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Ai chan
I originally like this webnovel. I seriously did, at first. It was the underdog who had no cheat, except for his knowledge from the modern world. It was nice, instead of an MC who grinded over and over until he become so OP he can trample everyone, this MC is the type that can never be OP, and his power comes from his weapons. That was nice, it was great.

Until that god-awful NTR-esque ark. Seriously, my heart broke when the bandits threw his engagement bangle with Snow into the fire.... more>> My rage was higher than whenever I read of Bitch in Tate no Yuusha. Except in Tate no Yuusha, there is a method to her anger-inducing scenes. This particular scene was so poorly done in comparison. Sure, his body was a kid's but his mind wasn't a kid's. He had the memories of two lifetimes, and due to that, his mental age should've been older than the bullies that cheated him. He should've seen that from a mile away. Yet, the author made him a clueless, idiot brat, a bullied victim that you would just look and decide, he's not worth saving.

It was only one chapter (or maybe two, I tried to get the memory out of my head) but the damage was done. Surprisingly, the author actually planned to extend this pathetic scene before he was swarmed by hate mails from his readers. After that, the story became terribly boring. Even the premise of the MC being used as a crossdressing maid (yeah, fanservice, I know) couldn't save the story, and I actually love traps and maids. Obviously, faced with such strong rejection from his readers, he abandoned the crossdressing maid idea after one chapter.

The author made the biggest mistake that an author can ever make, and that is, taking away the single redeeming feature of a hopeless protagonist. The protagonist wasn't OP, that's great. The protagonist couldn't use magic, that's fine, it just adds more possibilities. The protagonist isn't likable, that's fine too, nobody ever said that protagonists must be likable. The protagonist uses his former world knowledge to gain an advantage, that's great. The protagonist used his old world knowledge to make himself strong, that's good.

But then the god-awful scene came about. The author took away his tools, sell him as a slave and away from the love of his life. Jerk. So what's left for the MC? Nothing. He was nothing more than a powerless slave boy in the demon continent.

I get it, the author wants to add some hardship to his life, but this is the wrong way to do it. It would be fine if the MC is funny or if he has a strong mind or he's smart, but the MC is none of those. He should've just deleted that scene and redid the whole story from that point onward instead of pushing through with experimental ideas. I tried to read it again, but eh, still not a likable MC. I don't know if he ever get to meet Snow again, but I pretty much gave up. <<less
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Ai chan
I really want to like this story. I really want to. But alas, I can't.

You see, it goes like this:

Author wants people to recognize protagonist's greatness and how she's a blessing to her family who's about to be ruined. The problem is, the protagonist is 3 years old. And this 3 years old not only contracts with 3 powerful spirits within the first week, she also does office work. 3 years old, doing office work. And her older brother who's like 5 years old maybe is also a genius and... more>> also does office work. And each of them are better at it than people their father's age. Also, everyone actually take their her words easily.

Now tell me how many people are actually going to seriously listen to a 3 years old without just thinking of it as a child's nonsense? Add to that, the protagonist can even transform into her hot teenage form, from 3 years old, at will. And she uses this teenage form at will without people questioning why the duke's daughter is much older than what she should be.

That's pretty much the biggest fault in this story. Nobody questions the protagonist at all. Not when she managed to get powerful spirits, not when she started doing office work, not when they realize she's not their daughter, not when she switched to her teenage form to defend her 13 year old kemonomimi boyfriend. Everyone just accepts without question. Even her family just waved it off as if it is completely natural for little girls to be taken over by a being from another dimension.

The protagonist is an extreme Mary Sue, she can do anything, and everything better than people who have been doing it for decades. She breezes through every difficulty like they're tissue paper since she's 3 years old. If you don't like or barely tolerates Mary Sue, then you will absolutely hate this.

If you can get past that, the story is quite okay. Not something I would call good, but it's about average. If you can look past the Mary Sue, maybe you can enjoy it. It's neither good nor bad, writing-wise. <<less
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Ai chan
The author lied. Slow life at the frontier? The only true thing is 'at the frontier'! What slow life? You liar! Red saved the day in almost every chapter!

The correct title would be "Mofumofu life with a hot princess in the frontier".

I don't know what that @sgrey guy said. Because he clearly didn't read the novel considering that everything he said was wrong.

