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Aeos rated it
City of Sin
October 7, 2018
Status: v3c96
Our protagonist is a special boy with a unique bloodline and abilities. Our protagonist is set up to be someone with a vengeful will to surpass his father whom he dislikes, greatly. As of a result, our protagonist will try to be as different from his father as much as he can, but whenever he encounters a problem, he intentionally relies on and follows his father's example.

Our protagonist is designed to be a highly capable strategist with low combat ability but highly skilled in all kinds of combat warfare. In... more>> addition, he is also a very powerful fighter that can fight opponents many times his levels when normally isn't possible. In addition, he is a highly skilled craftsman that can create powerful weapons which he uses to power up his army to make them much stronger than their enemies by several times. In addition, he is mature because his ability made him be mature. So, essentially, he is a powerful general, warrior, and craftsman, an I-Can-Do-Everything kind of protagonist. His weakness is that demons would come to attack him at certain days at night. However, they can be fairly easily killed and whatever effects they caused is generally resolved in a day or so.

He meets a lot of females in this story, most of them generally ends up in a romantic relationship with our protagonist.

He meets many enemies nonstop throughout the story. His enemies generally are cocky, arrogant, high-status nobles who picks a fight with our protagonist and loses. This trend follows even when he goes out to battle and fight several wars against various large forces.

This novel is more or less your typical mainstream harem wuxia novel. <<less
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A story about a human reincarnating into a dragon. The main character is portrayed as a fairly nice person, without any particular hard past, so by default put the protagonist in a fairly unique position compared to the vengeful, "trash rejects" protagonists from other reincarnation stories. In fact, he is demonstrated to be a fairly limited protagonist, which is very unlike the I-Can-Do-Everything styled protagonists from other reincarnation stories (a pretty big plus as far story goes).

Like many other reincarnation stories, he ends up aiming to establish himself in human... more>> society. In the story, we get to see the protagonist interact with his environment and eventually gain new monster companions. This later plays an integral role in the story, a source of conflict on whether he should abandon his home and his monster companions in favor of joining a human society, which is rather interesting since most stories usually focus on making the protagonist as OP/strong as they possibly can in a short amount of time.

The villains in this novel are fairly straightforward, just plain evil. Fortunately, the villains, while morally wrong aren't some arrogant, incompetent rich noble that you meet every 30 chapters of a typical reincarnation story. They are demonstrated to be fairly powerful, and an obstacle that our protagonist strives to overcome.

There are also several elements of mystery which really spice up my interest in this novel. The origins of these villains, suspicious skills, his past, etc. His evolution path is also quite interesting. All his evolution options are fairly good choices given the situation and really puts some excitement as to what kind of creature he would become. In fact, the idea of leveling and evolving remains quite relevant so far in the novel.

I am giving this novel a plus in unique story and characters, and a double plus for making it doubly interesting. <<less
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