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Review as of ch. 232. Best recommended if you skim through this review if you haven't read that far.

There are three tags that will mislead you, and they are: otome game, reincarinated into a game world, and villainess noble girl. If you want to read something light-hearted and sweet, you will not find it here; try Tensei Oujo instead for a heart-warming but still plot-relative story. If this was turned into an anime or a manga, it would hardly qualify for shoujo or shounen. A dark fantasy with much dialogue... more>> and thoughtful conversations, it's slow paced but makes for a fantastic read if you want something plot heavy. Here's a heads up: the "school arc" still hasn't arrive 121 chapters in, which means there's still a great deal of the world/story left to explore.


Death in the first chapter, death in the later chapters, probably more death in the future chapters. Someone who I thought would've been essential to the future of the plot died. This is far more focused on the internal political conflicts between the Northern and the Southern domains as well as the wars and relations with neighboring territories.

There are diseases rampant. Magic not being recklessly used? Wars actually happening? People being abused, treated as sex-slaves, and being cruel?

Oh. Can it be... this is actually something semi-realistically serious...?

There are no miraculous changes. Eliza suffers and pushes through like a champ, throwing up and not complaining even when she's beaten into the dirt, and her memories from her past life are near useless. Everyone seems to be against her and she seems to have no true allies in the beginning. She's young and she's changing; for the better or for the worse. As this story is in her POV you will see more of her own opinions compared to an unbiased view, and yet this sets a much somber tone than the usual dense and happy-go-lucky mood I would've expected from the summary alone.

The characters are well rounded and are driven by their own individual motivations. They're not completely stupid or just mindless shells with a personality forced into them. Each has their own purpose and opinions. This is further proven by the contrasting personalities as each character's own circumstances affects their actions whether it'd be providing comfort or conflict.

All in all, if you can't stomach blood, doubt, tension, plot (actual plot, not b-plot) or if you want something more shoujo-like and sweet, this is probably not for you right now. If you are, then go right ahead and start reading.

EDIT: There's also a light novel version with three books in the series. The author was on hiatus from the web-novel version because she was writing an alternate ending for the LN version - but rest assured, the web-novel is still ongoing. Basically, Eliza now has two alternate universes. <<less
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My reviews may contain slight spoilers and my own personal opinions. Skim or skip if you want to avoid that.

I had the luck to read another novel the translator was translating before I got around to this and am therefore very pleased with the translation quality. This translation feels a bit less polished. Common grammar mistakes aside, it's still readable, and it's the story itself is what I have a problem with. I'd also like to extend a thanks to the translators - my dislike for this is no fault... more>> of the translators.

Sometimes I have the habit of looking at the ratings without reading the reviews until I've read it for myself. I've also done the same this time, and I went in half blind, curious by the divide between the two reviews present. Now I kind of regret that decision. First thing's first, I do not like body-shaming. It's something common in Asian countries where the idea body now is a slim, willowy form, and this is something I find more often in C-Novels or K-Novels/K-Dramas. I understand being discontent with your figure, and I highly support those who wish to exercise or workout to reach an idea body, but I certainly do not praise degrading words or connotations. I highly recommend reading sadsa's review, because I don't want to go on and on. All I have to say is: just because you're prettier or uglier than someone, it doesn't make you any lesser or better than said someone.

The characters directly ties in what I said above. Everyone is two-dimensional, and while that may work in something lighthearted or a romcom story or a parody, it doesn't here. It's such a shame because the background of the Hakusu family and the general setting was nicely built.

EDIT: I tried a few more chapters since more were translated. There was another review berating me for judging this too hastily, so I attempted to pick it up again, but...

Well, even by chapter 31, there's still hate being thrown around left and right. Furthermore, the main character feels like a walking contradiction; one moment clueless and the next super suspicious.

