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A1xL13 rated it
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
December 28, 2016
Status: c454
I can see why some do not favor this novel, but it is good nonetheless.

And while others think the MC it too OP I think not. She has her faults. For example, because of the mc's enclosed childhood, she cannot express herself very well for she has never undergo such feelings or scenarios. Which I find endearing and so does the male lead! Though I wish he'd stay longer...

Caught up in 2 days of binge reading, give me back my youth! ( TДT)~
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If you're reading this, then you should've read the other comments, and frankly they're right.

The Male Lead is a douche for no explicable reason other than "You're my enemy who killed someone dear to me!" Cliche which still doesn't justify as the MC also was hurt from their empires war, leading to the unhappy peace-treaty marriage. He insults her any chance he has and the funny thing is, it's because he's developed a silver feelings for her that he doesn't even now it. Not only is he cruel to women,... more>> but has rash thinking that has harmed devastatingly innocent people near him.
Truth be told, I'm not reading the story for the romance (at least not with ML), but for the MC as she past the schemes of spiteful women. As for love, what love? If anything, I see the Male lead as an antagonist who ironically falls for MC which will be his downfall in the worst of ways.

To the topic of why you should watch it, obviously for the angel MC. Sorry for not explaining why u should read this ^ in more detail. But I don't know if it's really worth it.
I hope this helps anyone. <<less
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A1xL13 rated it
Black Bellied Prince’s Stunning Abandoned Consort
December 19, 2016
Status: --
Do you know how many tears I invested for Susu's happiness?!?!! All she gets is pain and misery from beginning to now. The male lead is a douchebag, males that like her don't chase, and she's fighting for her life every other day. Is the author sadistic because the plot just went full circle of suffering for the MC.

Plus now that the chapters have restarted, I don't even know how long I'll have to wait till the chapters reach it's farthest chapter.
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A1xL13 rated it
Thriller Paradise
March 10, 2017
Status: c20
Kinda found this when I was looking for terror infinity, but I was not at all disappointed. Other people may say they are similar with guy bores of life, seeks excitement and terror... their wrong. There is a difference.

(This is not a spoiler because it's told in the 1st chapter)

While terror infinity MC was actually done with life due to a depressing event that happened to him, the MC in terror paradise is an mystery author who needs fear as his occupation requires it to instill it into... more>> readers which lead him to play a terror game.

The reason why he wants to feel fear is because he can't- at least, until recently. While it that does lead to amazing scenarios of deduction and action, it's kinda understandable if it's hard to believe such an op ability he happened to suddenly gain. But just realize that's not impossible to have in actuality. Just like psychopaths lack emotional activity at birth, or a certain head collision can cause lose of taste, it happens.

In the end, terror infinity is more intense and is circled around already made horror films while terror paradise is more deductions, decisions, and maintaining calm in frightening situations. Both have game qualities. <<less
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A1xL13 rated it
B Group no Shounen
December 24, 2016
Status: v1c17
I don't even know how to respond to this, oh wait, I do. It seriously pisses me off when people force others, like the MC. And it isn't even because of he is weak physically, its more or less emotionally. So when the female lead's friends (and her also, mind you) force him into scenarios, it's very frustrating to read. It has cute developments here and there, but to get to point a to b is downright, complete manipulation from the females. Are you trying to say something about women?

I... more>> know I've only read up to chapter 17, but if the novel continues to be like this, I guess it will be a gem lost. In conclusion, I will give it 3 stars. 2-soley for the mc'stats and ability to endure females. 1-plot (ish)

Once it progresses more in chapters, I may return to it to see how it turns out. Otherwise, I may puke blood if I read more. <<less
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