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Ab9999 rated it
Reign of the Hunters
January 25, 2017
Status: c44
Story is going in a downward slope... I'll try to stay as reasonable and unbiased as I can.

I'll start with the big problems I can think of at the moment. (WALLS OF TEXT INCOMING, PREPARE FOR IMPACT!!) /equips safety helmet

- The author is introducing too many characters; at this point we have very little understanding of MC's 3 close and oh-so-important childhood friends and I've literally lost count of all the characters. The guild, these random encounters/dungeon parties, her school, the game npcs, it's too much. I know not to... more>> expect much character development from the vrmmorpg genre. The problems with this particular case would be the Reincarnation/Second Chance tags added on (if author didnt have many plans for character development then these tags are counter-productive; better off without them when it just serves as a convenient form of plot armor). And, leading off of previous statement, there is basically no development whatsoever for any "important" characters besides the MC herself (even that is lacking).

- The game itself. It is no longer a game for the MC. It's suddenly too convenient to be called that. The game of this world seems to have been developed intentionally for people to shoot ahead of the general masses and become elites (those secret equipments/skills). That's cool. Makes things interesting in it's own way. However, this, it's executed way too poorly. It starts deteriorating so quickly at around ch15 that it's actually slightly funny. Just pay close attention and you'll see it too. I suppose this isn't 'too' bad. Just eliminates all sense of suspense and makes me, and probably other readers as well, lose interest in world building. Leaning this way, has it's own appeal I guess.....

- Forced situations. It seems our MC always had to have something to exploit... okay, that's fine. Lots of in-game bugs, I suppose. Weird but I'm okay with that. It's understandable. What I'm not okay with is the bs this author decided to pull out of nowhere on numerous occasions. Here are some examples:
1) MC is farming a dungeon for experience and equipment. Out of nowhere, with absolutely no prior mention or foreshadowing, we readers find out that some 1/10, 000 or so chance boss shows up. Or maybe this was that random spawn "wild boss" she encounters on the way to the dungeon? Or were those separate occasions (might have mixed them up) ? Anyways, let's not focus on how she soloed then TAMED the boss monster in the beginning stages of the game in what was quite possibly the most rushed fight scene of any translation I've read up to this point, adding yet another character (one whom is actually negligible 10+ chapters later with royalty or w/e maxed, but don't worry. Author makes sure to remind us of his useless existence!) and just look at other aspects.
- Lacking use of plot devices (after ch10, every advancement is brought upon by author exploiting the MC, not MC interacting with her world (forced situations galore)
- The world isn't explored through the MC nor any other characters, not even by a narrator; it's delivered to us readers on the spot; very poorly executed
- So. Many. Useless. Characters.....
2) Another forced situation would be 'all' these hidden quest (and even non-hidden quest taken by too many users for the author to count) suddenly getting hidden quest chains. Because plot armor in the form of Time-Travel wasn't good enough?

And at the end of every situation, it's just everyone relying on our idiotic MC. Because literally every other player is lacking. Unless the author decides to use another player to forcefully advance the plot or glorify our MC. Also, expect character 'flaws' (actual flaws of character, not being "good" or "bad") and contradictions. Yay?

This author started out strong but all strong points have been thrown out of the window by this point. Disappointed. Still worth reading if bored. Better than majority of other novels listed on this site. Would rate at about 3.4. I can't imagine it qualitatively improving at this point. If anything, it might get worse.

Expect an incongruent story where you read about the MC being awesome. The author doesn't know how to write about people and their interactions. Makes all the group parties and dungeon raids so much fun...
(warning: sarcasm detected)

Reccommend giving this a try only if you have spare time as it isn't complete trash.

Proper-ish reviews are hard...

P.S. - Nice work translator (s) and Editor (s) ! Translation quality is great and despite some big disappointments I've still enjoyed it a little. <<less
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Ab9999 rated it
Age of Adepts
April 17, 2017
Status: c52
Nothing deep, it's a light read. Expect fights, crafting, a bit of world building, and various forms of cultivation with some character development to spice things up occasionally.
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Ab9999 rated it
Spirit Sword
January 21, 2017
Status: c21
Should be rated higher. Ever wonder how the brutally simplistic qualities inherent to orcish culture would Influince a young noble and growing warrior who has grown up with mixed culture and mindset of humanity? No? Whatever. It's too soon to tell what direction this is going in as of now but I have my hopes up. Give this a try. It's not perfect and has it's problems like everything else but derserves more recognition than it currently has.
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Ab9999 rated it
Demon King & Hero
February 1, 2017
Status: v7c10
At this point, the interactions between the characters and 4th wall breaks have... eh.. Everything is screwed up :) Recommend giving this a try, it's hilarious. Just remember; don't expect anything serious when the novel treats even it's own existence as a joke. xD
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