I'd call her an unbearable Mary-Sue. I'd compare her to Iris from Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter, but the latter is much more likable. The MC seems to be OP without any reason at all and everyone either hates her or loves her. It's a shame that no matter how hard I try, I still can't bring myself to like this. I liked the author's other work well enough (An Otome Game's Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku), so maybe readers who dislike this might enjoy that. Even without the fat-shaming that haunted a good portion of the beginning, I'd only rate this 2-stars at the most.

You know what the summary reminds me of? I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess. Please go read that instead. It's not without its faults, but I haven't dropped it, I still generally enjoy it, and the MC looses weight over time without body-shaming herself. <<less
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My Fiance is in Love with My Little Sister
May 22, 2017
Status: v4c2
As always, skim or skip my review if you'd like to read this with a fresh perspective. The rating may or may not change as the story is still ongoing.

This story, as can be discerned from the tags and other reviews, is meant to be a tragic tale of the inability to obtain the happiness that continually escapes one's hands. For the most part, it succeeds. The writing, translation, and story flow are all exceptional, and the angst is really played on better than most. I'd love to give this... more>> a 7/10, but I bumped it down to a 3 star rather than raise it to a 4 for the following reasons.

The main problem I have with this story is the character (s). And as a result, I also dislike the plot as well as it's mainly dependent on the characters here. I do give credit to the author though, and while the author does go far to make Ilya a sympathetic character, the fact that she's shown as an unreliable narrator makes me much less annoyed with her. My personal preferences aligns with characters who work for something, and IRL, even though this may make me sound cruel, I dislike women or men who hang around their past loves and regrets for ages on end. You'd think that Ilya would change, but instead she chooses to, as another reviewer has stated, "conform with the desires of those who abandoned her." I don't mean to say she should just go and recklessly try to murder them, but her actions (or lack of) irks me. She does mature as a character, but changing and maturing aren't the same thing.

Her story is expressed well, however, and there's no one dropping right and left at their feet to make her happy, so I'm not as angry as I would've been. I don't care much for the other characters. I don't understand why she'd even love that fiance of hers, for as far as I can see, he might as well as be a non-existent mob character.

People may be wondering why she hasn't found her happiness yet, and I personally think it's because of 1) fate, and 2) her inability to defy her fate (which I mentioned above.) Perhaps if Ilya would ever find it in her will to change, she might have a chance at happiness. However, with the way the story is heading I doubt it, and I'd rather be more satisfied with a realistic ending than temporarily happy with an idealistic one.

Despite my problems with it and my rather low rating in comparison to everyone else's (because of my personal preference), this is a gem hidden among the happy-go-lucky stories around. The writing is so lovely that I wish I could've loved this as much as everyone else did. I highly recommend any shoujo or angst lover to try. <<less
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Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada o Te ni Ireru
January 7, 2017
Status: c18 part2
My reviews has small tidbits of spoilers, so it's best recommended if you skim through if you want to go into this blind without any spoilers whatsoever. This is also my own personal thoughts and feelings on this story.

There are many other people who gave this high, raving reviews. Unfortunately, my opinions lies on the opposite end of the spectrum. While this is a heartwarming, shoujo-like read with little drama, the characters don't appeal to me, and the atmosphere created is disheartening. I personally prefer darker stories so the summary... more>> really interested me. I love funny and sweet novels as well, but this was still a disappointment when I discovered that the author had no intentions of making this any more complex.

It's strengths lies in its simplicity and characters. The prose is nothing special or descriptive, and its translations are fairly nice to read (though the later/current translations have lots of side comments). However, the characters (especially Aika #2, our main protagonist) are something that I especially dislike about this story. Her overwhelming naivety annoys me more than it endears to me. I might prefer cool, smart leads, but I have no problems against an airhead. There is a difference between a character that makes me laugh and support because of their denseness (like the protagonist in Destruction Flag Otome), and a character that makes me want to punch and yell "Read the mood!" at every other chapter. Aika #2 falls under the later category.

