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Almighty Xen
Almighty Xen
Isekai Cheat
February 11, 2016
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i’m new to writing reviews on this site, so forgive any inadequacy, but I must say, the pacing is possibly the worst I've ever seen. especially the beginning, when MC is growing to the age of ten. I felt that the “growing-up time lapse” reminds me of fast-forwarding a movie, instead of skipping to the good/important parts. for a while, every chapter is a year in MC’s life, but is only about a page long. and as far as I remember from these chapters, his first ten years of life... more>> were boring as hell. they could probably be sumerized with:

MC met an old man with same powers as MC.

old man taught MC about how to use his powers.

MC learned I guess.

old man dies as prophesized at begining. MC leaves village.

story start.

... except the pacing only improves a little after that. it seems extremely rushed overall.

also, the parental figure was literaly disposable. he was hardly a character, and more like just some old guy who says words.

oh also, MC is conveniently a master of like, a dozen martial arts or something for some reason, despite being rather young when reincarnated. if you want something like this, but less bad (pretty good even, in my opinion), check out The Man Who Was Picked Up By Gods.

wow, that was longwinded! it might even be longer than one of the chapters depicting a year of the MC's childhood! <<less
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