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Not really a good story. The author tries to make a main character that have a lot of things in her favor (beauty, knowledge, magic power, etc) have "weakness" (and they totally aren't) to try and mask that the MC isn't a mary sue.

The author just pulled stuff out of his ass to explain how she could know things ... more>>

like when she was throw into the forest, she magically has a knife on her boots, because her grandfather was an survival junkie that trained her to survive in situations like this


This is a poor story, that has an INTERESTING concept, but it still isn't on that part yet, but for now, it's a bad "transport to another world" story with a mary sue character that doesn't have a personality. <<less
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Algoz rated it
Ossan (36) Ga Idol Ni Naru Hanashi
May 5, 2017
Status: c8
This is the first time I've read a Mary Sue/Gary Stu story that doesn't have fighting or combat as a primary focus.

We have the story of a fat 36 year old guy, that just lost his job because he's fat (even though the author instantly put the mental, social and working capabilites of him above other people [and even says that his bosses doesn't noticed this]). Because of this, he becomes a hikikomori (only saying he becomes one, we never see him going through this, since from one chapter to... more>> the next he goes from "hikikomori" to working out outside of his room). The MC gains an interest in dancing, and starts going through a gym and, once again, he goes from fat to lean and muscular from one chapter/paragraph to the next.

This is the biggest problem I have with this story. The author write a bunch of flaws for the character (like being fat) and instantly nullifies them in one chapter/paragraph to the next by just saying "by his dedication, he was able to overcome it". We never see the difficulties the MC might have to better himself.

Another problem is what I've said in the beguinning: the MC is basically a Gary Stu character. Simply, he's too perfect. He has a good mind (he is smart, has good social skills [at least according to the author, we never see this]), perfect body (after working out and having a balanced diet [again, this happens from one chapter to the next] he goes from "big fatty" to "really handsome guy") is a nice person (when he sees the comments of his video, the only one that truly makes him happy is the one that simply said the video "cheered him up". Not the ones that says he sings well, that he dances well, that he is handsome. Only the one that says he cheered up another person with his video), among other stuff. The MC simply doesn't have any flaws to make him likeable. We never see the MC passing for difficulties, so why do we need to care if' he's gone from fat to handsome through "hard work" (even though we never see this supposed "hard work", it is just told to us).

If you just want to read a wish fulfillment story that isn't basically just fighting or combat/action, this is totally for you. For me, personally, this story has too little substance to continue reading. <<less
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