Kimchi759's review fully discuses my main problem with Original!Aika's portrayal pretty well: slut-shaming. Judgecutioner's comment is something I disagree with, since being a "full-feminist" is not why I agree with Kimchi759's words. This obviously seems to contrast greatly with the general idea of a heartwarming story, but it's the main cause of her problems with literally everyone around her new life. If I had to chose which character I'd prefer between Aika #2 and Orginal!Aika, I'd happily chose the later if only because there's more potential of depth and because I have nothing against gyaru-like girls. This doesn't excuse Original!Aika's faults, but the author seems intent on making her a bad character to contrast with our ever-pure MC. Just because a female is hormonal teenager, proactive, and outwardly beautiful, it doesn't mean that she's a "loose bitch". All I can think about is how narrow-minded everyone in the school (and the author) is. If you want another example, switch out Original!Aika's gender. Imagine how popular Male!Aika would be.

This doesn't mean that it's all bad. The plot, while shallow, is relatively stable as Aika #2 tries to make the best of her life. There are some moments where her optimism was endearing, and the characters are supportive (though the way they changed from outright hostility -> supportive besties was not a process I liked either.) Some of these positives are why I'm still reading this. All in all, if you like bubbly protagonists and a short, relatively simple plot, try it. If you have problems with shallow characters, the distinction between what makes a "good" and a "bad" female, and a lackluster plot, just skip this. <<less
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Is it Tough Being a Friend?
September 2, 2018
Status: v2c1 part2
As usual, there may be spoilers in my review, but nothing much to say here other than - I NEVER KNEW I NEEDED THIS.

WELL. MAYBE I DID. Because honestly, I always loved the side characters of harem shows and reverse-harem shows, and I always have a special spot in my heart for the supporting best friend character. And he's self-aware too? The downside is... it doesn't stay that way. It's gradually growing more generic devolving into a standard rom-com LN, and though I didn't mind the lack of (actual) plot... more>> in the beginning, it doesn't hold my interest. I wish the MC remained as a side-character, but what made him (and Ryuuga, for that matter) initially unique is getting lost.

But there's friendships, there's humor, and there's some nice, easy-to-read translation. If you're in the mood for a breezy read or a funny story, it's worth a try. <<less
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The Inner Palace Tale of a Villainess Noble Girl
April 26, 2018
Status: c1
My review will be pretty short since there aren't a lot of translated chapters. I recommend reading it yourself first if you wish to avoid any light spoilers.

This is probably one of the first original novels that made the Otome game/Evil Villainess sub-genre so popular - and for good reason too. There isn't much drama or seriousness, which I heavily prefer (and is a factor for my rating), but the world is being built up throughout the chapters. The characters, both main and side, are all likable and understandable and... more>> there's definitely going to be a focus on healthy friendships and relationships in latter chapters.

There are two types of "Misunderstandings"-based novels: the ones that I want to throw into the ocean because of the characters' idiocy, and the ones I can relate and laugh along with. This is the latter. While it's obviously unrealistic, their MC and her family have a charm to them (helped by their lack of obliviousness). I'm reading some of the raws, and while this isn't spellbounding especially since so many other has the same premise now, the execution and novelty when this first came out lands itself in my favorites list.

There isn't much out right now, but I definitely recommend it if you want a calm, lighthearted novel with a great execution. <<less
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Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
August 11, 2017
Status: --
My reviews may contain slight spoilers and references to the plot throughout, so please skim or skip if you want to read this with fresh eyes.

The translation. The characters. The setting. It's been a long while since I've found another novel I've absolutely fallen in love with and I'm far from upset.

I love politics and I love tension, but this time, these kind of aspects are used to create the atmosphere rather than being the main limelight of the story. Honestly, I have no complaints. This is more of a... more>> atmospheric story, and the problems are carefully explored and resolved, never being dragged out or rushed to solved. Taking place in ancient China, there's references to many aspects readers might fine themselves familiar with if they read CNs.

