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Absolute-Melody rated it
I Chose to Fake My Death
August 13, 2018
Status: c21
Just so you know, this is not truly a "review" but More of a way for readers to actually view what the story has to offer, rather than be diverted from even reading due to the bad rating.

-First of all, the protagonist is a male hiki-NEET with close to no communication skills, and his transformation to a different gender does not change this, at least not initially (*hint*hint*)

-Remember that the story progression is really not that fast, in fact, it can even be considered to be a slow-paced comedy... more>> fluff (not the kind of "fluff") story.

-most importantly, this story is extremely casual, and kind of "gaggy". If you try to take it seriously, I'm afraid you will be disappointed with the character growth in the beginning. Admittedly, the idea of old men lewding a middle schooler who was formerly male is kind of off-putting. Nevertheless, you'll find that the story does eventually catch up and becomes much more entertaining.

If you keep the fact that this story is meant to be comedic yet slow, and not seriously, you'll have an easier time digesting this novel. If you're against TS, you shouldn't even be reading this or reviewing this. <<less
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Have a Meal Before You Go
November 19, 2016
Status: v1c3
Cool story so far, I'm loving the post-apocalyptic setting. The hero returns to his world, only to find it overrun with monsters, and humanity has degraded quite a bit. Anyway, the story so far makes me want to read more, so please translate and post some more chapters!
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