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Aerogfl rated it
Tranxending Vision
October 28, 2017
Status: c1400
TL:DR, If you hate harem, dont read. If you hate politics, dont read. If you are trying to read this novel seriously, don't read.

Since I'm way ahead from the translated chapter, its going to be in spoiler tab.

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Ah.... looking at these early reviews with good rating brings me back. I remember back then when I thought that this is going to be a promising novel, but as for now, they're all nothing but false hopes.

Here's why, firstly, it's a harem novel. Yes I like harem novel as long as it's not bad and illogical (if you're that guy that always think harem novel is bad then you can go away now). Secondly, the mix of politics, business, and fighting story were quite attractive to me.

**fair warning, this novel also loves to interrupt moment, like the MC about to do smth, and suddenly his phone rings, or someone knocs, it happens so many times I cant count them anymore. Anyway, here's my breakdown from chapters to chapters.

Early 1-200 chapters, the writing was quite entertaining, where the story still makes sense although there are a lot of mystery, but the story are growing steadily including the harem, politics, and business.

From 200-600, the writing of these chapters will quite focus on 'romance'/'harem' quite a lot. The interesting thing is that his love story is not without bumps and challenges, I was happy that I thought the author was not afraid to insert serious tone on the harem story and making it more interesting. This is also where the politics and business part of the story flourish. And the supernatural genre has starts appearing.

But after 600... the story, harem, and writing seems to get worse and worse. The only good thing is that you get more fighting and harem with less politics and business (at least for me). As why the story and writing gets worse, MC is described as very very very very smart (here is his IQ at that time


around 900



But I cant help but cringe when MC dont get something so obvious that can be seen by putting things together. Or he got into trouble, and there is so simple solution but he is not smart enough to solve it. As for harem, oh boy, the serious tone is gone. Basically after this point, it seems that no matter what women do to MC, as long as they are women, it is almost guaranteed MC will not kill them. MC has become 'OK' man to women. At this point, the story focused on the supernatural/fantasy story.

After 1000.. Harem becomes worse and worse, his 'OK' man syndrome become worse and worse. Almost no politics, and small amount of business. At this point, this novel has become sci-fi novel, with a touch of a disappointing harem.

After 1300.. A point where the story might be become more interesting although the harem still sucks.

I'm still going to read the novel, although only for entertainment purpose. Overall, I'm dissapointed with this novel, the early chapters seems like a facade for people to think that the harem part wasn't that bad and the author was not afraid to punish female character. But past certain chapters, this has become an obvious lie.

My recommendation is that try and read this novel up to 200, if you dont like it, stop, it will only get worse, if you like it, keep reading it, but I will suggest that you not to read it as entertainment novel where you can drop it at anytime.

I might do an update on the review if I finish reading this novel, but as for now, its a meh 3/5 for me.

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Aerogfl rated it
Spirit Vessel
February 7, 2017
Status: c554
I dropped it... why?? let's just say I saw the 'future'....
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Yeah.. yeah.. I know, I should avoid spoilers when reading a novel. But I just can't do it in this novel, I'm starting to doubt if this novel is worth the time to read it. In the end I did a bit of research and got a glimpse of the ending and wasn't a big fan of it :\.

Apparently there is a novel that share the same universe with this novel, which also not my cup of tea, when an author do something like that, I always felt that, oh you wanna know more about the ending of the previous novel? here.. read my new book.. maybe.. just maybe the characters from old book will appear.. maybe... oh but read and support my new book anyway..

Anyway, if you still want to read this novel, or thinking whether to continue or stop reading this novel, my only suggestion [or warning should I say?] is pay attention to the genres listed above. Especially the 'Tragedy' genre. If you are okay with it then just continue, our taste in reading novel might be different anyway :)

I might picked it up again in the future if I'm bored or something.


At first, I didn't want to read this novel due to the overwhelming negative reviews, but I gave it a try anyway. If I have to describe how I feel about reading this novel, it's like riding a roller coaster blindfolded.