Unlike most ancient China stories (or any LNs, really) where the story rushes to the action and romance, this takes it's time to build a world that feels real. At times, it feels like I'm reading an actual novel instead of a LN. The characters are so down to earth and three dimensional. I absolutely love the MC. She has all the qualities I like down on paper: snarky, intelligent, cool, and calm, but after seeing so many LN butcher this character trope via OP MCs, I had my reservations. Luckily, the execution is nothing less of amazing. This applies to the rest of the cast as well proving that tropes work if they're written well.

There's the lingering hint of mysteries that carries throughout the story and little romance. It's subtle if you squint for it and works as a sub-plot rather than the main goal. Story and character driven, this is definitely up in my list of top-tier LNs. If it's not already obvious from my praises, I highly recommend this - though if you're currently interested in OP MCs or a romance based story, skip this. <<less
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Zannen Kei na Ojou-sama no Nichijou
July 30, 2017
Status: c27
My reviews may contain minor spoilers based on what I read (as nearly any review will), so as usual, please skim or skip this if you wish to go in blind. It's also possible that my rating and review will be changed/updated along with any future chapters.

Impressions so far: very good. The translation quality is lovely (though some dialogue were missing periods and occasionally some chapters have awkward sentences) which makes for a good reading experience, and the way the main character adapts is, as common to the reincarnation trope,... more>> very fast, but at the same time somewhat believable. There's no girl-hate or body shaming either yet, and I hope it continues to stay that way. I have high hopes for the side characters, and the way the story is introduced makes me believe the author has plans for the future.

It's somewhat like Kenkyo Kenjitsu which is a personal favorite of mine, but not without it's own twists and style. All in all, do try it. It's not spectacularly different and the idea isn't the most original around with all the villainess-reincarnation which therefore brought my initial 4 star down into a 3 star, but's it makes an enjoyable read. <<less
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The Earl’s Bad Wife
April 26, 2018
Status: c8
Please avoid my review if you want to read it fresh eyes. There may be minor spoilers. Since this isn't fully translated yet, there is a possibility that my rating or thoughts might change.

First thing's first - plus points for no reincarnation! The setting is pretty generic as it goes, but that's not the main charm of the story; that lies within the characters. Though I prefer my stories to be a mixture of character-driven and plot-driven, this falls primarily under the former. The execution is good, though, so I... more>> have no complaints. The main protagonist is likable enough; she's well aware that her demands are unreasonable and goes forward to her marriage anyways. Her relationship with her family and friends makes her more human-like, likable, but it doesn't define her. The male lead is likable enough, respectful in a way many other leads aren't. Though that might be because he's an M. Their interactions were a joy to read. There are a few grammatical errors here and there (like a comma outside quotations), but it's nothing major.

This is meant to be a lighthearted read with a comedic backdrop. If you read it as it's meant to be read, you'll probably enjoy it. Some faults lies in its lack of an in-depth world and politics (they're nobles!) and the (lack of a) reason of why our protagonist is so determined to make things difficult for her fiance when she herself accepted the engagement easily. Regardless, it's an entertaining story. <<less
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I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess
July 30, 2017
Status: c30.5
Please skim or skip my review if you're not interested in another person's opinions or if you want to go into this blind as this may contain minor spoilers. This may be updated with time.

I was reading another similar story, and I realized I never made a review for this, so here's that. The translation is smooth, easy to read, and relatively free of mistakes. Any confusion are mentioned in the side notes which are easily distinguishable from the story.

I must admit I was worried when I first read the... more>> summary but was happily surprised when I found little body-shaming in this. Certainly, the main character was unhappy with her body, but the author was sensitive with the words she used to describe her and Cosette doesn't go to great lengths complaining about her body or degrading herself. In fact, none of the characters hates on Cosette for her body and the MC is actually friends with the villainess. What the author portrays is a character who wants to change for herself, not someone who changes because she hates what she is.

