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Aidel00 rated it
Feng Yu Jiu Tian
December 17, 2018
Status: v14c1
I read this story a long time ago,

I liked it a lot, even went to search pdfs, missing chapters and other things around, I read the manga too, thought it's very short (but damn the picture are something else!)...

It has a slow start in which you might hate MC for being too naive (but well I know many stupid 17yo who would be far worse.... than throw up in ancient china aahahahhaaahahha just asking to get themselves killed.), ML for being a little too much at the previous one... more>> but who knows how the crown prince was before or what he did??Anyway both of them change and undergo lots of things, there are many characters (many ships *-*) , and you gradually get to love most of them... ah some really make you wanna cry, some beat them up (yeah, there are b****, annoying, scheming... well all types of true villains, but damn the one that supposed to be the boss villain, I can't really hate... RL you little <.< (oh well no) cutie (<.<that's wrong too?)... oh well I'm blinded by my love for you x.x go and *cough* have a *cough* threesome *cough**cough* with them!!!)

Anyway... its worth reading!! (there are some pretty hot.... (<.< I didn't say anything!)) <<less
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Aidel00 rated it
Hua Hua You Long
December 17, 2018
Status: v2c21
Well... if you don't like hardcore bl (even more on an emotional level >.> you are gonna get abused <.<) run away immediately or you are gonna be marked forever!

This novel is not for the weak minded, who want fluffiness, blushing, awing, cute bl!

There's lots of angst, lots of tears to cry, and mostly lots of curses to shout at the ml!!

This is a roller coaster of emotions, if you have began you have to finish, because you can't simply suffer as a dog (oh damn poor dog...) and still... more>> not get your sweet reward at the end!

Ah but after all that suffering you reach the happy ending and fully enjoy it! (though I still would want to torture the ML more <.< it has influenced me badly...)

But lets be honest the ML was damn sick, sick, sick got to make our poor uke a statue for making him fall for him and return him back to humans standard!

Anyway it's worth reading if you don't have a frail heart ;) <<less
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