On the first 20 chapter, you feel the ride is steadily going up. I enjoyed it, I even want to refute some of the bad reviews here. But then... Suddenly after chapter 20, the ride drops at a high speed, then went completely at random direction with random speed, you want to know wtf is happening, but you won't be able to since your eyes are blindfolded.

That's it.. it's random (since saying it unpredictable is a compliment), or at least it feels random. Now you may say that I'm probably expect certain things when reading this novel. In fact I didn't expect much, I didn't expect much from MC past, at the bare minimum, at least he should have some past memories and technique which he have.

My only expectation when reading this novel is at least to be able to understand the story, characters, technique, etc. But nahhh, didn't happen just like my roller coaster description above.

Aside from the plot, the MC is also random. No, not mysterious, but random. Sometimes he can be the worst villain, but then on the other occasion he become a righteous knight. Sometimes he can be clever and cunning, but then on the other occasion become stupid and ignorant. Sometimes he can't even understand women, but then on the other occasion become an expert in understanding women. I have read 427 chapter in this novel, and I cant even understand the MC.

How about the female character? Oh boy.. 8/10 of them are strong, irrational, and violent. To quote from translator review "they will often drive the plots themselves". Well.. they are the roots of most problem that the MC faced, so of course they will drive the plots. Although I have to give it props there since other CN rarely do that [let the FC drive the plot]. For the Romance, there are romances within these 427 chapters, but not really much.

Except if you count relationship built from rapes is romance then there'll be a lot of romances.


Does that mean this novel deserve 1 star? Of course not, I would still recommend people to give it a try, it's not completely an unreadable, horrible novel, NO. I don't have any problem with the cultivation level, or the whole background of the world.

But does it deserve 5 stars? I don't think so. According to the translator, the author has a clear plan ahead for the story and characters. But it doesn't mean he deliver it properly. Even if he plans it perfectly until the end of the novel, but only 'half' of the reader understand his writing or intention, of course many will be discouraged to read further into the novel. This is exactly what happened right now with half of the reviewer praising the author, while half of the reviewer left confused thus giving it bad reviews.

It's such a shame that the author cannot deliver his intention in his writing clearly to the reader. It would be a wonderful novel otherwise. It would be at best three stars at the moment for me. I will try to finish the novel, hoping to see improvement, twists and turns on the story. <<less
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The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
January 27, 2017
Status: c47
This review probably will be a bit different with other reviews here..

While most of the reviews praise the comedy in this novel, I can't really enjoy the comedy. Even though some of them make me laugh like the Trolling system, or Cunning plot from the MC himself, most of the comedy from this novel didn't really hit me.

If you are planning to read this novel, please be advised that a lot of Japanese Anime/Manga Cliche will appear in this novel such as:

... more>>

Tsundere character ✓
Tentacles ✓
MC is humiliated for comedic purpose ✓
Slapstick ✓
Trap character ✓
Slime that destroy clothes ✓
Chuunibyou ✓
Saying thoughts in their head out loud ✓


and etc.
As for me, I can only persevere and roll my eyes trough the anime cliche comedy style. The only reason is because I see the potential of a great story. There is a lot of time invested for the whole background of the world plus the MC cunning plot is really interesting and funny. If you are new to this type of comedy, or able to tolerate them, then by all means try this novel. If you cannot handle them then I will not suggest you to read the novel. <<less
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Apocalypse Summoner
January 4, 2017
Status: c29
I'm currently at chapter 29 of this novel, but already considering to drop it..

I am not saying that the novel is bad, in fact I enjoyed it but it is just not my cup of tea..

What I like about the novel are:
The MC is ruthless, savage, but not completely devoid of humanity. He still care about the people that he cares.
The action is quite good
Story and Background story also not that bad.

Now.. Why is it not my cup of tea? Well.. Blame me for not checking the... more>> genre of the novel before reading it. I was so excited and captivated reading the early chapters of the novel and I enjoyed it. Aaaaaand, the gender bender genre kicks in. Thus making me uncomfortable reading the novel.

So in conclusion, the novel is good read, you should read it, the genre and tags accurately provide the general idea about the novel. <<less
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