I love politics, I love intrigue, and I love a good drama with deaths abound. This is not that story. I don't care much for the side-plot revealed later on, especially since the execution was rather clumsy - why would you tell a relative stranger about the secrets of the royal family? - But to my relief, it quickly moved back to it's lighthearted slice-of-life chapters. The story isn't anything new and the characters aren't extremely memorable, but they're likable. Cosette is OP in her own way with too much knowledge (something found in 98% of all reincarnation stories) and she doesn't act like a woman who died in her forties, but if I ignore that, she's cute. The only dislikable character is the Heroine and there are many hints that the Heroine has also reincarnated. I don't care much for females hating on females, but the Heroine hasn't appeared often so I won't complain too much.

I like the occasional sweet and lighthearted stories. This isn't the best of that genre, but I like it for what it is. Try it if it interests you and if you have time to spare. <<less
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Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai
February 17, 2019
Status: Epilogue
Skip or skim my review as usual if you'd like to read this with completely fresh eyes (which I actually highly, highly, recommend!)

This is absolutely amazing. It's a far cry from my usual tastes in depressing, heavily politically novels, and there hasn't been any massive tragedy as of yet. And still this novel is absolutely amazing. It excels in its genre and I grew to love it for the world building - the magic, the light, the kingdom -, the story - it takes a commonly overused plot, tossed... more>> out any reincarnation, and made it entirely believable - and, most of all, the characters. For the other common tropes it uses (misunderstandings, appearances, bullying), the execution is astoundingly good.

If there's one way to win over my interest, it's how the characters are written. And Camilla did exactly that; she stole my heart. Both of the main leads aren't carbon-copied of their other "Villainess Nobles" novels, and they have so much more depth to them than what they appear on the surface. Alois isn't defined by his weight, and certainly not by his appearance. Camilla has faults that drags her down, and she's that much more human. The way the events are written makes you feel for her. But while I've felt angry and bitter and proud on her behalf, I never felt pity for this protagonist. Instead, I feel admiration. Even the romance is a slow-cooked, believable one.

What's more is that the characters change. And rather than being given it freely or forcing it out through threats and fear, Camilla earns respect. That makes everything so much better.

I may not have finished reading this yet, but I took a peak at the ending of the web novel in JP. Without a doubt, I'd recommend this if you want to read something both relaxing and relatable. <<less
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The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent (WN)
May 8, 2017
Status: c6
My reviews usually contain minor spoilers, even when I unintentionally try to avoid them. As always, please skim or skip my review if you'd want a fresh perspective on this novel. This may or may not be subject to change, but I'm definitely going to check out the LN version later as well.

I'd also like to mention that my review and rating is based on my own opinions and thoughts. I've seen the other reviews trashing "haters" and those who are giving this a low rating because of the translation... more>> quality, and I'd like to mention that this is common to any novel out there. If the translation is bad, then of course the ratings would be lower. That said, I highly respect translators and am thankful for their work nonetheless, especially since my problems with this novel aligns more with the story itself and has NOTHING to do with the translation quality.

As other reviewers have stated, this is very, very bland. It follows the common trope of isekai stories with nothing particularly interesting thrown into the mix (unlike +a no tachiichi, which I had enjoyed despite its faults and the rushed ending). Sure, there's interesting events here and there, and sure, the protagonists isn't hatable. Unfortunately, the way event progresses are written in a way that makes me feel as if I'm reading a summary of each chapter. I can't emotionally connect to anything.

All in all, this is a simple day-to-day slice-of-life type of story. I don't see an overarching plot, which isn't always needed, but it's rather boring overall. Honestly, I think I'd prefer reading something I can hate on rather than something that I feel like I have an obligation to finish through. Despite my low ratings, I'm sure there are many who would enjoy this. Try it if you like the isekai genre and would rather read something relaxing than stimulating. <<less
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Maria from Hell!
April 25, 2018
Status: oneshot
Since this is a one-shot, I'll try to be short and concise in my review. As usual, avoid or skip if you want to read it yourself without any other prior opinions.

