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AdiWilmanaputraTalkshit rated it
Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de
February 22, 2018
Status: v77

Romance - Error 404 Not Found. You disappoint us. This is just a bait, comrades.

MC is like someone w/ a split personality.

Enemies are all idiots

Female companions are all bland.


MC is not a dunce.

MC is not your typical softhearted twerp.

Background is sensible.
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AdiWilmanaputraTalkshit rated it
World Customize Creator
February 16, 2018
Status: c41
The story ain't cliche like most isekai. Yes, it's slow paced but for a reason as it's close to what really happens in reality so that the readers can cope up.

No "overpraising" of MC for his achievements.

MC is not a super rich guy in a snap and he works hard to earn his living.

MC isn't w/out any weakness which is kind of nice for balance.
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Romance: ERROR 404: Not Found.

Harem: All members are as bland as Maki Nishikino - Just pretty but boring as hell.


... more>> It's a repetitive cycle of MC doing something which is new to the new world.

Defeating enemies like a walk in a park.

Enemies are a bunch of retards.

Saving Grace:

It's quite normal that he's powerful since he's the most powerful wizard during his time in the past before being reincarnated into the future which regressed drastically instead of progressing. So it's quite fresh unlike most fantasy novels which the MC is OP for no good reason.

It explains things in detail.

The chapters are short.

Bad Side:
This ain't an "isekai" novel you got tricked.

Bland and Repetitive.

It's just a novel of training his future party prospects, teaching the dunces of the current world about magic and dungeon busting. <<less
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