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Alpacasaurus rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: c58
Well written but very slow pacing. The main heroine has only just been mentioned for the first time and this has basically been one long prologue. Can't wait for it to get into the main story.
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Could have been alright, started off very similarly to Arifureta but people aren't just like "Oh, he died. Oh well."

Now I'm fine with op characters, but this goes way beyond that, its like Ex Hero Candidate but it tried to play itself off as an action/drama instead of a comedy.

Oh and the author has the writing skills of an 8 year old. (90% sure its not due to bad TL quality as Antheor's TL of Hisshou Dungeon is good quality). So would have got 1 star but I'm holding out... more>> hope that the author improves their skills. Like a lot.

Edit: Okay 11 chapters later, writing quality hasn't improved at all and on top of that

he gets pissed off with a minor female character that would have been solved easily in other novels, and decides that she deserves to be raped a murdered by orcs so teleports her to their camp, then the author cuts to her pov of it.

He also put in even LESS effort for her character than usual. I don't know how you can write so badly. I also don't know how to edit my rating to be 1 star but w/e. <<less
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