There was not a moment in this novel where I considered Red to be stupid, dumb, beta or weak. In every chapter, the author drilled us that Red... more>> gave up on his hero life because he felt that he couldn't keep up and decided to live a normal life in the frontier. Effectively, he was exiling himself because he felt inadequate to support his sister and would only be a burden to her, the current hero.

Despite wanting to remain low-key and live a normal life, he had to use his power (which wasn't actually weak, as he and that Ares guy thought) and his wisdom (not fake wisdom, but a genuine smart character) to save the day. Because of his low-key actions, the villagers merely thought of him as 'the hero's husband' and not 'the hero'. No, he didn't marry his sister, he married the next best thing.

Regardless, this is a very enjoyable read. It has action and it has mofumofu in good measure. If you're tired of pu**y protagonists, fear not, he is neither pu**y nor dense. He was practically married to a princess (who ran off from her country to live a simple life) within 20 chapters. <<less
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Ai chan
Ai chan rated it
LV999 Villager
January 1, 2016
Status: --
I read it at first being curious and interested in the premise. Turns out it’s not as good as it’s hyped to be. The MC is OP, yes, if you like that stuff. Personally, I think it’s an overused trope, but if the author wrote it well, it could’ve been good. In the case of this story, it’s not good.

The MC is every bit the ‘couldn’t care less’ MC that seems to be popular these days, such as with Tsuyokute, Kuro no Maou and Bocchi Tenseiki. However, the author failed... more>> in providing a well-rounded MC.

The lack of logic in the actions of everyone around the MC is frankly annoying. It’s like the author wanted a wish-fulfillment Mary Sue, but he didn’t know how to make the MC awesome, so he dumbed down everyone other than MC. That’s not how you make a Mary Sue.

I have plenty other bad things to say about the story. I can only say one good thing about the story, it’s that the story started off with a good idea. The author ruined the actual story.

Frankly, I don't know where the author is planning on going with this story. If it's meant to be a drama, then there should be drama, but there is no real drama, just a bunch of stupidity and illogical actions. If it's meant to be tragedy, it should have some tragedy, but there's none. Normally, if characters act stupid or silly, it would be comedy, but I didn't laugh even once in the many chapters I've read.

I’ve read until chapter 2 part 9 and I decided to quit while I’m still more or less content with the story. I don’t know if the story improved beyond this part, but I doubt I want to try again. Maybe if it reach chapter 30 and a lot more people give it high reviews. Doesn’t seem likely though.

Read it if you like OP MCs, lack of real conflict and stories with game-like elements. You’ll probably be satisfied if these three are your only requirements. Don’t expect anything intelligent or mind provoking. <<less
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Ai chan
Ai chan rated it
The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent (WN)
August 9, 2017
Status: c13
As of chapter 13, I have no idea why there are 15 people giving it a valuation of '1'.

While I admit, it's certainly not the most awesome or inspiring story, it is not bad. Not bad at all.

Let's go with the negatives first

Just like every isekai story, there's a certain measure of wish fulfillment in this story. It's not a lot, but it is obvious. The protagonist is simply someone who has 100% success rate, except for those beyond her abilities at the time. But this isn't really a problem... more>> to me. It's no different from a Level 10 alchemist mixing a Level 5 potion, I've played enough MMORPGs as a crafter that this doesn't bother me.

She is too capable, which ties to the above. She simply can do everything she wants to do better than others and there's no explanation why, yet. I'm not saying she can kill demons that nobody can kill and win at low level. She doesn't fight anyone at all, she's a pharmacist and cook, but her creations are better than everyone elses. I'm assuming this is probably because maybe she's the 'true' saint, but I'm waiting for the explanation.

Lack of depth. Anyone who read it can tell that there's not much detail in the composition. However, if you consider that this is an early webnovel and is a draft, not a final product, this flaw is easily forgiven.

Now the positives.

The protagonist is an old maid, around 25 years old. She's been working long hours for years and looked sickly when she was first summoned. Over time, she became healthier and even got a romance development with the 3rd Knight captain. She acts like a 25 year old virgin and I believe the author portrayed her innocence pretty well. I'd prefer if there's a little more details, but since it's a webnovel, I don't mind it that much.

