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The main character starts as the lowest of the low in the first chapters, but he doesn't cling to that mentality in subsequent chapters. The MC is neither arrogant nor subservient. He serves his own purposes but doesn't screw people over in the process. Overall, it's been a satisfying read so far (as of chapter 27).
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AlphaOC rated it
Kami Sumeragi Yuusha no Eiyuutan 《Ryokou Tan》
August 14, 2016
Status: c22
Main character goes from powerful but mindful of his power to overpowered and treating other people like ants. The progression doesn't make much sense. It's kind of like watching a toddler knock over a block set.
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The pacing isn't all that great and the writing isn't all that amazing, but it has an interesting concept. Depending on how the story develops, I might rate it higher or lower.
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