often faces. In fact, the whole fact that it is only when he transmigrated into a handsome body that he gets recognition for his skills reflects that point blindingly clear.

I couldn't help but draw comparisons between this and True Star. I honestly like Tang Feng's character more with... more>> his cunning ang nonchalant personality but Du Yun Xiu does not disappoint. He has that earnest, positive, and quietly warm personality to him that makes you want to cheer him on.

Although, it tends gets a bit confusing as there is a lot of sudden exposition and flashback within the narration of a scene. But, unlike other acting themed stories I've encountered, the story opts to quickly wrap up the segment where they film the avtual movie/series and focus more on the overall impact of the undertakings to the characters growth and image as an actor.

Also a warning: the listed translator tends to... overuse their capacity to add translator notes. There's a lot of notes left within the body of translation itself containing the opinion of the translator about the scene.

(It's like watching a show with someone, who already watched it, making comments and "teasing" spoilers about what happened and what happens next. The editor sometimes jumps in too. Kinda annoying and disruptive of the flow.)

It's really a hit and miss with the notes. It's either helpful in that it explains the cultural thing behind the scene or just unnecessarily assumes that we won't get what it means.

Dear translator, thank you very much for your efforts but I need to call this out and off my chest. <<less
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Transmigrated as My Best Friend’s Ex
August 2, 2019
Status: c13
So far, so good.

I was a bit dubious of the title but the actual story so far is not shallowly focused on romance but has a good sense of mystery to it and already a solid developing plot.

It's worth picking up.


Edit (Ch13) : Still worth reading.

Indeed. Read for the mystery and not so much the romance. The set-up is intriguing and I find myself wanting to know more.

Who the characters are and the way they act seem to add to the mystery. Read on.
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Alta rated it
Dare ga Otome Geemu Dato Itta!
June 30, 2017
Status: c12.2
It's pretty. I'm a fan of the magic school type of set-ups and underdog characters so this one really caught my eye. It's pretty much what it says on the tin though: smutty yaoi romance set in a fantasy world. At the moment, it focuses more on the relationships between the characters with the fantasy element just pushing things between them to progress. The relationships are interesting though hehe ... more>>

Also, I love that he conquered the sensei out of all the others Hahahaha


The protagonist is the selling point for me. He's very endearing and charismatic, what you'd find from the "cute genius little brother with a sad background but earnestly does his best" type of character really. But! He's also interestingly multi-faceted. He looks innocent, is truly kind, and shows definite skill but he's also cunning, street-smart, and willing to go hard on people. Honestly reminds me a tiny bit of Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji but swinging more to the "warm and kind" bracket and a lot less bratty. This is bound to be one of those stories where you get some of your high from the protagonists achievements.

It's worth the read and shows a lot of promise to become a lot more interesting. <<less
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So far funny and has good energy in between the characters.

Translation quality is a bit unpolished but it's readable.

Pick-up for a light and funny read.
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Alta rated it
Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom
October 27, 2018
Status: extra 2
Misclicked the rating.

I was going to give a 2.

It started off strong.

... more>> The premise was interesting with Shu Ning's revenge but ended up liking the person he hated. It was being set-up for an exciting reveal of how glorious Shu Ning's secret achievements were.

But it ended very weak.

As other reviewers noted, once they got together. Everything was just so rushed and half-assed. A lot of emotional and surprising moments were glossed over. Shu Ning's mental age barely factors in and only whipped out when he makes a business call or does something cruel. Most of the time, he just acts like a rich teenage kid. The villains he swore revenge on were not even addressed properly. Muddles a long way from the initial set-up

Overall disappointed.

The translation was okay (thanks translator!) but the way the story ended was not worth going through all those chapters with flat characters personality and development and endless plotholes. P.S. I really hated that this story was so very sexist once you really read between the lines. And, it made me realize how a lot of danmei is sexist too. As a BL fan, this is a huge blow.

Despite all Shu Ning's success and capability to stand on his own and amaze the world with his power, he was still relegated with the task of maintaining the ancestral home and taking care of the children (not that it was ever described because of the lazy ending) merely because he is a bottom and should thusly be a good wife. He's also so easily bullied and scared by Shu Heng into anything that it's honestly kinda toxic. He's so scared of offending Shu Heng at his supposed age that it's not healthy???

This honestly lead me to a realization how a lot of danmei with a cool domineering ML and sweet MC is still so very sexist and internally homophobic that it imposes an idea that one should act like a man while the other a woman. This story did a double on me not only with the shitty ending but turning me off from this type of danmei.