There is no betrayal flag for the foreseeable future. While the novel did start with something like a betrayal, in which the 1st prince didn't even address her, the protagonist proved to be not a pushover. The actions of the king and ministers are also logical, as they wouldn't betray her because she's probably their saviour. This is cool with me. Frankly all the betrayal stories have gotten far too ridiculous these days.

The story is simple. It doesn't give you extreme emotions, and that's cool with me. I rarely read webnovels to feel anger, so this is totally cool in my book. It's an easy read, no mess, no heavy stuff. It's simply rosy, mushy stuff. It's like a teddy bear.

If one is to compare it with any well-known isekai novels, I'd say it's something like Mushoku Tensei, without the hardships, tragedy and perverted protagonist. It's still too early to say anything else.

Why I gave it 5 despite the flaws? Because I really enjoyed it, and that's all that matters to me. <<less
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Ai chan
Ai chan rated it
Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Shichi-nin no Kikōshi
October 20, 2018
Status: c86
Ohh! Ai-chan is very pleased with this novel. Normally, Ai-chan would stay away from 'villainess' novels but this is a very good one. Unlike other villainess novels, this one retains the purity and sincerity of youth and also provides rich reading experience. It's like reading a detective novel set in a fantasy/magical dating sim. The protagonist while having a special power is not overpowered. It's actually the capture targets who are overpowered.

She's more like a savant who have strong talent in one area but extremely debilitated in another area. Anyway,... more>> I want to see Battleship Erica! <<less
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Ai chan
Ai-chan has always loved gender bender stories, they're so fun. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about this story. While the premise is fine, it suffers from one debilitating problem.

And that is... it's f**king boring!

Seriously! I can understand slow and to some extent, I can enjoy slow. This is beyond slow. The protagonist has absolutely no personality. He/she is something like "Oh, I'm in another world. Ok." and "Oh, I'm actually not an orphan. Ok." and "Oh, I'm actually a girl. Mm, ok." and "Oh I'm a rich girl. Mm,... more>> ok."

Like put some emotion into the character already! Even a sterile person who can't show emotions in front of people can be interesting, but this is completely boring. <<less
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Ai chan
Ai chan rated it
Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~
December 2, 2018
Status: c108 part1
I hate this.

Yes, let's get that out of the way. I hate this.

That's not to say I've always hated it, at first I liked it and looked forward to more. But then... sigh... I don't even know where to start.

Let's start with the most glaring problem. I don't believe in labelling anyone Beta, but if I am to give the award of Beta MC Of The Year, it would've been this guy. Despite having the power to destroy a country, he takes every abuse like a sissy. At first I... more>> justified it as just him being loyal and emotionally sterile, but the events that he went through should've made even Gandhi snap and go nuclear!

Then his childhood friend and his little sister appeared. I can understand being afraid of his little sister's hate, and I don't deny that some really timid people will not speak the truth in that kind of circumstance. Yet, his circumstance is severe, him being hated by his sister because they were separated by their parents divorce, and his little sister has been thinking of her real older brother as the worse scum ever, and he knows this, yet he does nothing. Which brother wouldn't feel pained when his little sister think of him in such a bad way, yet it was not true? Surely no matter how timid or awkward you are, you would try to correct the mistakes. But unlike normal people, he did not. He kept being there, knowing that his little sister hate his guts.

Then when given a choice of whether or not to tell his childhood friend about the truth, he instead chose to send a letter when he's been living with her for months. A LETTER! TELL HER DIRECTLY YOU DUMB pu**y! And then someone said that there would a be NTR, where the hero ripped apart his letter and his childhood friend followed the hero because the hero lied to her stating that the MC hated her.

I didn't want to read that. If even without NTR the story had been terrible, what would happen once you put an NTR in a terrible story, where you have grown attached to the pu**y MC for the past 100 chapters? So of course, I stopped reading it.

After chapter 40 or so, there was not a chapter go by that I didn't say, "What the hell?" Reading this is a very painful experience. Not painful because of the tragedy within the story, but painful because I had to read about this train-wreck of a protagonist that is a contradiction all over the place. It's like the author just read some other people's stories and copied those scenes thinking it would work, but it didn't. <<less
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Ai chan
Ai chan rated it
I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine
December 1, 2018
Status: c15
I had it on good authority that the author was having food poisoning when he thought up this story. Not to the point of being high on crack, but delirious enough to start having random weird thoughts. And during his delirious state, the thought, "What would happen if you put those vending machines with expired food in another world's dungeon?"

