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AKIKAN rated it
Banished Disciple’s Counterattack
June 16, 2018
Status: c400
Well, I've read more into the RAW now. I have to say that the plot deviated from each other when I read it on free site around chapter 300 when the protagonist supposedly died, so only the official contents in its original paid site is right.

I just want to say that the chapters posted on NU are not equivalent to the chapters in its country of origin (I think it's from 17k). The chapters posted on NU are actually 1/2 of the original chapter, that's why they're so short. Currently... more>> there are over 1600 RAW chapters, if they're translated in 1/2 length then there will be over 3200 chapters. Hopefully NU won't post misleading numbering and names of the released chapters.

The plot is relatively average, neither good or bad. It's just that the novel's name on NU (that isn't even its original name, its real name is "Emperor Xianwu") really is suitable due to the pure stupidity of the sects that he enrolled in.

The goods: Twin heroines in the harem!

The bads: Seriously cliché circumstances that made sure the MC would be banished and hunted. The evil-ex. <<less
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