I'm not asking for a clean and sanitized politically correct story. But is equality, balance, and mutual respect for each other's boundaries and achievements between BL couples that hard to ask?

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Alta rated it
Villain Days
June 30, 2017
Status: --
How I summarize my opinion: "This is BL."

And by that I mean, before any other way to tag this, BL comes first

It plays with a lot of BL tropes. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. As a true lover of BL as perverted as that might sound, I like and appreciate this novel. It's has all the right ingredients for a good read for a BL otaku. You have the "angelic type of uke with alpha-male characters who can't help but fall in love with him but most of... more>> which will have their hearts unwittingly broken by said too innocent to hate said uke" type of set-up. But, it also has a lot of the classic irrationality in plot and character traits born from the need to make a conflicted romance bloom.

As generic as that sounds, it didn't change the fact that it was able to make my heart twinge at the protagonist's suffering and fill with happiness as he makes better relationships.

So overall, it's really what the tags say: a school life yaoi harem with it's own comedy and romance drama. If you're in the mood for that, this is a good read. <<less
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August 4, 2019
Status: c48
The r*pe was practically neglected and forgotten by Chapter 20. The story treats it like MC consented after being seduced. Problematic but I coped by imagining that he did consent and doing so doesn't affect the story at all.

It's more focused on the family struggling through poverty due to exile and the MC coping with getting pregnant with ML's child despite being a man himself.

For me, the charm of the novel lies in the interactions the MC's family members. It's mostly set in a rural farming village and the family's... more>> struggle to make a living is in a way heartwarming. But it's also interestingly spiced up by the more high stakes plot happening on the ML's end.

It's worth picking up. <<less
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Alta rated it
Oni no Ou to Chigire
July 8, 2017
Status: prologue part1

The setting was interesting but everything else was weak. Plot is so loose and superficial. The reasoning and psychology in decision-making is either forced or one-dimensional.

The MC was pitifully weak himself. It's not even the funny or cute kind of weak. Pretty childish too despite being a college-student.

... more>> Just stereotypical weak submissive uke but without a skill-based nor personality-based charm point. Ambition could have redeemed him but he doesn't even have that.

He pretty much negated the interesting setting by refusing to participate properly.

The only thing I like is the potential for smut.

But that hasn't even happened again so far


Giving 3 stars only because it achieves in being stereotypicaly yaoi where plot is only a framing device for smut. I had higher expectations than what it delivered. <<less
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Alta rated it
Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins
November 20, 2018
Status: c27
The premise seems so cracked and sounds like a title for shallow smut but this is surprisingly well executed!

I appreciate the world-building the most. With every scene, you really feel like there's a whole other built society within the story and you're being led by a well thought-out plot. It's even clever in that it allows the readers to feel out the world along with the MC so you can really share the bewilderment and wonder of the experience.

Looking forward to reading more!
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Alta rated it
Second Marriage of a Wealthy Old Man
July 8, 2020
Status: --
It's a clumsy attempt at a revenge novel. The only gratifying thing about it is the whole premise of marrying your ex's hot dad as revenge.
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Fei Pin Ying Qiang
April 24, 2020
Status: v2c40
Interesting premise and good start. But the pace and flow is off beat. Characterization is also muddled with characters just seeming one-dimensional.

It starts off well with a rags-to-riches promise wherein our lonely oppressed unloved MC will have a chance to shine and show his talents after being noticed by the powerful ML.

However, the flow is either too slow or highly unconventional in a bad way. There is a habit of introducing conflicts and plot points but then suddenly dropping them and moving on to another one. And it makes for... more>> a very frustrating read because nothing so far gets satisfactorily resolved.

Now, I'm only at Chapter 40. I know this is relatively early on but the list of dropped conflicts and halted plot points is too much to bear at this point. Some of them do get resolved but in a way that it seems like a footnote within another conflict than a climax-resolution scene on its own. Most of the time, the response is either to be forgotten or shrugged off as "can't do sh*t about it"


Xiao Qi when gets to shine as being responsible for management of the household but his efforts and dedication just gets glossed over with a few sentences of praise and little personal pay off. When Xiao Qi would either have to gain a foothold in the household or duke it out with the concubines, he gets whisked off to war. In the military camp he finds out about his past and resolves to solve them but war happens and he's captured. He's captured but when his captors run into trouble and are at danger of losing power, so he helps them out and is involved in a political drama that unfolds in a fraction of the time that the politics with Li Chen had to be built-up.


BTW No explicit intimate scenes. Just probably 1-2 sentences about touching then fade to black. <<less
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