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Reincarnated as My Little Sister
September 26, 2018
Status: c50
It's a slice of life novel, highlighting MC's daily activities with her brother and friends. It's actually decent and a light read in my opinion

As far as I have read, no yandere element found

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only that MC's brother turn into a severe siscon. Understandable though, if you have a cute little sister that is kind, smart and attached to you, you ain't gonna give her to some random rascals. NO ROMANTIC element between MC and her brother, it's purely familial affection.


By the time I write this review, the rating is 3, 5. It's undeserved in my opinion. That's why people should give rating after reading a certain amount of chapters <<less
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I'm doing MTl so I can barely grasp what is going on. It's quite rare to find gender bender story like this that doesn't have any yuri or yaoi in it (yuri, yaoi, and the likes are an absolute turn off for me). MC reincarnated after an accident as usual together with his friend, but they got separated from the start. MC is reincarnated into succubus because of some misunderstanding by the reincanation departement. Succubus only able to live by sucking men's life energy by performing lewd act, MC refused... more>> to do so and asking for a substitute food, that happened to be milk. So MC got an OP cow with him/her and safely reincarnated, so we follow her (I just use "she" and "her" from now on) everday life as she slowly adjusted to her new life, find a job, gained friends, etc. This is quite a lighthearted story, the pacing is relatively slow, and got quite a bit of action (probably 30% each volume, each volume contain +/- 60 ch, so about 20 ch are action).

IMO, it's a very good gender bender story. MC's mental breakdown and dissatisfication after reincarnated to a woman (a succubus on the top of that) is described clearly and quite funny to read. There are some cringy things but it's alright, I guess.

The story mostly relied on dirty jokes for comedy material, as MC reincarnated into a succubus that is practically lewd demon, so her skill, condition to gain level, etc are mostly lewd related. Even the most action related scenes in this novel are lewd related


even her friend suffered because of rencarnation departement screwed up and gained a very embarassing power, at least his gender doesn't change and his appereances doesn't become uglier


Even though there're actions, MC isn't strong in a combat sense. Reincarnated guys are stronger than usual, so MC is strong indeed... in a succubus sense. Like, she got cute voice, beautiful face, G-cup boobs, and even special skill that could dominate men. She's a perfect succubus.

MC is a dense idiot, but she's a cute idiot so it's fine, I guess? I know the early chapters are somewhat irritating but it gets better later. Although she's still not very smart, but she got resolve, bravery and decisive when it matters. She often mentions how much a coward she is in her previous life and she indeed changed after reincarnated, so she ain't that irritating like in the earlier chapter.

Even all of that, she's still dense. But I think most of the jokes won't work if the MC isn't dense. Like, she's pure, dense, has no consciousness as a woman and a beautiful busty girl on the top of that. She's a VERY easy target.


she work as a waitress in a bar where most of the attendant are rough adventurers. You can guess the rest


The translation is good but this novel is listed a side project, so expect a slow update

Overall I think this novel is good for everyone that liked gender bender, so don't hesitate to read it <<less
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Really enjoyable so far, I thought this one is a comedic fighting story but it can get unexpectedly serious. It's a long story consist of 40-60 chapters each volume. Here's some of my review

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MC teach magic to his niece and messed up, his niece become vegetable ever since. He make a deal with an elder from a martial arts sect to cure his niece, at the cost of transmigrated to another world to protect the elder's great grand daughter for his entire lifetime. MC transmigrated and become a loli on the top of that. Here MC meet some new characters, friend and foe and has to deal with threat from other hostile forces as well some politics inside the sect because apparently the sect opinion is rather divided on deciding the sect's current lord. (In vol 2, especially s (he) has to deal with insiders)

Vol 1 focused on how MC accostumed to the new world and establish his/her sect reputation (Another sect killed one of the elder of MC's sect, MC take revenge by directly attacked the killer's sect headquarter and defeat the sect leader in a flashy manner)

Vol 2 will introduced new character that will become MC's sect aide. MC has to deal with insider here. Not much fight here

Vol 3 involved fights a lot. MC has to deal with someone that far stronger than him/her.

As the title suggest, MC has no dignity whatsoever (even though s (he) supposed to be respected), because of her/his easy going and somehow punchable attitude, and ended up constantly scolded by the sect current leader, Qi Qiqi. MC acted like an idiot but actually, s (he) by no means a stupid person, s (he) just lack common sense sometimes as s (he) just transmigrated.

MC is not OP (as the novel shows that there're some people that actually far stronger than her/him) but VERY strong, enough to be called as "walking natural disaster" by other people. Enjoyable so far IMO


Hopefully there's someone kind enough to pick this project <<less
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