God, this was hilarious. I rarely, if ever, rate one-shots higher than a 3-star because of the lack of in-depth world exploration, shortness, etc, but this just landed itself in the Very-Good-zone. The author knew what they were doing, making a fast-paced comedy well executed from beginning to end with a surprisingly meaningful friendship hidden in the folds. The... more>> protagonist was a fresh breath of air from all the other stupidly naive ones of the same Villainess sub-genre. The translator is a pro - it's amazing how a good translation can change a reading experience.

If you're in a lighthearted mood, I wholeheartedly recommend this. <<less
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Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu
September 29, 2016
Status: c6 part2
My reviews aren't spoiler-explicit, but as the nature of reviews tends to dictate, it isn't spoiler-free either. It's best if you skim through if you haven't caught up with the translations or don't mind glimpsing into the story. This review will be updated if needed.

A fast-paced and short but sweet story of yet another villainous-noble girl. I find myself smiling throughout the chapters and smirking at the surprisingly not-annoying dense reactions of our main character. Mary, Addie, and the heroine and capturable character (s? We have yet to come across... more>> more) are all very likable, and there are far more hilarious moments than there are cringeworthy ones. Though they aren't as deep as I hoped they'd be, it's the nature of this story so I honestly can't complain.

All in all, if you like likable tsunderes (and I'm not talking about the type to punch or badmouth a character for the stupidest reasons) and want to have a light-hearted short read, then this is for you. Due to my personal preferences for plot, politics, and three-dimensional characters, I can't rate this as high as I'd like but I truly did enjoy this. <<less
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References to the story throughout my spoiler, so skip if you want to read it with fresh eyes.

This story plays out like a typical shoujo manga, sparkles and flowers and all. Not my favorite genre, but it was nicely done. To be honest, the author should've taken that reincarnation bit out. The main character rarely references back to her past self, and the main source of ~~~drama~~~ is her insecurity, not the overarching Otome Game Plot. The plot itself is simple and bland done countless times over. Though the male... more>> main character appealed to me on paper, I never got why he fell for the MC. Personally, I'd like something more down-to-earth, but that's my preferences talking.

Extra star for the amazing translations and prose that turned this novel from bland to semi-likable for me. Not my taste, but I'm sure some would like it. All in all, if you're a shoujo fan or just want a simple, cute romance with sprinkles of k-drama cliches, it's worth your time. <<less
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As always, my reviews may contain slight spoilers, so avoid this if you want to read this with a fresh perspective. I may or may not continue to read this, and my rating might or might not change in accordance.

For the same reasons Mikleo already stated in their review, I'm also rating this a bit lower. Despite the fact that this takes place from the Prince's POV and not the reincarnated noble vilainess, the characterization, plot, misunderstandings, and abundant idiocy is nothing new. I'm not saying this trope can't be... more>> done well; in fact I loved Destruction Flag Otome and Tensei Oujo.

I couldn't bring myself to love any of the characters. The translation is slightly hard to read, but it's the writing direction and the plot that mainly accounts for my rating. I would've rated this a 3 stars if I haven't already read more amazing WNs/LNs out there. My own preferences of characters has created a thin line between idiotic characters I adore, and idiocy that I can't stand.

All in all, if you really love this trope and have more patience for stupid main characters, perhaps you'll like this. Otherwise, there're other novels among this trope that's more worthy of your time. <<less
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Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite
September 29, 2016
Status: c14
My reviews aren't explicitly spoiler-y, but it's best recommended is you skim through my review if you aren't caught up with the translations. Will be updated if needed.

This is yet another reincarnation-themed novel, which I personally have a love-hate relationship with. This is actually one of the better ones that I've come across especially when starring a male protagonist. The beginning immerses the reader through the story through a fast-paced action scene that's actually decently well-written, and the dark tones gradually shifts and moves to soft/calm ones before going back... more>> to its roots.

The characters are another plus, though barely so for the MC. While I like self-sufficient characters with their motivations and surroundings having an influence, I can't quite grasp exactly why things were so... smooth, for a lack of a better word, in the first few chapters. Perhaps there'll be an explanation later. I do love politics and clashing ambitions though, so this is in my good books.

