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ATorturedReader rated it
The World Online
November 15, 2017
Status: c82
Easy mode, what's the point?

Npcs are a new species of sheep, real life proceeds smoothly too and there's no challenge. Sure it's better plot than "time traveller vindicator", yet I can't see anything that justifies our MC being the MC. It might get better over the time, that's the pattern of Chinese novels, I know, however it also might get a ton of filler content because author needs to mill money from his job, see? If you wan't to really enjoy this novel, please, ignore the actual plot and read... more>> the alternative description.


For only-god-know reasons the entire humanity future depends on a simulation game that will enforce a new government system on every nation. Cultural disparities and long-term conflicts? Who knows! It happens that once our MC followed the wrong path and somehow travelled back in time, now he perfectly follows the path of a ruler, even though he has no actual experience to begin with. But that's the actual plot. The filler itself resolves around the diligent MC, his perfect sister and his romantic life with crushes falling over his knees, everyday he enters the game to give some orders and relies on his luck/plot armor to become the very best Siscon that no one ever was. That's all, you welcome.


"Let me feel the salt." <<less
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ATorturedReader rated it
Sundering Nature
July 12, 2018
Status: --
This series is about a loser and his pitiful journey to have a girlfriend. The fantasy/augmented reality setting serves to give unnecessary troubles (MC could avoid everything) and add some action spice/CN mumbo jumbo.
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ATorturedReader rated it
Emperor’s Domination
August 20, 2018
Status: c83
A "praise me" novel.

1- Battle: Full of bullsh*tting, resolution comes with 1-2 moves and the result is obvious.

2- Logic: MC is an Avatar, a divine being in a human body and for some reason author tries to make it a secret... while the protagonist is awful at concealing... EVERYTHING! Come on, why is everyone so dumb? He's 14 y.o., 14! He activated Ancient Sentinels, defeated high leveled people and taught 300 random dudes with profound knowledge. And that's not even a spoiler, these 83 chapters are just an introduction.

3- Plot:... more>> Millions of years already passed and no tech? Why would anyone even pursuit cultivation after being cursed for so long?

4- Romance: There's a girl being abused, for no reason. <<less
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ATorturedReader rated it
Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
May 27, 2018
Status: c82
So bad, from ch. 60 you can pretty much read the title and guess everything that will happen... no, just read my spoiler box and spare your time.

... more>>

1- Psyche Transference - author puts a frustrated adult into the fantasy setting by chance because this new Japanese generation loves to be mediocre.
2 - He gives the hard work to 3 disposable characters and start his slice of life chronicle.
3 - To emphasize the "mediocre" aspect, author shows MC's prowess through
the occasional meeting of the first party, "it's good to depend on others" is the message.
4 - The pet pops out of no where to become the alpha, now it's clear our MC have homo desires.
5 - After some chapters the plot seems to gain some significance so Author immediately solves the problem by making MC run away, "it's wise to be a coward" is the message.
6 - It's adoption time! The author needed to choose one insignificant monster but his desire to adopt a cute child that resembles both him and all the mental images of the "ideal partner" shortens his options to one and only viable, amorphous, yet predictable monster species.
7 - Disposable characters come to give more plot armor against no threat.
8 - MC is recognized for being able to depend on others and "being wise". Just like all the mediocre people over the world.
9 - MC converts the end boss into his buddy and solves whatever remained from the plot.

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ATorturedReader rated it
Cultivation Chat Group
August 11, 2018
Status: c453
Somehow it went downhill, the original story of a normal dude dealing with cultivation became a mix boring and SAFE adventures of Mary Sue, from the chapter 200 I started to ask "when will this stupid adventure finish?" and at 453 I gave up because author simply doesn't know how to resume "normal dude deals with cultivation" and will pull one overpowered character over another untill the end of his contract.
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ATorturedReader rated it
June 10, 2018
Status: c15
It's bad! OMFG it's so bad! 7 chapters of a half-funny story followed by 7 chapters of pure BS, 50%! This series BS-ratio is 50%! So grab a beer and kill your brain cells because this korean masterpiece will surely torture them.

Update: ch54

Noooooo! BS-rate isn't enough to explain how bad is this! Alchool isn't enough to spare me, dam! This series has its own BS protocol!

... more>>

1: Start the arc through the need of getting money.

2: Comes the need of more training.

3: Enemies are backed for people MC finds impossible to beat.

4: Real life forces MC to put real effort.

5: People come to play the game as his opponents.

6: MC is too weak so his opponents BM him.

7: T R I G G E R E D, MC goes for the win.

8: Plot mechanics, MC can't defeat opponents, Quests are force-activated through unexpected events.

9: Management personnel tells the reader how bad is MC at playing the game.

10: Plot armor wins over the boss.

11: MC has no balls, like a korean bad version of Vegeta he becomes a frustrated ally of the said opponents

12: Game community reacts, they want him but plot will always prevent social interactions.

13: Plot mechanics motivates MC... go for the 1st step.


It's so bad, it's good. I had a ton of rage reaction reading this korean masterpiece. <<less
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ATorturedReader rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: v2c5
Filler-washed novel and classical Korean hard-working fetish. Vol. 1 is average, it may look good because every damn Asian writes popporn stuff (rich wife, cute sister, childhood girlfriend, boobs, more women, minion woman, slaves, milfs, WOMEN! random dudes, WOMEN AND MOAR BRAINDEAD WOMEN), however the fact is: Vol. 1 IS average and stereotypically predictable. Vol.2 just burned 4 chapters recruiting minions, the same MC already had on his party, because author wanted word count.

If you have bad social skills, often feels the need to bury your failures on that shitty... more>> game of yours and is too young to realise the faults on your own behaviour, man, it's your fate to like this crap. Aye... go see your therapeut. <<less
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