And from there, he started this story.

He didn't put expired food in this story, probably fearing the backlash of vending machine food lovers. Instead, he put a single vending machine in... more>> another world who also has the ability to sell anything that the person who became the vending machine had bought in his past life. And that is the basic premise of the story. He can only become vending machines that he had bought from and also can only buy products that he had bought from vending machines in his past life.

So no 'assault rifle vending machines' or 'magic tool vending machine'. Everything he sell are mundane items we can find in our world. He also can't change the labels or appearance of the machine or the products. So he ended up selling Japanese items in a world that can't read Japanese.


Now about the adventures. Have you imagined dying from being crushed by a vending machine? No? Well he died from trying to catch a falling vending machine. Boss monsters also died from being crushed by a giant vending machine. He even killed a boss monster by poisoning it from the inside when he was swallowed.


And all this was done without him moving himself.

The story also doesn't have the repetitions and stupidity commonly found with transmigration stories. There is a harem, but... it's hard to explain. You have two girls who are in love with a vending machine. Then there's a hero-like guy who fell in love with him, in a BL-like moment. Yeah, if you can't imagine how people can fall in love with Hatsune Miku figurines, reading this will make you understand.

All in all, 10/10 would crush giant skeletons with giant vending machine again. <<less
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Ai chan
Ai chan rated it
Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World
November 27, 2015
Status: --
I remember being very hyped when people requested the people anime-tsuki (I think) to translate this title. I mean, it's isekai, harem, s*x slave, dungeons and magic, what's not to like, right? Totally wrong. I translated it myself last time, as it was a very easy project. However, I stopped at chapter 8 and dropped it completely. The story relies on the hype of harem, magic and transportation to another world genres that are currently popular, but it has nothing new to offer. It doesn't help that the style of... more>> writing and the plot itself is nothing special. It's not the translator's fault, the raw itself is no good (I won't go so far as to say it's bad). So it's a cool story if you're into something slow, but if you are looking for 's*x slave harem' in a labyrinth setting, you'll be sorely disappointed. 2/5 since it's only alive because of the tags, but there's nothing special about the story. <<less
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Ai chan
It was okay. There was some measure of charm. Not truly bad, not good either. It's something along the lines of "I have nothing else to read, so might as well read this."

The protagonist is not really a pu**y as some would say, sure he could be a bit more manly and not be such a sissy that he gets bullied by his own slave. However, Ai-chan personally think it is fine. It's actually normal for a boy of that age to act that way, so it is okay.

What is... more>> NOT okay is his own slave bullying him, beating him and scheming against him. Sure he's a nice master, but just because he's nice, doesn't mean his slave can just walk all over him. That is still your master, you know. He took you from the slave market and not only do you not obey him, you demand stuff from him and abuse him as if you're still a princess.

Sure, the author is probably trying to make it as if it's a gag. Personally Ai-chan does not find it funny that a slave is using the entire town to hurt her master because she's pissed or actually stabbing her master in the heart with a sword because she's embarrassed. Aura is toxic, Nest should just free her and kick her out his house and his life because this is going to continue for a very long time.


Example of her toxicity: He pranked Aura with a bug in the bathroom. As a result, Aura beat him up. If this is any other story, it would've ended there. But no, she didn't stop there. She instead manipulated the whole town to make them beat him up. And she has absolutely no remorse about this. If Ai-chan was this guy, Ai-chan would've sold her back to the slave market and leave this ungrateful town immediately.

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Ai chan
Ai chan rated it
In a Different World with a Smartphone
November 15, 2015
Status: --
I'm normally a fan of Japanese Isekai genre. Unfortunately, this story is just so-so. The MC is OP and has been given some great boons by a god. The MC is quite smart, so it's not like he's dense or stupid. His reliance on his smartphone is boring, though. I understand that this is wish fulfillment, but the story could've been better.
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Ai chan
I am speechless... I’ve read Mary Sue stories and in most cases can empathize with the author. But this... I’m surprised it even reached 1 million page views on syosetsu. Japan, I’m disappointed.
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