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Ael rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
October 18, 2016
Status: c45
This novel started okay-ish, but I'm at the point where I can't muster interest anymore.

Basically the story is full of things that don't make sense if you start thinking about it for 5 seconds. There are many examples, ... more>>

for instance why did the MC have to go to an academy ? It's been made obvious that he can cultivate on his own with no issues whatsoever, and on the other hand joining the academy keeps bringing him endless trouble.

Also in the beginning the bad guys lay a trap then come to the MC's clan and order them to go to the place where they want to trap them, and add "you better come if you're not cowards". So the clan goes there to prove they're not cowards... which is a reasoning I would expect from a 5 year-old.

At some point we have some sort of mandatory annoying/rude fatty sidekick who drops out of nowhere and instantly becomes the MC's friend, although it feels completely random and artificial. That guy will then follow the MC everywhere and keep leeching yuan stones from him. He also gets some sh*tty weaponsmith to become his apprentice and call him master, even though the MC has just started making weapons, and then that guy named Francis will keep leeching off of the MC too, like he has caught on to the fact that this guys was the hero of the novel.

Then the academy who was supposed to be "good guys" and who were desperate to get the MC to enroll will actually turn out to be full of bad guys who will try to kill the MC while the "good guys" twiddle their thumbs.

Right now I'm at chapter 45 and the MC is about to really enter the academy but guess what there's a tournament, which is such a cliché honestly.

Every girl he meets is super pretty and there are mandatory "four town beauties".

There's a random puppy which appears after MC summons some sort of friendly demonic ape and passes out, which means the puppy is probably the ape but don't ask me how apes are related to dogs. Of course the puppy is a pervert who will be described fondling girls and diving into their breasts everytime the MC meets a girl. I mean maybe if I was a teenager I would like to read about it, but...


I would put up with all that bullsh*t and ignore it if there was something else to keep me interested but it's all just a bland mix of things that I've read elsewhere before. The cultivation is a bit of a mix between douluo dalu and classic Qi cultivation. MC doesn't need to learn cultivation scriptures because he has a convenient magic memory fragment thing so he gets all those automatically and more, yet he still needs to go to that academy... for some reason.

So in short, this novel is frustrating to read because of the lazy writing. <<less
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