Unfortunately, as Qianweijia has stated in their review, the translation is a bit awkward though I don't mind its quality. While I like Rion as a character, I sense that there may be some needless drama that will soon come (not exactly because of the characters, but because of the writing which will influence the characters; it'll make sense if you read it) I have high hopes for its plot, am neutral to the characters, and hope it won't turn out to be another story victim to needless drama. <<less
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AC253 rated it
The Beauty’s Secret
May 7, 2017
Status: v1c4
As always, my reviews will contain slight spoilers and therefore should be skimmed/skipped by those who wants to read this with fresh eyes.

Nothing to say much to complain about. Usually, I'd much prefer deep and complex stories, but I'd recommend this to anyone interested in a light-hearted read. There's two types of "Misunderstandings" LN/WNs in my head: the ones I can enjoy and try not to chuckle at out in public, and the ones I want to burn in a fire and write essays on the idiocy of the characters.... more>> Luckily this falls under the former. Not deep or complex in characters nor plot, but the idea, diction, translation, and flow is lovely.

Try it if you have time. <<less
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My review will contain my thoughts and personal opinions made as I read through this myself. It may contain slight spoilers, so if you wish to avoid that or if you want to form your own opinion before reading anyone else's, please read it first.

This was sub-par at best. The author attempts to give an excuse for the main character's hesitancy and idiocy about half way through the story, but it doesn't amount to much. I'd be happier if the protagonist's hesitancy and lack of ability to confront what's so... more>> obvious to all readers was made to be a fault rather than something to feel sympathetic about (because I don't. I just feel annoyed.) Then, suddenly, she makes a 180 from a useless damsel to a competent noble. Wha...?

The story carries itself like a daytime soap opera. The main love interest is as generic as can be, and the PDA isn't written to be as impactful as the author probably wanted it to be. And there's another reoccurring cliche I hate - the Actually!Evil!Heroine! Everything seems to get solved via smut. The scenes themselves aren't bad (in fact, they're rather generic.) I get it, this is a smut novel, but if you're only going to half-ass the plot, then why not make it an enjoyable comedy instead?

The translation is great and the translator is well experienced in making Japanese novels seem authentic in English. If there's anything to complain about, it'd be the constant switch in POVs; in JP writing, it's more common, but in English, it feels jarring. Still, that isn't anyone's fault. (Send the translator some support; they're having a problem with people on Wattpad reposting their translations and claiming these works as their own!)

This isn't horrible, but it's definitely not to my taste. If you're a romanticist at heart, like the majority of all existing shoujo stories, or like daytime soap operas, you'll probably like this. Unfortunately, this is the type of romance and characters I greatly dislike. I didn't care much for I Reincarnated, but I Think the Prince (Fiancé) Has Given Up either, but the prose there made it a bit more bearable for me. <<less
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The Villainess is Crown Prince’s Political Opponent
April 25, 2018
Status: oneshot
My review contains my own personal opinions, so if you want to read it without the influence of another's thoughts beforehand, please go read the story before you look at my review.

Maybe it's just me (and my Eliza-obsessed self), but the setting reminded me of Eliza. Except here, the protagonist is much less flawed, being amazing at both the feminine and masculine arts of the medieval times. The story tries to point out the sexism of an era that mirrors Europe's own medieval times, but the protagonist's unawareness contradicts her... more>> own capacities stated outright in the novel. It undermines the message. I wish there was at least an attempt to make her less of a contradiction and more of a realistic character fitting to her setting, but I guess that's too much to ask. The appearance of the mother was new, but nothing much was done with it anyways.

There's so much left unexplored, plot holes everywhere, and too many questions left unanswered. Apparently this is a part of a series, not just a one-shot, but I'm judging it as it's translated here. No complaints about the translations though; the group knows what they're doing. I'm thankful for their work.

If the full series ever gets translated, I may change my rating, but as a standalone one-shot, this isn't much. <<less
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